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ARC Review: Runaway Prince by May Ridge

Runaway Prince

On the run from his family and a life he hates, Astin reluctantly stops to rest at a trashy motel for the night. The very last thing he expects is Delaney, a bold, beautiful rentboy—and Astin’s mate.
 Publisher's Note: This story was first published in the Bad Moon Rising anthology

Todd's rating:

So much "Uhhh, whut?" in this short story.

There were so many aspects of this story that were insanely unbelievable.

WARNING: There are several spoilers below, so beware.

Astin Noelle du Pris is a runaway prince (of undetermined age and physical description) staying in a $50/night motel with rotting food in the mini fridge and evidence of huge rats.

Delaney Day is a self-professed whore, working out of the same disgusting, fleabag motel, yet somehow manages to charge $2,500 an hour.

➜ Delaney later increases his price to $6,000, then $7,000. PER. HOUR. Totally believable, right?

➜ Delaney does not believe that Astin is a prince, but allows him to run up a $100,000 bill for Delaney's services, after collecting a whopping $200 'deposit.' How did I not realize before that renting hookers is like opening up a bar tab?

➜ The $100,000 was for a couple of kisses and one *extremely* abbreviated, barely-there on-page bit of sex.

➜ The book felt like there was more telling than showing where their relationship development was concerned, which left me feeling that the transition from Delaney being distant and snarky to having actual feeling was a bit too insta-love'ish.

➜ When Astin is found and forced to return to Europe, Delaney just lets him go -- without paying. Because Delaney thinks Astin is a liar, so he can totally be trusted to send him his hundred grand fee later.

I do admit that once the guys ended up in Astin's home country, the book took on a much more realistic air; however, just as I was beginning to believe in their feelings having substance, Astin doesn't appreciate a reality check given by Delaney, so Astin goes for the jugular by saying...

Uhhh, whut? No, that wasn't in line at all with Astin's previous characters, so again, the story turned unbelievable for me.

Plus, the whole werewolf aspect of the story felt a bit like the movie Office Space, where the employees needed to throw on eighty-seven pieces of *flair*.

So the paranormal story line felt both out of place and completely unnecessary.

I'd have to rate this one around 2.5 stars, mainly because I did like Delaney's spunk (only slight pun intended, there, sorry.)

My ARC copy of the book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.

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