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ARC Review: Forsaken (The Protectors, #4) by Sloane Kennedy

Abandoned. Abused. Betrayed. 
Ex-cop Maverick “Mav” James needs only three things. His Harley, an open road and his work in an underground organization that delivers justice when the law can’t.

Family? They left him long before he left them.

Friends? A liability.

A place to call home? Doesn’t exist.

Mav’s motto is simple: Get done and get out. Work, sex, doesn’t matter. No emotional connections. Simple.

Until he meets him.

Alone. Hiding. Broken.  
At fifteen years old, Eli Galvez had nothing. No family, no friends and only his body as a means to make enough money to survive. But a chance meeting changed all that and eight years later, he’s well on his way to having the life he could once only dream of. He’s been accepted into medical school and he’s finally returned home to Seattle to be closer to the men and women who don’t share his blood, but are the only family he’s ever really known.

Only things aren’t what they seem and the secrets Eli has been hiding are about to come to the surface with dangerous consequences.

One final chance at a real future. 
Guys like Eli just aren’t Mav’s type, period. Yet he can’t deny his intense attraction to the younger man who only looks at him with fear in his eyes. Until the day there’s something else in those eyes too. Something that draws Mav in and refuses to let go. Something that makes him want to forget his rules. But Mav’s learned the hard way what happens when you get too close to something. And while he vows to protect Eli after a violent attack leaves the younger man shaken, protection is all he’ll offer.

Because anything else would just cost too much.

Jewel's rating:

Sloane Kennedy's books are fast becoming one of my guilty pleasures. I've thus far enjoyed The Protectors series. Some bad boy action, flexible moralities, super hot sexy times, over the top story lines and all.

Maverick James doesn't get attached. Doesn't stick around. Doesn't form roots. He tells himself that he doesn't need anyone or anything and relationships - of any kind - are nothing but heartbreaks waiting to happen. Maybe he hasn't always been this way, but time and again people have let him down and betrayed him. So he closed himself off and decided he was better off alone.

Eli Galvez is shy, a bit timid, and caring. He's volunteering at the hospital Tate and Hawke's son, Matty is receiving treatment for his Leukemia. Mav intimidates him, so he tends to keep his distance. However, one day when Mav scares off someone bent on hurting Eli, things change.

Mav and Eli both are stubborn men. Mav, more so, though. I got kind of frustrated with his insistence on not letting Eli in, once things got hot and heavy and Mav's real life intruded on their bubble. He hurt Eli time and again. And I don't know that I would call Eli a doormat, but he was determined to not let Mav push him away, even though down that path lived only pain. I really don't think Maverick deserved Eli at all. And Mav stayed his path until Eli's real life caught up and it nearly cost him his life.

I liked Forsaken and I thought it was a pretty good addition to the series, but I found Mav a very frustrating character. He was cruel to Eli, and unnecessarily so, because he was, ultimately, a coward. Maybe life had handed him reason to not trust people to stick around, but I really wanted to put him in time-out.

The saving grace, here, was that Eli was pretty strong and knew what he wanted and his determination to stick by Mav - because he knew that Mav was just scared. So Mav was forced to see that not everybody is out to get you. And not everyone will throw you away. And when Mav realizes just how close he came to almost losing Eli, he finally grows a pair, as they say, and decides the risk to his heart is worth it.

And after the end of Forsaken, we get a taste of the next book, which will be a menage! I've really loved the menage stories that this author has written in the past, so I'm super excited and can't wait to get my greedy, grabby hands on it. I'm not going to tell you who the MC's are, for that one, but I have a feeling it'll be great.

ARC of Forsaken was generously provide by the author, in exchange for an honest review.

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