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ARC Review: Fight the Tide (Kick at Darkness 2) by Keira Andrews

Adrift in a post-apocalyptic world, they only have each other. Is it enough?

A virus that turns the infected into zombie-like killers spreads through a burning world thrown into lawless chaos. Lovers Parker and Adam have escaped to the open sea when they hear a message over the airwaves from a place called Salvation Island—a supposed safe haven.

Orphaned as a child, werewolf Adam has always longed for a pack. He’s eager to investigate the island, but Parker doesn’t think for a nanosecond that the voice on the radio can be believed. He doesn’t trust anyone but Adam and is determined to keep it that way. They don’t need anyone else complicating their struggle to survive. Or do they?

Danger on the high seas can surface in a heartbeat, and if Parker and Adam aren’t careful, the current will drag them under.

This gay romance is a dystopian adventure featuring a werewolf, his boyfriend, and their struggle to find a place to call home.

Dani's rating:

Parker and Adam aren’t just running away from creepers. They are running away from destruction and shattered hope.

Endless days at sea, dwindling supplies, fear of the unknown … and a voice on the radio promising salvation. Welcome to the new post-apocalyptic world.

Adam is mesmerized by the voice, blinded by the possibility of safe land at last. But Parker remembers the Pines, the horror of watching pieces of Adam’s flesh floating in jars. Parker doesn’t trust anybody.

Fight the Tide picks up where Kick at Darkness left off. This book cannot be read as a standalone. It’s a continuation of Parker and Adam’s story.

More character driven and slower paced than the first book, Fight the Tide focuses more on the internal struggle, but the story, told in alternating third-person POV, is gripping and suspenseful nonetheless.

Adam still doesn’t understand why his parents lived separate from a pack. He longs to belong to a community and wants to make peace with his werewolf half. Parker wonders why he isn’t enough. He wants to be strong for Adam, but he hurts inside.

Sailing the Bella, Parker and Adam meet some unsavory characters, but they also learn that banding together can make you stronger.

New secondary characters are introduced: a makeshift family consisting of Craig, his 8-year-old daughter Lilly, Abby, and her 13-year-old son Jacob, who’s a typical surly teenager. Life as we know it came to an end when Craig and Abby were on their third date, but they stuck together against the odds, and they are good people: honest, optimistic, trying so hard to keep it together for their kids.

My heart broke for Jacob. It’s hard enough to be 13. It’s that much harder to be 13 in the middle of a world torn apart at the seams. So much loss, so much pain.

Parker, Adam, and their new friends have to decide whether to head south toward the Caribbean or try to find the mysterious Salvation Island—be it utopia or a trap. The men never give up on each other. There is conflict, yes, but there is also lust and LOVE, so much love: selfless and giving.

The sex here is hot, rough, and intensely passionate.

Parker loves it when Adam takes control; he loves Adam’s wolf form and just wants Adam to take him. Adam needs to be filled but is worried Parker will balk at exploring his desires.

But he needn’t have worried. Parker is all in, and the scene with Adam letting go is damn sexy—it’s not for everyone, but I thought it was necessary here to show the complete trust between the men.

The ending is a HEA for the MCs, who are safe, in love, and in it together, but this story isn’t over. Even before I learned that Keira Andrews is planning a third and possibly fourth book in this series (which can I just say, Thank you, Jesus!), I thought we hadn’t seen the last of these men.

“I lied to you.” . . .

Adam went very still. “Okay. Tell me.”

He couldn’t meet Adam’s eyes . . . A sob tore out of his throat. “I said I wasn’t broken, but I am.” . . .

“We’re all broken,” Adam murmured . . . “We're [all] scared.”

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