Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Book Review:Reaping Havoc (Reaping Havoc, #1) by A.J. Rose


No one asked Mitch Seeker if he wanted to be a grim reaper. He didn’t sign up for the rumors, the lack of friends, or the erratic schedule. He doesn’t want to go through life watching people die. Especially not a man he loves. Mitch’s solution is simple—don’t fall in love. He’ll never have to explain why he doesn’t age or why he’s around death so often. Most of all, he will never be a widower.

But when his head is turned by world-class skier Nate Koehn, Mitch believes he may have the answer. If the soul attached to Nate is any indication, Mitch has found himself another reaper, in which case, his undeniable feelings don’t have to be suppressed. However, the spectral tag-a-long is only the beginning of Nate’s burdens. After a catastrophic loss, Nate is no stranger to grief and the hole it leaves behind.

The question they both must answer is loud and clear: is the pain of losing love worse than the pain of never having loved at all?

Jewel's rating:

Reaping Havoc was a rather fun story, considering we're dealing with reapers, here. I found the story fresh and entertaining, even if it was sad at times. And I fully approve of the HEA.

Nate knows all about loss and he's figured out that the only way to live life is to actually live it. And even though he's been warned away from Mitch by the residents of the little Colorado ski town he just moved to, he can't help but want to actually get to know Mitch and make up his own mind.

Mitch is what you would call a 'reluctant reaper'. He doesn't have a problem with the reaping, per se, but reapers are very long lived and their aging stops when they reach the age of 24 (that's also when their reaping contract starts) until they are about 250 years old, or so, then they age normally and die, like everyone else. But that 200+ years in between? Youth and health. That doesn't sound so bad, except when you consider that everyone around you will still age and die. So, Mitch thinks he would rather spend his bit of eternity all alone so as to not have to go through that. Ah, Mitch, you silly silly reaper.

But you know what? You can't always control how you feel or whom you fall for. Our boys discover that well enough. I don't want to say more because the fun really was in the journey of the story. There were a few things I didn't expect and a few things I did, of course. And Mitch was a bonehead once or twice, but he eventually found his way. And so did Nate.

The steam level is pretty low, unfortunately, but I loved the story and I had a hard time putting it down and I would love to read more about these boys.

Review copy of Reaping Havoc generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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