Wednesday, May 11, 2016

ARC Review: Love in Retrograde by Charlie Cochet

Enthusiastic, play-it-safe Kelly Sutton is an American intern at the Photonic Royal Society in New London. He’s been working on Project Mars for over a year, a mission kept so secret by the Society even Kelly doesn’t know exactly what it is. What Kelly does know is his contribution to the task will benefit mankind, and that’s enough for him.

Kelly’s world turns upside down when concerns over his mentor's behavior lead Kelly to investigate and stumble upon a wicked truth. What is supposed to be a project to advance human life turns out to be an endeavor capable of mass destruction. The terrifying reality forces Kelly to choose between looking the other way to keep his job, as he’s always done, or risking his career and even his life to do the right thing by saving the man who’s captured his heart.

Jewel's rating:

I am going to try my best to not give spoilers here and it's going to be tough. I can't even talk about the second MC without giving things away that I think you should read for yourself, so...well, here goes.

Kelly Sutton is a young intern on Project Mars. And even though he has no real idea what the project is really for, he believes the party line about it being for the benefit of humanity. Everyone working on the project is only told what they need to know for their particular tasks, so no one, other than very high level people, really know the full extent of what is being done.

Kelly is a rather gung ho kind of guy and he is like a kid in a toy store. He loves going to work and he loves that he is doing something important. He really wants to do more for the project, though. He kind of feels under-utilized and he wants to be able to advance his career and do the really important stuff.

This is one of those cases where a person should really be careful for what they wish. On the other hand, what he discovers really does change the course of his life, in so many ways. Enough so, that I'd say that Kelly definitely got to the important stuff.

I liked Kelly, though I would have loved to actually get to know him better. And I would have loved to have gotten to see just how Project Mars came about. Love in Retrograde is a delicious taste, but I'm greedy, I want a whole meal.

Oh, how I would love to read this story as a full length novel! For being so short, I was actually impressed at how well done it was. This is Charlie Cochet we're talking about here, so I'm not really surprised. But it is hard to really get a good read on the characters with the timeline being so condensed. I didn't really feel the romance. I liked the characters and I saw the attraction, even the friendship, but there just wasn't enough page time to establish a romance or really even a relationship, considering some world building also needed to happen to set the scene.

I still enjoyed Love in Retrograde, though and would give it 3 *I want more* stars.

ARC of Love in Retrograde was generously provided by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

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