Wednesday, March 30, 2016

ARC Review: Forgive and Forget by Charlie Cochet

He's hot. He's dangerous. And he can't remember anything.

As the owner of Apple’n Pies, Joe Applin leads a quiet, uneventful life, content to spend his days serving customers who come from all over to eat his delicious homemade pies. Along with his motley crew—Bea, Elsie, and Donnie—Joe couldn’t be happier in his little kingdom of baked goods and java.

Experience has taught Joe that love is overrated—and at times dangerous. He has no intention of repeating past mistakes. But then he meets a mysterious, handsome man with amnesia, and Joe can’t deny something sweet is in the works. He isn’t one to take risks, not with his heart and certainly not with his life, but the more time he spends with the man he knows as Tom, the closer he is to losing both.

Dani's rating:

This book is as sweet as cinnamon apple pie.

Joe is a baker who takes his pies seriously. He runs a small cafe with a crew consisting of two teenagers (Donnie and Elsie) and a senior (Bea), and has not a care in the world. Or so he claims. Joe is lonely, and when he finds an injured man bleeding in the garden next door he cleans him up and keeps him.

"Tom" has a killer body and a smile that lights up the room. He also has no idea who he is or how he came to be in the garden next to Joe's cafe with nothing but dirt and flower petals in his pocket.

A chaste romance blossoms between Joe and Tom. I know not to expect a lot of smexy times from the Dreamspun Desires series, so I wasn't disappointed (much) that most (but not all) of the steam was off page.

Some of Joe's behaviors were a little OTT. He's 37 but acts much younger, talks to himself, and likes to rest his head inside his oven (don't ask).

I got a little tired of his bantering with Bea and Donnie. I liked Tom and, like Joe, knew he was a good guy. I mean, come on, this is a romance novel. Of course Tom is Joe's Prince Charming.

There's some action, a contentious (but somewhat unnecessary) visit from Joe's vile ex, and a rather exciting (if expected) ending. Tom's identity was not a big surprise. I knew as soon as Joe told Tom the story of his ex. But the mystery wasn't really the point.

This is very much a feel-good book and a nice addition to the Dreamspun Desires series.

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