Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Book Review: The Trap by Claire Davis and Al Stewart

When Sal attends an open exam for an apprentice artist to work alongside the infamous Matthew Picard, the last thing he expects is to be the winner. But then his role is revealed and nothing is ever the same again. As he toils day and night on the unique sculpture, strange sensations begin to affect both him and the watching master artist.

Matthew Picard thought he was through with men and love. What he wanted was for Sal to help him create one final monstrous masterpiece - The Trap.

But as he observes his young apprentice, his focus shifts, and so do the very walls of the gallery.

Is it the beauty of art, or something more magical at work?

As the sculpture is created, a power is unlocked.

Can love save them, or will they be trapped forever?

Dani's rating:

Sal has a tiny bedsit with a dripping tap. He works at a bakery. His mother can't be bothered with him, yet he dutifully calls her every week. Sal is meek. Quiet.


When Sal is granted a coveted apprenticeship working for the astonishing artist, Matthew Picard, he is reborn. Sal doubts and strips himself bare. He must be empty to create.

And Matthew watches; he watches and yearns.

Initially, Matthew thinks in WORDS. It's cement and water and ENERGY. Matthew's been hurt and has locked away his heart. But he wants to mentor Sal, touch him, fill him.

Art, desire, creativity, LOVE: they are all madness, different sides of the same dice.

This is a gorgeous, sensual story, part contemporary dark fairy tale, part magical realism, part true love.

Love was not a guarantee or a right, sometimes it squeezed and sometimes it burned.

We can claw our way out of the ashes and smile. We can dream and touch and MAKE something real. We design our own traps and build our own prisons. And we can set ourselves free.

You don't need to believe in magic. You just need to believe.

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There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book.
~Josh Jameson

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