Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Corrective Measures by Robert Chazz Chute

Corrective MeasuresCorrective Measures by Robert Chazz Chute
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

From the blurb: One in 100 people is a psychopath, so be nice to strangers. You're about to meet one of the most dangerous kinds of psychopath. Jack is a serial killer who only murders people his psychotherapist, Dr. Circe Papua, can't help. When Jack has an argument over a parking space with a smug, inconsiderate driver, he wants to change the rules of his agreement with God and Dr. Papua. This is the story that shows how dangerous the world can really be.

Corrective Measures is a very short story at only 19 pages on my Nook, but it certainly packs a punch. Not literally, of course, though I wouldn't put that past the MC.

Jack has issues. Jack is a psychopath. Jack kills people his psychologist, Dr. Papua, can't help. Like that child molester who won't change his ways. So, in effect, crazy as it may sound, and certainly illegal, Jack is perhaps providing a service to humanity.

To him, there are three types of people: Prey, Witnesses and Predators. Essentially, what I took away from this short story is not only that you never know who the predator might be, but also that a bit of predator might lurk in all of us.

I won't give away any of the story, but do yourself a favor and read it. It won't take you long at all.

And I'm also now quite interested in reading Mr. Chute's full story about this character.

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Falling Immortality: Casey Holden, P.I. by Robert Downs

Falling Immortality: Casey Holden, Private InvestigatorFalling Immortality: Casey Holden, Private Investigator by Robert Downs
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

From the blurb: Casey Holden, former cop, current PI in Virginia Beach, VA, screens his clients the way he screens his women, based on whichever drop-dead gorgeous woman happens to waltz through his door first and manages to hold his attention. So when Felicity Farren, widow-at-large, struts into his office asking him to solve the two-year-old murder of her husband Artis, she intrigues him. When Casey starts digging, he learns the murder isn't what it seems to be and he doesn't have a big enough shovel to unearth the truth. And to top it all off, his former rival at the police department, Greg Gilman, is determined to disrupt his investigation. Casey's challenge is to learn what really happened to Artis, and why Gilman can't seem to remove his head from his butt. And he'll need all of his wits to complete the task.

This book about a wise-cracking, irreverent, sort of monogamous PI trying to solve a cold case murder had me grinning on occasion, but also wanting some kind of action and a bit more forward movement. It's an interesting book, to be sure, but oh, my goodness, Casey just doesn't ever shut up. Not that it's a bad thing, but his never-serious manner got a wee bit on my nerves about half-way through. I stuck with it, and the ending, while perhaps somewhat predictable, was rather satisfying.

Not exactly my book, but if you like a bit of a murder mystery coupled with a smart a$$ MC - this is the book for you.

3 solid stars.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Chase in Shadow by Amy Lane

Chase in ShadowChase in Shadow by Amy Lane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.75 stars, rounded to 4.

From the blurb:

Chase Summers: Golden boy. Beautiful girlfriend, good friends, and a promising future. Nobody knows the real Chase. [...]He has a door in his heart so frightening he’d rather die than open it, and the lies he’s used to block it shut are thinning with every forbidden touch. Chase has spent his entire life unraveling, and his decision to set his sexuality free in secret has only torn his mind apart faster. Chase has one chance for true love and salvation, [...] but if he wants the healing that Tommy’s love has to offer, he’ll need the courage to leave the shadows for the sunlight. That may be too much to ask from a man who’s spent his entire life hiding his true self. Chase knows all too well that the only things thriving in a heart’s darkness are the bitter personal demons that love to watch us bleed.

 This wasn't an easy book to read. There are flashbacks, scenes out of continuation, and it made for a difficult time following the story.

Chase in Shadow depicts the story of a young gay man pretending to be straight. He's got a girlfriend, goes to college, works and tries his best to keep his inner struggles locked up.

Along the lines, we find out that Chase lost his mother to suicide when he was only 6 years old. He was the one to find her in the bath tub, and it's this horrific experience, an event so traumatic, that is the underlying theme of this novel. His father Victor is a homophobic, verbally abusive a$$hole, and he's a character you love to hate.

Chase has long known that he's attracted to men, but his father's words and actions as well as his mother's suicide have so traumatized him that coming out isn't an option.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Heather Huffman Blogtour Stop next Tuesday!!!

Heather Huffman, author of Jailbird, Ring of Fire and other fantastic novels, will stop by next Tuesday, 5/22/12 for an interview and book giveaway. Be sure to come by and leave a comment for a chance to win an electronic version of one of her books.

See you then!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Immortal by Gene Doucette

ImmortalImmortal by Gene Doucette
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

From the blurb:

Surviving sixty thousand years takes cunning and more than a little luck. But in the twenty-first century, Adam confronts new dangers—someone has found out what he is, a demon is after him, and he has run out of places to hide.Worst of all, he has had entirely too much to drink.

What a fun read!!! I was intrigued by the blurb and couldn't wait to get my hands on this book when it became available at NetGalley.

I'm so glad I did. I had a difficult time putting it down for sleep and work and other such pesky time consumers.

The story is told in the first person narrative by Adam, who's been around the block a few times (actually, a few tens of millenia, give or take), a somewhat average guy in looks and stature, and who just happens to be immortal, frozen in time at about age 32, with no recollection as to how that actually happened.

Imagine having lived that long, constantly moving from place to place because you can't stay anywhere for too long in fear of people noticing how you don't age. You'd be jaded, too. And possibly, much like Adam, quite a bit cynical about the human race and somewhat confused by modern technology since your birthday basically pre-dated spoken language.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lothaire (IAD 12) by Kresley Cole

Lothaire (Immortals After Dark #12)Lothaire by Kresley Cole
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


- One slightly deranged, autocratic, pompous ass, arrogant vampire with a cold, dead yet beating heart, loyal only to himself

- One innocent hillbilly, feisty, cunning, industrious beauty with a huge heart and loyalty to spare

- One evil, spoiled, delusional vampire ex-goddess with a wicked plan

- One evil, slightly dumb sorceress who wants to exact revenge

- One insane, fortune-telling Valkyrie who is playing with fire

- bunches of Lore folk as the supporting cast

- a few unanswered questions from previous books

- one endgame aka obsession

Pour it all in a bowl, mix well, and what you get is Lothaire, Kresley Cole's latest installment in the IAD series.

What a fun ride. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Lothaire being turned from a pompous, arrogant, all-knowing, evil vampire into a pompous, all-knowing, arrogant, purring little kitten completely in love with his Bride. I loved how Ellie teaches him how to be caring and loving, and still getting what he wants, while giving him the one thing that has eluded him in all of his thousands of years - happiness.

The ending is a little open as usual - and it seems as if Kristoff will feature prominently in the next book. I can hardly wait.

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