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Blogtour: Stocking Stuffers anthology

Stocking Stuffers
An MM Holiday Romance Anthology
with stories by
H Q Kingsley, Meredith Spies, Angelo Diaz, Denise Wells,
Megs Pritchard, J.P. Sayle, Colette Davison, Alie Nolan 

An MM holiday romance anthology. A collection of sweet, sexy, fun holiday stories from MM authors.

Fix Me Up by H.Q. Kingsley
Nettles Small and Ian Montgomery were best friends once upon a time… 
Nettles Small has retreated to his old family cabin, isolated in the woods for the peace and quiet he needs to write his dissertation. He expects a full two weeks of absolutely no disruptions as he buries himself in research and lab experiments. But when an outdoor experiment goes haywire and his equipment explodes across the mountain, knocking an unsanctioned snowboarder off his board, his plans quickly change.
Ian Montgomery is on his way to the winter olympics. he’s trained his ass off for years and finally made it. But on his way to shred down one of his secret slopes, Ian is unexpectedly knocked off his board by an unknown object and the person who rushes to nurse him back to his feet is someone he had never expected to see again.

Jingle My Bells by Meredith Spies
RowanLess than two weeks till the winter solstice and somehow it's my fault the witches have misplaced their damned bells. If they weren't such jerks about demon-borns being part of the Grand Council and their plans, maybe they wouldn't need to use the stupid things anyway. But until they're ready to admit that without us, there'd be no them, I guess they're out of luck. It's just dirty pool to send Whitaker Frost, scion of the Frost witch clan and sexiest man alive ohmygods to my shop when I've been accused of hiding those damned bells and endangering the witches' annual winter solstice ritual to maintain their powers.
No matter what Rowan thinks, I haven't forgotten our encounter at the summer solstice, and I know for a fact he hasn't. The way he looks at me when he sees me in his shop just before the winter solstice is enough to set me on fire without the help of any of his demon magic. I don't blame him for being hesitant with me—I am a witch, after all, and witches have been doing their damnedest for centuries to keep demon-born out of magical communities and gatherings. I wish he'd understand that I not only want him in the council, but in my bed, my life...

Jake's Heart for Christmas by Angelo Diaz
Two online friends meeting up for an unforgettable Christmas vacation. 
After facing some trouble back home, Declan was more than eager to spend Christmas with his online best friend, Jake, in his hometown of Winterwood. It was everything he’d hoped it would be. The town was friendly, Jake was a ray of sunshine, and the spirit of Christmas was in every corner. What he didn’t expect was the growing connection between him and Jake. The more time Declan spent with Jake, the more the line between friendship and something more started to blur. Maybe the trip to Winterwood was exactly what Declan needed to find himself again. Now, all he wanted for Christmas was to win over Jake’s heart.  
Jake’s Heart For Christmas is a sweet and spicy Hallmark-style Christmas romance featuring best friends becoming lovers, sexual awakening, first times, hot kiss under the mistletoe, and a happy ending!

Rebel Without A Clause by Denise Wells
I’m the guy who never brings a date to a holiday party. But meeting someone at one is a different story, apparently. The bartender I undressed with my eyes? Whose touch ignited a fire in my soul when his fingers brushed against mine? He’s the one I’m prepared to break all my own rules for.

All Wrapped Up by Megs Pritchard

Crispin Jones had known Roan virtually his whole life, but when his disastrous marriage ended, he began to see Roan in a new light. He wasn’t simply his friend anymore. His feelings had changed to something more. 
Christmas was approaching and Crispin had decided that it was the time to tell Roan the truth. The office party seemed the perfect opportunity. 
Would Roan accept his declarations of love, or would Crispin’s admission ruin years of friendship between them?

A Christmas Wish by JP Sayle
Can Christmas wishes come true? 
Roman Austin is shy, more than a little geeky, and thinks he’s overweight. Past experience has taught him that he’s better off with his nose buried in a book.
Until the boy who left town years ago returns.
Donavan’s return makes Roman face what he’s avoided for years, himself. 
With each new revelation, can Roman see what is right in front of him? 
Will past secrets and a meddling brother stop Roman from finding love with the one man he never knew wanted him? 
A Christmas Wish is a standalone sweet gay romance, a small-town friendship, and a guaranteed HFN.

One Room at the Inn by Colette Davison
Travel photographer, Ellis, is driving home for Christmas, but a freak snowstorm forces him to seek refuge in the Holiday Inn. He doesn’t expect to meet his two best friends from high school there, or to end up having to share a room with them.
Although eight years apart has changed them all, Ellis realises he still has strong feelings for fit footballer, Zev, and loveable geek, PK.
A game of Never Have I Ever and a bottle of Applejack bourbon leads to revelations about their feelings for one another.
Can anything be the same for these three men after an unexpected night of passion?
One Room at the Inn is a friends to lovers, MMM Christmas romance, with steamy scenes and lots of snow.

Until After Christmas by Alie Nolan

Henry isn't a fan of Christmas and usually spends the holiday alone, wallowing in self-pity. Until he gets drunk with his adorable, awkward co-worker at the office Christmas party and somehow finds himself with Christmas plans for the first time in years.
Callum is tired of his family setting him up with random strangers at Christmas, so when Henry offers to pretend to be his boyfriend for the holiday, it seems like he's found the perfect solution... until real feelings get mixed up into their fake relationship.

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Review Tour: The Christmas Oaks by VL Locey

Cover Design: Designs By Sloan


Can the magic of Christmas, and the soft voice of a man who has seen too much, show Bryan a future where anything is possible?

Bryan Graham is shocked to find he’s inherited a hunting cabin in north-central Pennsylvania. From his grandfather of all people; a stubborn man who went out of his way to make Bryan’s childhood miserable. He’d vowed never to go back to the small, rural community of Kutter’s Summit, not that he didn’t have fond memories of the place. It’s just that he’d rather be celebrating a quiet Christmas back in Nashville with his cat and his contracts. 

A couple of weeks of hunting, cleaning, and handyman work, and he can hopefully put the place up for sale and move on with his life. He never expected to find his childhood friend Parson Greer living in the cabin. Parson is no longer a boy, but a handsome, wary man consumed by the demons of a faraway desert war. When a rekindled friendship shifts into something deeper, Bryan finds himself lost in emotions that a workaholic like him has never made time to experience before.

Karen's review:

V.L. Locey has created a holiday story filled with the joy of the holiday season and the promise of new beginnings from second chances with this first book in her new series ‘Laurel Holidays’.
When Bryan Graham left Kutter’s Summit to start a new life in Nashville going back was never a consideration for him. But when his grandfather left his hunting cabin and the land it was on to him, Bryan finds that going back is exactly what he has to do. So he develops a plan and it’s a fairly simle one…Bryan’s plan is to take a couple of weeks to spruce the place up, put it on the market and make a quick sale then it’s back to his Nashville life.
All that changes when Bryan arrives at the cabin only to be met by a less than friendly but equally grown up and handsome childhood friend in the form of  Parson Greer, whose also consumed by the demons of a war that left him with a lot of bad memories to torment his days and haunt his nights.
As Bryan and Parson become reacquainted and their feelings for each other grow, it becomes very clear that it’s going to take more than the good will of the season for these two to make things work. Bryan’s a talent agent for some of Nashville’s brightest stars…unfortunately one of those stars isn’t always making the brightest choices and keeping her in rehab has Bryan popping antacids like Pez candies, Parson’s trying to manage his PTSD on his own and then there’s the issue of Bryan who wants to return to his life in Nashville but he also wants to see what his life could be like with Parson in it.

Review Tour - Promise (Single Dads #3) - RJ Scott

Length: 57,000 words approx.

Cover Design: Meredith Russell

Single Dads Series

Book #1 - Single - Amazon US | Amazon UK | Universal Link

Book #2 - Today - Amazon US | Amazon UK | Universal Link


Leo Byrne is a cop, Jason Banks is an ex-con. Even after one stolen kiss, something has to give before Leo can convince Jason that falling in love is even an option.

Adopted at a young age, Leo is part of the sprawling Byrnes family. With his dog Cap, three siblings and a whole mess of nieces and nephews, he is never lonely, and his life is full. Love is the last item on his to-do list, but seeing his best friends Sean and Eric happy and making new families makes him want things he doesn’t think is possible. Kissing Jason at an event to honor his bravery was one thing, but anything other than that is off limits. Until Jason has no one left to turn to, and it’s Leo who helps him at his lowest. Taking Jason and his daughter into his home is one thing, but falling for the ex-con is something else altogether.

Jason made a deal to keep his daughter safe and spent years behind bars as a result. Volunteering as a convict firefighter was as much about helping the community as saving his sanity, but now that he’s out, he doesn’t even have that. He’s lost his future, his self-respect, and has no friends or a place to call home. Worst of all, even after rescuing his daughter he still can’t keep her safe from the man who wants to use her as a bargaining chip for money. Meeting Leo might give Jason a way to keep Daisy safe, but falling for the stubborn cop means the truth has to be revealed, and he could lose everything all over again.

Karen's review:

I’m very possibly becoming addicted to this author’s stories. It seems whenever I see a story with her name attached, I’m right there with my grabbie, gimmie hands to get a copy to read and I have yet to be disappointed.
“Promise” is the third book in Ms Scott’s ‘Single Dads’ series. This is Leo and Jason’s story.  We met Leo for the first time in “Single” book #1 of this series and now that his roommates Sean and Eric have each gotten their HEA, it’s Leo’s turn and who better for a cop to fall for, than an ex-con who seems to have more than a couple of secrets.
We met Jason in “Today” book #2, when he saved Eric’s life. When Jason shows up on Leo’s doorstep looking for Eric after his release from prison. Eric’s told him if he ever needed help he could come to him and when Leo sees Jason tired, beaten, ready to drop in his tracks and holding on for all he’s worth to a sweet little girl that he says is his daughter Leo couldn’t imagine someone more in need of help and despite the caution that his instincts are telling him to exercise…Leo’s quickly becomes determined to protect Jason…consequences be damned.
I’ve liked Leo from the beginning of this series and with this book we get an even closer look at this character. Leo’s past isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, he’s got demons of his own that are driving him and as he becomes more and more involved with Jason, he’s forced to confront the past that he’s kept diligently locked away.

Blogtour: Santa's Last Gift by Sandine Tomas

Please say hello to Sandine Thomas with 

Santa's Last Gift 

a Dreamspun Desires title

I’m Sandine Tomas and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to tell you about my new holiday novel, Santa’s Last Gift, by giving you an exclusive excerpt. Plus, there’s an opportunity to win a free e-book copy at the end!

If you are like me, then you appreciate the holidays and all the warmth, laughter and, yes, craziness they can bring. One of my favorite parts of the holiday is coming up with interesting stocking stuffers. The key to finding the best small gifts is to give yourself plenty of lead time. Here are five ideas to consider.

  1. Oriental Trading. This is my staple. You can find dozens of adorable ideas from toys to stickers to games and more. You can stock up and have stocking stuffers for this year and next year and even the one after that.
  2. Iwako Puzzle Erasers. People love to collect these adorable micro erasers of animals and food. They aren’t just erasers, they come apart like puzzles. They are made of recyclable non-PVC material, lead and phthalate free. Not for children under three.
  3. Original Slinky. Available for seven decades, with sales of $300 million worldwide, you can’t go wrong with this addictive toy. Watch the original commercial on YouTube if you don’t mind getting the jingle stuck in your head!
  4. JOYIN Dinosaur Set. Fourteen assorted dinosaurs with moveable legs. I mean, dinosaurs! Enough said.
  5. SUGRU Moldable Glue. Here’s the thing about the holidays—inevitably something breaks. Listed as one of Time magazine’s top 50 inventions, this unique silicon glue can help save a favorite item from the dust bin.

Fun, small erasers pop up in Santa’s Last Gift! Enjoy an excerpt:

Seb saw the girls accepting red paper gift bags with candy canes sticking out the top. He remembered the thrill of the little gifts everyone got when they finished visiting Santa. Usually a tiny plastic car or whistle and some candy. Once he got a top and got in trouble for playing with it in the kitchen where it somehow got lodged under the stove. He wondered if it was still there.
Those feelings of simple joy had disappeared over time and distance. The holidays had become a task, fulfilling the fantasies of wealthy business people to impress, substituting faux glitter for actual shine.
Matty squeezed his arm. “Hey, they’re done.”
Startled, he saw Chance and Rowen looking up at him, clutching their bags to their chests. Brows drawn together, Matty cocked his head to regard him.
“Sorry.” He held a hand out and Chance took it while Rowen clutched onto Matty.
Matty stopped to help Rowen zipper her coat before the exit. Taking the cue Seb bent to assist Chance, who gave him a look that made him think of Steph as she took care of it herself.
In the car, the girls spilled their loot out on the backseat. A mini yo-yo poured out of each bag along with an assortment of small holiday-themed erasers and the candy cane.
Matty beamed as if he were six himself. “Cool, those are so neat. Let me see.” He held up the tiny snowman, evergreen, and gingerbread house erasers. After a moment he lowered his head to eye level with Rowen in her car set. “Row, remember, not in your mouth, okay?”
Swallowing, Seb realized that he hadn’t even thought about the potential choking hazard with items that tiny. As if reading his thoughts Matty said, “She’s good about that but it’s best to remind.”
Nodding, Seb asked, “Should we take it away while we’re driving?”
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