Monday, April 19, 2021

ARC Review: Waiting for a Scot Like You by Eva Leigh

From the blurb:

For a merry widow and a stoic major, it’s a bumpy road to love…

Adjusting to life in peacetime isn’t easy for Major Duncan McCameron. Escorting a lady on her journey north seems like the perfect chance to give him some much-needed purpose. That is, until he learns the woman in question is the beautiful, bold, reckless Lady Farris. She makes his head spin and being alone together will surely end in disaster.

Beatrice, the Dowager Countess of Farris, is finally free of a stifling marriage and she has no plans to shackle herself to any other man. Ready to live life to the fullest, she’s headed to a week-long bacchanal and the journey should be half the fun. Except she’s confined to a carriage with a young, rule-abiding, irritatingly handsome Scottish soldier who wouldn’t know a good time if it landed in his lap. But maybe a madcap escapade will loosen him up...

Between carriage crashes, secret barn dances, robbers, and an inn with only one bed, their initial tension dissolves into a passion that neither expected. But is there a future for an adventure-loving lady and a duty-bound soldier, or will their differences tear them apart?

Heather's rating:

The more I sat on my review of Waiting for a Scot Like You by Eva Leigh, the more I ended up liking the story. Sometimes, you need to let these kinds of things marinate to discover your true feelings.

I can't help be enthralled at a huge age gap between the MCs and the woman is older. That is so exceedingly rare in romance, especially historical romance, that it's absolutely worth noting. I loved how the female MC reveled in her newfound sexuality, and how she was wiling to explore those feelings to the fullest.

I also enjoyed the more uptight male MC, though I feel like his portrayal wavered a bit too much over time. For someone practically obsessed with propriety, he really changed a lot during the course of the story. I did feel a bit bad for him because I felt like he was the one making all of the sacrifices for the relationship, but I felt the chemistry between him and the female MC in the end.

I really liked all of the outlandish adventures these two found themselves in, and I really liked the heat content. I think the plot grew a bit tedious over time and I felt my attention start to waver, though the humor kept me going. Overall, it was a fun story.

I think Waiting for a Scot Like You has a lot of positive aspects, even if I wasn't fully rooting for this couple the whole time. Still, the book was a strong addition to the Union of the Rakes series.

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