Wednesday, April 28, 2021

ARC Review: Show Me by Neve Wilder

Show Me (Extracurricular Activities #3)
From the Blurb:
Two Roommates. One Camera. A whole lot of action.

I get crushes the way some people get seasonal allergies.
And sharing a house with four hot roommates is like being stuck in permanent spring.
Too bad I keep getting friend-zoned.

But it’s senior year now, and I’m done pining for the impossible.
Time to live it up and go out with a bang.
Or a lot of bangs.

And I’m definitely, definitely not getting attached to anyone.
Especially not my straight, gym-loving, football-player roommate Sam whose impressively large... smile I caught a glimpse of once.
Or several times.

That’s why, when Sam asks me for help with a very special, very NSFW project so he can make a little cash, of course I agree. In the name of friendship.

And if it turns out that Sam’s more than just muscles—that he’s sweet, and smart, and a little bit filthy, and a whole lot less straight than I thought—well, that’s neither here nor there, because this time I’m gonna be smart. This time, I’m friend-zoning myself.

We’ve got a list of deliciously hot scenarios, a camera, and Sam’s huge… smile. What could possibly go wrong?

Ky's rating:

Show Me is a fun, light-hearted romance about two college roommates who fall in love, both behind and in front of the camera.

Jesse is tired of crushing on guys when there's no potential for anything more than friendship. He has a habit of doing just that and he's trying to break out of it, so when he realises he's attracted to Sam, he's determined to get over it, and fast.

Sam is trying to make a little extra money and he has found just the perfect way to do that. He just needs a little bit of help if he wants to increase the quality of his videos. That help comes in the form of none other than Jesse.

At first, it's just one friend helping another, everything is platonic, but soon they start crossing lines and they don't know how to stop, not that they seem to want to anyway.

This story was super fun to read: an angst-free romance to make you smile and feel good.

Jesse and Sam had a lot of chemistry between them, they were good together. They had a slightly awkward meeting when they were freshmen, but they have friends in common so they run in the same social circles. I found some of the things that they got up to together to be pretty risky and bold, but it was just a story so I wasn't too worried about them getting caught. One thing is for certain, both of them liked exhibitionism and they craved the rush that came with it.

~ I read an ARC of this book. ~

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