Tuesday, April 27, 2021

ARC Review: Knit, Purl, a Baby and a Girl by Hettie Bell

From the blurb:

Some people can’t wait to have babies. They’re ready for it—with their perfect lives and their pregnancy glow…

Poppy Adams doesn’t have a perfect life, and she wasn’t ready for the positive test. An unexpected baby—Poppy’s unexpected baby—won’t exactly have her family doing cartwheels. But she’s making the right choice.


Poppy’s totally got this. She just needs a little encouragement, and a knitting group is the perfect place to start. Baby blankets, booties, tiny little hats—small steps toward her new life. But she feels like she’s already dropped a stitch when she discovers the knitting group is led by the charismatic Rhiannon.

It’s not exactly a great time to meet the woman who might just be the love of her life. While the group easily shuffles around to make room for Poppy, it’s not so easy fitting her life and Rhiannon’s together. With the weeks counting down until her baby arrives, Poppy’s going to have to decide for herself what truly makes a family.

Heather's rating: 


I don't read a ton of WLW or F/F romance, but when I saw that Hettie Bell was coming out with a contemporary romance, I knew I had to try it.

I've been reading Hettie Bell for many years under a different pen name, and I was thrilled to read her again here. She took her writing talent and really made a great story for her readers to enjoy.

I loved, loved, loved having a full-figured female MC who doesn't have perfect, effortlessly cool sex all the time. Sex is super awkward, especially with someone knew, and I found those scenes to be extremely charming. Hettie Bell struck just the right notes there. I will say, however, that I could have used more heat in this book. Up those sex scenes for next time, pretty please!

I'm not a knitter or any kind of artist, so I didn't really relate much to those moments, but you don't have to in order to enjoy the story. I liked the pregnancy details and the trials and tribulations the MC went through with her friends and family.

I think having only one POV made it harder to relate to the other MC. She ran very hot and cold, and I didn't love how she was so wishy-washy. The fact that we didn't get to see inside her head made her less relatable in my book. The back and forth between them was the only thing I really didn't enjoy.

However, I'm beyond pleased with the bisexual rep, the curvaceous MC with the BODY, the butch love interest (yeeeeessssss), the effortless humor, and the excellent writing. I'll be reading more Hettie Bell in the future, you can bet on that.

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