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Blogtour: Rogue Wave by Isabel Jolie

Rogue Wave

by Isabel Jolie

(Haven Island, #1)
Publication date: April 13th 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Sometimes opposites don’t just attract — they collide 
with all the violent passion of a rogue wave.


I sailed every ocean, saw the worst that humanity had to offer, and accomplished… nothing.

The world is just as screwed up now as it was when I set out to save it. The futility of it all left me disillusioned. Numb.

Then an idealistic beauty burst into my world, shining a light into all the dark corners of my soul.

The last thing she needs is a summer romance with a burned-out wreck like me.

I shouldn’t want her.

But I do…

When I look at Tate, I see a legend. He’s done it all, seen it all — lived my dream.

Too bad he doesn’t see what I see.

He thinks he’s all wrong for me. Too old.

But age is just a number. In our souls, where we’re both one with the sea, we’re the same.

He says I shouldn’t want him.

But I do…

They clash in every sexy, dangerous way imaginable. But is attraction — and maybe even love — enough to overcome all that stands between them? Or will their happily ever after remain elusive?

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In the morning, I woke as the sun seeped into the bedroom. Luna’s long, tangled hair fanned out across the bed, as did her arms and legs. Somehow, the girl laid claim to the entire bed. I took up my one portion on the right side. Her head lay below the crook of my arm, one arm draped over my stomach. Her naked body flailed out wildly, unencumbered and unashamed.

My college self would have fallen madly in love with her. Not necessarily because she was the epitome of a free spirit, because there were plenty of those in college. Not even because we shared a major and the same passions and causes. The marine biology department was a niche, but not that niche. And we were all environmentalists. All of us were idealists, yet to be burned by life’s reality. But no, Luna had that heart of gold that Neil Young endlessly searched for. An idealistic dreamer, yes, but an energy and a zest for life and a willingness to risk and go for what she wanted that appealed to me…or back then, when I was younger, I would have been a shark to blood. 

At thirty-five, oddly enough, I still couldn’t stay away from her. At twenty-two, I knew what I wanted from life. I wanted to make a difference in the world. As a teacher, she made a difference in our community, in individual lives. I thought I could be like her, only do more. I thought I could take up a cause and right wrongs. 

At thirty-five, I knew nothing. I lay in bed with Luna, clueless. She didn’t seem to have any expectations, not for us. I had forgotten how free it felt to be twenty-two. Your entire life in front of you. Why would she be worried about tomorrow? Or where the relationship was going? She just wanted experience. She had a steadfast optimism that everything would work out, that she’d achieve her dreams. At her age, I had been the same. 

I should have been okay with that. Happy to have this gorgeous young woman sprawled out naked in my bed, for me to do as I pleased. But my older brain worked differently. Now that I’d allowed myself a taste, I didn’t want to let her go. But go, she would. And my thoughts circled reality nonstop.

Blogtour: The Hate Project by Kris Ripper


Please welcome Kris Ripper with

The Hate Project

The Love Study #2

a Carina Adores title

This arrangement is either exactly what they need--or a total disaster

Oscar is a grouch.

That’s a well-established fact among his tight-knit friend group, and they love him anyway.

Jack is an ass.

Jack, who’s always ready with a sly insult, who can’t have a conversation without arguing, and who Oscar may or may not have hooked up with on a strict no-commitment, one-time-only basis. Even if it was extremely hot.

Together, they’re a bickering, combative mess.

When Oscar is fired (answering phones is not for the anxiety-ridden), he somehow ends up working for Jack. Maybe while cleaning out Jack’s grandmother’s house they can stop fighting long enough to turn a one-night stand into a frenemies-with-benefits situation.

The house is an archaeological dig of love and dysfunction, and while Oscar thought he was prepared, he wasn’t. It’s impossible to delve so deeply into someone’s past without coming to understand them at least a little, but Oscar has boundaries for a reason—even if sometimes Jack makes him want to break them all down.

After all, hating Jack is less of a risk than loving him…


I’d never had friends until college. And even then, I wouldn’t have had friends except that Ronnie and I were freshman year roommates (before she transitioned, obviously), and she was friends with Dec and Mase and Mia, and they came around a lot and just sort of looped me in. It happened slowly over that first year and suddenly I had…friends.

What’s that thing with snake poison, where you take it in small doses every day to grow your immunity to it? That’s what happened with the Motherfuckers. Eventually I built up a tolerance to their, like, happiness and friendliness and optimism. Now my brain just recognizes them as a part of me. The same thing probably happened to them: eventually they built up a tolerance to my moods and freak-outs.

The most important thing you need to know about my friends is that they’re all way better people than I am. You can tell because they threw me a pity party. There’s the aforementioned Declan and Sidney, who got together during the commission of a video series called The Love Study on Sidney’s YouTube channel. Then there’s Mia and Ronnie, disgustingly married to each other. And the last of the official Motherfuckers is Mason, who once tried to get married (to Dec) and was left at the altar (by Dec). Which was awkward for a while, but now it’s fine. Though of all of us Mase is the one who wants a white picket fence and 2.5 kids.

Sounds fucking awful to me, but to each his own, I don’t judge, whatever floats your life raft, et cetera.

Since I didn’t want to get my impotent rage-slash-panic germs on anyone, I took up a seat in the corner and didn’t leave it except to use the bathroom and acquire victuals. By which I mean vegan, gluten-free, cauliflower-based pizza that turned out to be delicious. It used to be that my friends had an informal rotation for who’d sit with me, trading off for the duration of the social event, but that was before Jack. Jack was new to the group. Dec had collected him from work, and for reasons I didn’t understand (I would have suspected sexual favors if I didn’t know better), he kept mostly showing up to drinks with the Motherfuckers. And was now also on the invite list for ad hoc gatherings to celebrate catastrophic job loss.

Jack and I had no other setting with each other than arguing. Since neither of us was all that nice (and everyone else in the Motherfuckers was very nice), it worked out. He thinks he knows everything, I definitely know everything, and even though for the most part we would arrive at the same point from different angles, we spent most of our fights poking at each other’s angles to prove they were incorrect.

I probably shouldn’t have been surprised when it turned out bickering was actually foreplay.

Release Blitz: His Haven by Con Riley

Cover Design: Natasha Snow

Length: 85,000 words approx.

His Contemporary MM Romance Series

His Horizon - All Buy Links
His Compass - All Buy Links

Opposites attract when Keir is once jilted, twice shy...

Keir Brodie is a lawyer with good reason for his trust issues. A year after his groom didn’t show up at their wedding, he’s still heartsore and hurting. Work has been his saviour, but a new project sets alarm bells ringing — his favourite client wants to buy a house for someone Keir thinks is a liar.

Mitch’s nice-guy act doesn’t fool Keir, and he can’t let sparks flying when they’re together distract him. That’s just the flare of opposites attracting, not the lifelong connection he misses. Besides, no amount of passion is worth risking his heart, especially with someone only down for onetime hook-ups.

Their shared project chips away at Keir’s first impressions. As the truth, and Keir, unravel, Mitch pieces him back together in ways Keir couldn’t have predicted. Trusting Mitch with more than his client’s money will take a leap of faith, in himself, and in a man Keir hopes won’t leave him waiting.

Featuring opposites who attract, and passion in close proximity, His Haven is the third shared-world novel in the His Contemporary MM Romance series. Featuring a different couple each time, these books can be read alone, or enjoyed together.

About the author:

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Spotlight: Infinite Retribution by Robert Stadnik

Today we shine the spotlight on Robert Stadnik and 

Infinite Retribution 

After nearly a century of oppression, the human race can finally explore the stars. Now part of a newly-formed alien alliance, the military commemorates this new age by building their first generation of starships to explore the unknown.

When the crew of the INFINITY embarks on the starship’s maiden voyage, they’re primed for a mission of exploration and discovery—not confrontation. But when an unimaginable threat derails their plans, they’re forced to rethink everything they believe to be true . . . and question where their loyalties lie. With time running out, they must make a life-and-death decision: surrender to their basest instincts, or face an even greater danger that threatens them from within.


“I was thanking Captain Diego for his help in INFINITY’s construction,” Annette said.

“Captain Diego helped accelerate construction on all the ships,” Vespia clarified. “You’ve been an immense help getting these ships built. You’ll also be happy to know that I just received confirmation that Earth’s orbital shipyards will be coming online next week.”

“And seven more SOLARA class starships will be launched by next week as well,” Jacob added.

“You’ve done a great service to TERRA,” Vespia said to Jacob. “You’ve cut off nearly eight months of our original construction schedule.” To get a compliment from the head of TERRA was a rare occurrence. Admiral Vespia was tough. She demanded a lot from her officers.

“I’m just as anxious to get our new fleet built,” Jacob replied. His own personal experience made him realize the importance of having a strong space fleet. Although it had occurred three years ago, his adventure on the SOLARA through the jumpgate was still fresh in his mind. The SOLARA was completely ill-equipped for the mission, and it was only with luck and help from the alliance that the SOLARA was able to make it back home. 

So far, the only starship in TERRA’s fleet conducting deep space exploration was the PHOENIX. Since its departure four years ago, TERRA had received only a smattering of transmissions from their flagship. Although PHOENIX had encountered some friendly races, they also came across hostile aliens who wanted nothing to do with peaceful coexisting. Those transmissions only made TERRA more focused on building its new starships as quickly as possible so it could defend the solar system in the event a hostile race ever showed up.

A junior officer approached the trio. “Excuse me, admiral. Yearden Thresha would like to speak with you.”

Vespia nodded to her aid. She turned to Jacob and Annette. “Best of luck on your missions, captains.”

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ARC Review: Waiting for a Scot Like You by Eva Leigh

From the blurb:

For a merry widow and a stoic major, it’s a bumpy road to love…

Adjusting to life in peacetime isn’t easy for Major Duncan McCameron. Escorting a lady on her journey north seems like the perfect chance to give him some much-needed purpose. That is, until he learns the woman in question is the beautiful, bold, reckless Lady Farris. She makes his head spin and being alone together will surely end in disaster.

Beatrice, the Dowager Countess of Farris, is finally free of a stifling marriage and she has no plans to shackle herself to any other man. Ready to live life to the fullest, she’s headed to a week-long bacchanal and the journey should be half the fun. Except she’s confined to a carriage with a young, rule-abiding, irritatingly handsome Scottish soldier who wouldn’t know a good time if it landed in his lap. But maybe a madcap escapade will loosen him up...

Between carriage crashes, secret barn dances, robbers, and an inn with only one bed, their initial tension dissolves into a passion that neither expected. But is there a future for an adventure-loving lady and a duty-bound soldier, or will their differences tear them apart?

Heather's rating:

The more I sat on my review of Waiting for a Scot Like You by Eva Leigh, the more I ended up liking the story. Sometimes, you need to let these kinds of things marinate to discover your true feelings.

I can't help be enthralled at a huge age gap between the MCs and the woman is older. That is so exceedingly rare in romance, especially historical romance, that it's absolutely worth noting. I loved how the female MC reveled in her newfound sexuality, and how she was wiling to explore those feelings to the fullest.

I also enjoyed the more uptight male MC, though I feel like his portrayal wavered a bit too much over time. For someone practically obsessed with propriety, he really changed a lot during the course of the story. I did feel a bit bad for him because I felt like he was the one making all of the sacrifices for the relationship, but I felt the chemistry between him and the female MC in the end.

Blogtour: Up In Smoke by Annabeth Albert

Please welcome Annabeth Albert as we kick off the blogtour for

Up In Smoke

Hotshots #4

Three Men and a Baby meets Backdraft with explosive chemistry and heartfelt feels.

Freewheeling smoke jumper Brandt Wilder thrives on adrenaline. He’s never met a parachute he can’t repair or a dangerous situation he couldn’t wrangle his way out of. He’s popular and fun-loving and not at all looking to settle down or form lasting relationships. It’s a lifestyle that’s served him well…right up until the day he finds a baby on his doorstep.

Shane Travis is used to putting his country music career—and his own happiness—on hold after his sister rolls through his life. Like last spring when she convinced him to try skydiving for his birthday—and she walked away with the hot parachute instructor.

Now he gets to deliver the piece of news that will upend Brandt’s carefree life: he very well might be a dad.

Shane’s niece is safe in Brandt’s strong, capable hands, but too many questions remain unanswered. Co-parenting while they sort it out leads to late-night talks, and soul-bearing confessions lead to a most inconvenient attraction. Still, Shane can’t leave this makeshift family behind—even if it means playing house with the one man he can’t resist.


Brandt’s deep chuckle rumbled straight through Shane. Damn. This was torture. Then the other man wrapped an arm around Shane, positioning his muscled forearm where Shane could see his fancy-looking watch gadget. “Now this is my altimeter. It tells me when we’re at five thousand feet and ready to deploy the chute.”

“Got it.” Shane wasn’t about to study that meaty arm any more than he absolutely had to.

“Okay, it’s go time.” Dallas’s voice echoed though the room. Brandt quickly unclipped them, but as soon as he stepped away, Shane’s pulse kicked up. Maybe he couldn’t do this. Jump out of a plane? Who was he kidding? He was a ground dweller, through and through.

Right when he was about to turn away, though, Brandt grabbed his biceps. “Nerves hitting you? Trust me. You’ll be just fine. I haven’t lost a jumper yet.”

Shane barked out a laugh. “Not exactly making me feel better.”

“Listen, I can tell you all day about how awesome this is.” Brandt looked him dead in the eyes, gaze serious for once, all his charm turned to raw intensity. “But until you do it, you’re gonna think it’s all BS. Sometimes you gotta take a leap of faith.”

“Not very good at those,” Shane admitted quietly as he stepped free of the other guy’s grip. He couldn’t keep meeting his eyes either. Too much power there, like a shot with an extra kick.

“Okay. You want me to tell Dallas you want out?”

A yes was right there on the tip of Shane’s tongue, but then he heard Shelby’s laugh ring out. She’d love it if he chickened out. Not only would she get bragging rights for all of eternity, she’d get what she’d wanted and get to go with Brandt. And for whatever reason, Shane hated that most of all. “Nah. I’m going.”

He white-knuckled his way out to the small plane, spared a nod for the female pilot, and squished his eyes shut until Shelby jostled him into looking at the valley underneath them, the green canopy of the national forest contrasting with the pristine blue sky. Random snippets of lyrics danced through Shane’s head, ways that he might try to describe this view. But then, right as he was settling into something resembling comfort, everyone started shuffling around, getting ready to go. The wind rushed in as the hatch opened, and a full-body shiver raced through Shane.

Then Shelby gave him and Brandt one last coy grin before she and Dallas were away, her whoop echoing across the sky.

“Ready? Here we go.” Brandt nudged Shane closer to the open hatch. Shane wanted to say no, wanted to drag their clipped-together bodies back inside the plane, wanted to both hurl and yell. But in the end, all he could do was nod. Only one way down.

His knees had locked up even as his thighs trembled. Behind him, Brandt was sure and solid. He could push Shane out the hatch pretty easily, but he didn’t. He was letting it be Shane’s choice. And somehow that patience and restraint gave Shane a jolt of courage. One step into nothingness. That was all it took.

Brandt was right behind him, smooth as if they were on a dance floor, not open sky. And now they were falling. Falling so fast. Faster than a car on the interstate with the windows all down, faster than a dirt bike on a steep incline, faster than the whoosh down a water slide. There was no describing the feeling of the wind on his cheeks, the roar in his ears, the shout that probably belonged to him, the adrenaline that crashed through him as he tried to remember what they’d practiced about positioning. Damn. Hard to think.

Which was funny because that was the one thing he was good at. Shelby was forever teasing him about overthinking. But now, his brain couldn’t even pull two words together as they rushed through the air. Brandt yelled something, but Shane was too busy hurtling through the sky to focus on it. And then he was pulled backwards, a hard yank as the parachute deployed. No more freefall. And the oh-my-God-about-to-die adrenaline quieted enough that he could look down, really look.

“Oh my word. It’s… ”

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Release Blitz: Ponyboy by AE Lister

Title: Ponyboy

Series: The Braided Crop Ranch

Author: AE Lister

Publisher: NineStar Press

Release Date: 04/12/2021

Heat Level: 3 - Some Sex

Pairing: Male/Male, Male/Male Menage

Length: 71200

Genre: Contemporary BDSM, LGBTQIA+, BDSM, pony play, puppy play, cowboys, entertainment, sex toys, menage, rewards, punishments, insta-love, voyeurism

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Owen Lipke is looking for adventure. When he hears about a ranch in the Muskokas catering to kinky men who don’t want to settle for backroom amateurs, he signs up in a second.

At the Braided Crop Ranch, Owen finds what he’s looking for: A sex-positive space with safety protocols and Doms (trainers) who know their business. And a stable full of well-behaved ponyboys to prove it.

Owen thinks his trainer, Kamal, is hot as hell but finds being a ponyboy isn’t as intuitive as he expected. As he struggles to learn the basics of equine pet play under the firm hand of his trainer, he finds himself falling for the experienced older man.

And perhaps Kamal is developing a thing for the young, adventurous newcomer. But there are rules about fraternizing with staff at the ranch. And Owen wonders if it’s wise to fall in love with the pragmatic trainer who unravels him layer by layer to expose his deepest needs and most secret proclivities.

But perhaps wisdom is overrated. And maybe the rewards of adventure are only achieved when you abandon caution and take a huge leap of faith.


AE Lister © 2021
All Rights Reserved

Shadows and dim lighting made the inside of the club appear deceptively edgy. The Stocks boasted a selection of the most overrated brews and clientele in the city, in my opinion. But this particular club was one of the few places I could go to try to find the kind of man I was looking for.

“Hey, Lipke, what are you doing here again?” Sandro smiled, clapping a hand on my shoulder and taking the stool next to me. “I thought you had the real deal? You know, a nice cozy apartment with your man.”

“We broke up,” I said, staring at the bar and trying not to let the fact I didn’t feel much disappointment about the end of my relationship bother me.

“Ah, shit, that’s too bad,” Sandro replied, but I saw a glimmer of satisfaction in his eyes as he motioned to the bartender. “Hey, a drink for my buddy here, Paulo.” He turned back. “What are you having, Owen?”

I shook my head and tossed the dark hair out of my eyes. It was getting way too long in front. I’d been meaning to get it cut, but I was so unmotivated to do anything these days. “Thanks, but I’m hoping for some action tonight.”

I never trolled for Doms with alcohol in my system. I’d learned that lesson a long time ago.

“How about a Coke, then?”

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Release Blitz: Left in the Dark by Zev de Valera

Title: Left in the Dark

Author: Zev de Valera

Publisher: NineStar Press

Release Date: 04/12/2021

Heat Level: 2 - Fade to Black Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 53200

Genre: Contemporary, LGBTQIA+, contemporary, mystery, artist, PT, temporary disability and amnesia, accident recovery, PTSD, age-gap, over 40, kids, cheating, deception, family drama

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Cal Restrepo, victim of a road rage automobile accident, emerges from unconsciousness into a world he does not recognize.

Under the care of the doctors at Wending Hills and the help of his friends and neighbors, Cal gradually recovers his memory and the full use of his body. Yet, so many of the memories do not fit what he feels is the “real” Cal.

Are his memories still clouded and unreliable, or was the Cal Restrepo who existed before the accident someone entirely different than the man who survived?


Left in the Dark
Zev de Valera © 2021
All Rights Reserved

“I’d like to keep you, but I have to let you go.”

The words immediately conjured in my mind the lyrics of some old country tune. They seemed incongruous coming from the mouth of the grim-faced, matronly South Asian woman seated before me. But, then, she merely appeared forbidding and matronly. Dr. Malhotra was a sympathetic person, and it was only her professional garb and tightly chignoned hair that gave a suggestion of the matron. Still, I found it difficult to imagine her plucking at guitar strings and warbling in a sad, twangy voice.

“Rothman and his physical therapy team have given you the green light,” continued Malhotra, “so there is no reason for continuing your—”


“For continuing your stay at Wending Hills.”


Dr. Malhotra removed her glasses. After closing the file that lay on her desk, she folded her hands over it and addressed me with an earnest expression. A classic physician’s pose—almost a parody.

I’m not a doctor, but I play one on television.

“I realize that asking you to reconsider staying on is a waste of time,” Malhotra continued. I nodded agreement. “However, I can—and must—insist on a period of home care.”

“Home care?”

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Email Subscriptions changes are coming!

Hello, all subscribers of My Fiction Nook!

Google, the platform on which this blog runs, is ceasing its Feedburner email services starting in July. To avoid any disruption in the email feed to which you have subscribed, I've moved on to MailChimp, which will handle the daily feed emails starting on May 1, 2021

In order to comply with international laws, I have to ask you to sign up again so you may continue to get our emails. If you are a current subscriber, please use the new subscription form on the blog to sign up for the new feed. Or, click this link to be taken to the sign-up form directly. 

I hope you'll consider staying with us and will choose to continue to get our daily feed emails.

Happy reading!!

Release Blitz: My Forever by Kira Adams

My Forever

by Kira Adams

(Infinite Love, #3)
Publication date: April 16th 2021
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance


Life can be cruel and unexpected, ripping your heart out when you least expect it. You never think it can be you, and then it happens and you’re left to pick up the pieces of your broken life. I was grieving, understandably so, each stage pushing me further and further from him. There was never a doubt in my mind that Parker and I were soul mates. No one had ever made me feel the way he did, and I didn’t want them to. Through all the hard times, he was there. Parker was the only person I could lean on, the only person I could talk to about my feelings. He pulled me out of my depression. He helped me see the light again.


She was hurting, and I wanted to be there for her. When my brother Bo passed, I slipped into a deep depression, and even though I pushed Madalynne away at every turn, she never gave up on me. I owed her my life, and I wanted to spend the rest of mine making her happy. Even with our connections to others, my love for her never wavered. It was something embedded in my bones, so deeply she would always be a part of me. That’s why I never gave up hope that somehow, someday, we would be together again.

My Forever is the third book in the Infinite Love series.

Goodreads / Amazon



“You’re making the biggest mistake of your life you know,” my best friend, Kendall Walker, states as we approach the front doors of our high school.

“About what?” I ask, my hand on the door handle, frozen, waiting for an answer.

“Pushing Parker away—you’re going to regret it, Maddy. He’s amazing and you know it.” Her green eyes twinkle when she speaks about him. Kendall has a soft spot for Parker because his best friend also happens to be her boyfriend. We all grew up together.

“Kendall, you have no idea what I’m going through,” I snap, causing her to jerk backward, her blond curls whipping back with her.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

ARC Review: Best Laid Plans by Roan Parrish

Best Laid Plans (Garnet Run, #2)From the blurb:

Charlie Matheson has spent his life taking care of things. When his parents died two days before his eighteenth birthday, he took care of his younger brother, even though that meant putting his own dreams on hold. He took care of his father’s hardware store, building it into something known several towns over. He took care of the cat he found in the woods…so now he has a cat.

When a stranger with epic tattoos and a glare to match starts coming into Matheson’s Hardware, buying things seemingly at random and lugging them off in a car so beat-up Charlie feels bad for it, his instinct is to help. When the man comes in for the fifth time in a week, Charlie can’t resist intervening.

Rye Janssen has spent his life breaking things. Promises. His parents’ hearts. Leases. He isn’t used to people wanting to put things back together—not the crumbling house he just inherited, not his future and certainly not him. But the longer he stays in Garnet Run, the more he can see himself belonging there. And the more time he spends with Charlie, the more he can see himself falling asleep in Charlie’s arms…and waking up in them.

Is this what it feels like to have a home—and someone to share it with?

Heather's rating:


I was prepared to have mixed emotions about Best Laid Plans because my friends have wildly varying ratings for it, but I ended up enjoyed it. I didn't like it quite as much as Better Than People, but it was still a quiet, sweet read.

I think the pacing and the constant self-reflection may have been a stumbling block for many readers, and it did keep me from reading this book all at one clip. It feels a little bit like a prolonged therapy session, in a way, and you have to sort of get through that to enjoy the story. However, I enjoyed how the relationship slowly developed between Rye and Charlie, and I liked the interplay between the two of them. This isn't a light or airy story, and you have to wade through a lot of heavy feelings to get through the romance. It also isn't super angsty, just... dense, I would say.

Blogtour: Chasing the Sun Duet by Kaci Rose



Chasing the Sun Duet Book 1
by Kaci Rose
Genre: Contemporary Romance

When you're labeled as a Hollywood Playboy, you can’t do anything right.

I can’t go out for a simple drink without the press having a field day.

And I definitely can’t help my coworker’s wife home when she gets too drunk without the studio threatening my contract.
My manager decides to send me across the country to a small beach town. He rents out the whole Sunrise inn since it’s the off-season, and I’m told to stay out of trouble. 
When a steady relationship seems to be the only way to save my career, can I convince Lin, the curvy bombshell inn owner, that pretending to be my girlfriend will be a great PR move for the inn too? 
And to make matters worse, a storm washes out the only bridge, leaving us stuck together on the island. 
Too bad my heart didn’t listen that this was just a fake relationship.
With my job in Hollywood and my heart at the Sunrise inn, what the hell am I going to do?

This is a Steamy, Fake Relationship, Small Town, Beach Romance. No Cliffhangers. 
This is Book 1 in the Chasing The Sun Duet. 
As always there is a satisfying Happy Ever After.
If you love steamy romances with insta love, hot love scenes, a bad boy, small towns, and beaches, then this one is for you.

Goodreads * Books2Read


Chasing the Sun Duet Book 2

No matter what I’m not opening up my heart again, even if he’s great at warming my bed.

Jasper blew out of town taking my heart with him. He swore he’d never come back. Last I heard he was some famous chef in a big city.

Then I’m at the farmer’s market and there he is in vivid color. So, I do what any sane person would do, I throw a kiwi at him and leave.

Then a storm blows in washing out the only bridge off this island and now we are stuck together.

To make matters worse? My chef quits and the only option I have is to bring in Jasper per his mother’s suggestion.

Oh, and our mayor is trying to turn our small town into a major tourist spot, my best friend is in a fake relationship with a Hollywood Movie Star, and I just saw Jasper with his shirt off.

How did my life get here?

No matter what I’m not opening up my heart again, even if he’s great at warming my bed.

This is a Steamy, Small Town, Beach Romance. No Cliffhangers. 
This is Book 2 in the Chasing The Sun Duo. 
As always there is a satisfying Happy Ever After.
If you love steamy romances with insta love, hot love scenes, small towns, and beaches, then this one is for you.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Release Blitz: Wounded Alpha by Mell Eight

Title: Wounded Alpha

Author: Mell Eight

Publisher: NineStar Press

Release Date: 04/12/2021

Heat Level: 1 - No Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 22100

Genre: Paranormal, LGBTQIA+, PTSD/post-traumatic stress, hurt/comfort, retired military, recluse, law enforcement, were-animals, werewolves, mental health, soulmates

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While Ryker’s body came back from Afghanistan just fine, his mind didn’t, and his thoughts wander back there in painful flashbacks that have present-time consequences. In order to avoid hurting anyone, Ryker secludes himself in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Then Officer Chess Medcull shows up with a case of were-animals being tortured and killed in a way similar to how Ryker almost died in the war. In order to stop the murders, Ryker must face the demons in his head, and maybe, just maybe, allow Chess to help. That is, as long as neither is the next victim.


Wounded Alpha
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Ryker’s back wasn’t burning any longer, which brought both relief and terror. He healed quickly, even for a werewolf, and the stinging, sharp pain of the blood and bruising of the whip were definitely something he wanted to end as fast as possible. Except, his captors had some sort of sixth sense for when he had healed enough for the pain to fade, and that was when they returned.

He wasn’t healing as quickly now as in those first few days. His body was emaciated from what must have been a month or two of very little food and almost constant abuse. Ryker’s clothing was completely shredded, the desert camo print more rags than anything resembling his Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform. The jacket had been taken on day one by his captors, and his white undershirt hadn’t survived the first whipping. The pants had gotten bloodstained immediately, but the shredding hadn’t started until they decided to find out what happened to his healing ability if they stabbed him a couple of times. Those initial rips had spread until only the barest strips of fabric covered his long legs.

And then there was his right wrist. The inch-thick silver band was tight around his wrist and held in place by a heavy padlock that none of his attempts had broken. Werewolf strength would have broken an ordinary lock, but this massive one combined with the immediate effects of silver poisoning kept him trapped. The skin around Ryker’s wrist had bubbled and blistered underneath the touch of silver. His head ached constantly as the silver slowly poisoned his blood, and every time he bled a little more under the hands of his captors, the silver’s fangs dug a little deeper.

A rasping sound came from outside the narrow door that was the only way to get in and out of the small, dirty room. Ryker managed to suppress a whimper of fear, certain that any moment the lock would scrape and his grinning captors would stalk in with some new torture planned.

Except, he suddenly heard yelling, and that was definitely the booming pop of gunfire. He didn’t dare get up to see; this could easily be some new form of torture they had thought up to torment him. The dragging scrape of the lock sounded a moment later, and Ryker was glad he had remained huddled in his corner where they would have to drag him out into the open to get a good chance at him. But it wasn’t one of his captors.

The clean-shaven face and bright eyes were foreign to Afghanistan, and the white smile spoke of access to decent healthcare. That, plus the uniform, told Ryker he was saved.

“Hey,” the soldier said cheerily.


Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Blogtour: Chocolate Raspberry Magic by Tena Stetler

Chocolate Raspberry Magic
One Scoop Or Two
by Tena Stetler
Genre: Paranormal Romance

When magic is unleashed, will what they learn bring them closer together or push them apart?

Prim and proper Trinity Shilo is the assistant manager for Salem's Wildlife Sanctuary. She hasn't had much luck in the boyfriend department, but the new employee Paul is different. Deep and brooding she sees something special hidden below the surface. Besides she has secrets of her own.

Paul Thorp is a wounded Special Forces veteran now working in security and computer support. He's fought hard to keep his demons in check and for the first time feels he is ready for a real relationship.

When a fire breaks out at Puffin Cove Rescue they are called in to help with the recovery and ice cream social fundraiser. Sometimes things are not what they seem, and neither are people. When magic is unleashed will what they learn bring them closer together or push them apart?


“Help us unload and get set up. Then you need to go talk to Jackie, she owns Puffin Cove Cafe, and Patsy, owner of Puffin Cove Ice Cream Sundae, the ice cream shop. Merry, the manager of the rescue is around here somewhere. She’ll need to be in the loop too. They’re working up a fundraiser to get the rescue back on its feet as soon as possible. Only—” Gwen put her finger to her lips. “Don’t tell them I said this, but they don’t have a clue. Pepper talked to them earlier.”

Trinity surveyed the smoldering building. One half was completely destroyed. The section still standing was heavily damaged by smoke and water. “It’s going to take a lot.”

“It’s not as bad as it looks right now. At least I hope not. Get a few big fans in here to dry out the wood. Electricians to check the wiring. Suspect it’ll all have to be replaced.” Gwen shook her head. “Anyway, the sooner we get the fundraiser planned the sooner the animals can return home. Between Salem Sanctuary and Lobster Cove Rescue, we have space, but we’ll both be close to capacity. If another disaster strikes it’ll be big trouble.” 

Trinity pulled her bottom lip through her front teeth. “It’s been a long time since I’ve done a fundraiser. Don’t they have any foster care animal providers?” Lips pursed with hands on hips, she surveyed what was left of the rescue and the main street of the little town. “It’ll take a miracle, “ she said under her breath and jumped when her boss was quick to respond.

“A few animals have already been allocated to foster care individuals. That’s why I requested you and Paul to come to Puffin Cove.” Gwen slung an arm around her , squeezed and then let go. “My miracle workers.”   Her boss brushed her hands together and looked pleased as punch. “Between you and Paul, with his connections in the construction industry, miracles are possible.”

Monday, April 12, 2021

Blogtour: Queen of Spades by Dana Littlejohn


Queen of Spades
4 Queens Book 1
by Dana Littlejohn
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Davina Ingram is one of the developers of SPADES, (southern people against detrimental environmental studies) an organization that develops the land for future generations. She moved back home to open the new location to take her mind off her broken heart...but the plan went out the window when she met Xavier Hart.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Blogtour: Under a Blanket of Blue by Caroline Smith

Under a Blanket of Blue

by Caroline Smith
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Welcome to Willow Creek Ranch. Owner and proprietor Katherine Ryan has everything she wants in life-almost. The single mom of two works hard to provide for her children on their Wyoming ranch. She values coffee, books, and her children above all others (not necessarily in that order). Her passion for healing, though, has led her down the path of rehabilitating racehorses and developing a therapeutic riding program for kids. The persistent thorn in her side, however, is that for the last five years her ex-husband, Ethan, has still worked and lived on the property with her.

With a sister who's a famous Hollywood actress and a business deal that pulls her down to LA, she's talked into a party where she runs into a man she's known for most of her life, but has been relegated to a memory. Fate has some strange cards to play after Katherine returns to Wyoming and life on the ranch. 

Release Blitz: Talons of Love by Debbie McQueen

Talons of Love

By Debbie McQueen

 Dragon King Series, Book 3

Two hearts bound together, suddenly torn apart.

When Egan disappears, Prince Raiden will stop at nothing to find him. With his closest friends and an unexpected acquaintance, he leaves the Sixth Realm behind to track down the man he loves. What he sees along the way will stay with him forever.

Egan finds himself face to face with the man who has haunted his dreams since he was a child, only now he brings new nightmares. Egan's not the only one suffering at the monster's hand; there are others- others like him. He vows to do whatever he can to stop the monster and protect those around him.

Egan holds on to the hope that the love and connection he has with Raiden will reunite them once again.

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I don’t know how long I sat with my arms wrapped around my knees, and my father’s arms around me as I rocked and sobbed. My father, King Rodick, held me, Prince Raiden, heir to the throne, victor in battle, as tears flowed endlessly. I couldn’t form the words to explain what happened, or even why I knew something had happened. Still, my father held me and stayed with me. He whispered reassurances that we would find Egan.

I had a vague recollection of yelling Egan’s name, which had brought both him and my brother, Kairn, into my room. I kept rubbing the tender scar over my heart that had been made as part of the ritual that bound myself to Egan. I screamed his name inside of my mind as well as out loud. Worry and fear filled Kairn’s face as he watched me break apart.

Everything was fine one minute, then the next, he was gone. I thought about the pain that I had felt in my back and shoulders; it was his pain. What happened to him? Where did he go? 

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