Friday, October 9, 2020

ARC Review: Painted Lace by K.M. Neuhold

Austin never realized he was painting his life with shades of gray, until Keaton came along and injected a rainbow of color. 

Keaton is a tornado of chaos and paint, which turns out to be more exciting than I ever would’ve imagined. I love my organized, predictable life...or at least I thought I did. But what started as a casual hookup is slowly becoming so much more, and I find myself loving the beautiful mess more than I expected.

Can two people so different really make it work once feelings get involved?

Dani's rating:

I read this story earlier this year when it was published as part of the Valentine's Inc. collection. In the first reiteration, Keaton was called Oliver. I'm not sure why the author changed the name (what's wrong with the name Oliver?), but I did notice that this revised edition contained more scenes with the MCs hanging out together, so the romance felt more believable.

I gave Painted Lace 4 stars back in February, and I'm sticking with that rating.

Painted Lace is a cute, sexy story about a hookup that leads to something much more. This is opposites attract at its finest!

Austin is scheduled and organized. His ex told him he's boring in and out of bed, and Austin's been in a funk for months. Finally signing up for a dating app at his best friend's insistence, Austin meets the charming, chaotic Keaton, a painter who doesn't sell his paintings and works odd jobs because he can't imagine being told where he needs to be every day or even every week.

Austin and Keaton are about as different as two people can be, but they get along like a house on fire. Keaton brings out Austin's long-hidden spontaneous side. He pushes Austin to take risks and go with the flow. Austin helps Keaton set up a website and social media presence to sell his work and keeps Keaton grounded.

This book is deliciously erotic. The MCs have undeniable chemistry, and Austin, it turns out, is not at all boring, in bed or otherwise. The transition from fuck buddies to much more is seamless, and the epilogue is the cherry on top of this decadent sundae.

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