Wednesday, September 2, 2020

ARC Review: Screwed (Four Bears Construction 4) by K.M. Neuhold


I've had my fair share of less than proud relationship moments, but waking up married to my brother-in-law's best friend is a new low. 
A drunken wedding to a man who already rejected me once? Check. A hefty bet about how long it will last? Check. My feisty new husband, determined to make our friends pay up? Double check.

I've never managed to make a real relationship last nearly a year, there's no way Daniel will stick around long enough to win this bet. The only problem is the longer he stays, the more the lines blur between what's real and what's for show. Does he feel it too or am I totally screwed?

Screwed is a woke up married, faking it to their friends but also totally hooking up, sweet, STEAMY love story that happens to be the fourth book in the Four Bears Construction series. There are no bear shifters in this series, only the OTHER kind of bears.

Dani's rating:

Screwed is my favorite of the four books in the Four Bears Construction series thus far! This story is just so good.

We have Ollie who's been crushing on Daniel forever, and we have Daniel who thinks Ollie is hot as hell. Ollie is in love with love to the point that he forces forever on relationships that have no chance in hell of succeeding, while Daniel is allergic to commitment and never had anyone treat him like he mattered, like Ollie treats him.

First comes the FAKE MARRIAGE, Vegas style. Daniel won't let Ollie's brother and friends tease him about another failed relationship so he pretends the marriage is in fact real. All they have to do is stay together for 8 months.

And then we get REAL MARRIAGE, even if the men don't call it that because Daniel insists on not making things weird (because talking about feelings is weird apparently). Ollie is supportive of Daniel going back to school. Daniel cooks for Ollie. Ollie admits Daniel is a slob. Daniel cuts Ollie's hair but gets so distracted by Ollie's hairy chest, he shaves off a large chunk. Ooops.

I mean, isn't that what marriage is: a series of days, weeks, years, with two people living together, laughing together, wanting to murder each other because why the hell did you leave your socks on the goddamn floor AGAIN??

Also, it must be said that wowza but this book is HAWT, like bacon sizzle, mid-July pool weather kind of hot. Ollie and Daniel have the best sexual chemistry. Initially, they decide that they can have sex only on vacation but not at home because that's too real. But with chemistry like that, they give up on that arrangement soon enough and just fuck like rabbits on every available surface, which OMG was so fucking delicious, I can't even.

But it's not just sex. There are feels too. These two are in love, and it's obvious to everyone but Danny. The ending had me grinning from ear to ear. Who knew Daniel could be such a romantic?

I liked that we got to be there for Cole and Ren's wedding, and I'm thrilled that a new Bear, Miller, was introduced. Obviously, West and Sawyer need a story too.

In short, I loved the hell out of this book and look forward to more books in this series.

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