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Blogtour: Lethal In A Kilt by Anna Durand

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Lethal In A Kilt

Hot Scots #7

He's lethally seductive, always in control -- until now.

I hate Logan MacTaggart. A mature single mom shouldn't say things like that, but I can't help it. Every rude word that comes out of his mouth makes me want to slug him. Or rip his clothes off. Sometimes both. His secret agent past is classified, but I don't like secrets. So why can't I keep my hands off him?

Serena Carpenter is a bitch. Every time she slaps me and calls me disgusting, I want to drag her into the nearest dark corner and show her exactly how rude I can be. I'm a spy, a killer, and a womanizer. I should stay away, but I can't stop myself. I want Serena, but it's just sex. So why does it get harder and harder to keep my distance?

If Logan and I didn't work together, maybe we could stay away from each other. But I see him every day, and the more I see him the more I crave that infuriating man. It's not fair for a jerk to be so hot and irresistible. So what if I'm starting to see something more in him, something I don't want to see--the real man under the tough guy cover. We're completely wrong for each other. But maybe...

When enemies become lovers, can it blossom into more? Find out in Lethal in a Kilt, the seventh book in the bestselling, award-winning Hot Scots series of contemporary romances. Check out the entire series:

Dangerous in a Kilt (Book One) 
Wicked in a Kilt (Book Two)Scandalous in a Kilt (Book Three) 
The MacTaggart Brothers Trilogy (Books 1-3 + bonus content) 
Gift-Wrapped in a Kilt (Book Four) 
Notorious in a Kilt (Book Five) 
Insatiable in a Kilt (Book Six) 
Lethal in a Kilt (Book Seven)

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How Lethal in a Kilt Was Born
After writing six books in the Hot Scots series, I wanted to try something different to spice things up. Since I'd never written an enemies-to-lovers romance, I decided that should be the trope in this book. Why not? It's fun to write and freshens up the whole series. But I wasn't done yet. I needed a different kind of hero for this book, one who has a mysterious past and James Bond-level skills. So yeah, I made him like 007!
Logan MacTaggart was introduced in the previous book, Insatiable in a Kilt, in which I hinted at his past and his unusual skill set. I also set the stage for Lethal toward the end of Insatiable, particularly the dynamic between Logan and Serena. I loved writing that scene so much that I knew I wanted to make Lethal special and play on Logan's tough-guy image as well as his relationship with his family. In Lethal, we meet his sisters, the Witches of Ballachulish. The story also involves Logan taking a job offered to him by his cousin Evan, the only billionaire (so far) in the MacTaggart clan.
But it's Logan's relationship with Serena that I had the most fun exploring. Like I said, I'd never written a story in which the main characters hate each other, so this was a new experience. Much of the book is inspired by my love of banter, and I've been gratified to hear readers saying that's their favorite part! I love a good Bond movie too, so incorporated a bit of an international adventure into the story too.
I hope you enjoy reading (or listening to) this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. You can't go wrong with Shane East and Emma Wilder narrating! Plus, you'll get a sneak peek at the next book, Irresistible in a Kilt, within the story of Lethal.
Are you ready for James Bond in a kilt?

Anna Durand loves romance, men in kilts, and cheesecake. Not always in that order. She slaves away every day writing about sexy people doing sexy things together, with heart and humor and sometimes with suspense. With paranormal stories, she explores the darker side of romance. With contemporary romance, she delves into the emotional side of love and sensuality.

Readers and reviewers have blessed Anna's books with wonderful reviews, giving her a nice glowy feeling that she's doing something right. Her books have become bestsellers on every major retail site, hitting #1 multiple times. The Hot Scots series remains Anna's personal favorite and a favorite among her fans. Who can resist a hunky Scotsman?

Anna also has a master's degree in library science, so naturally, she made Calli in Wicked in a Kilt a librarian too. For twelve years and counting, Anna has run a cataloging services company that creates cataloging-in-publication data for other authors and publishers. And when she's not doing that or writing, you'll find her binging on audiobooks, playing with puppies, or crafting handmade jewelry.

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