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ARC Review: Wild Sky by Zaya Feli

From The Blurb:
Tauran Darrica has been retired from the Valreus Sky Guard for four years following the Battle of the Broken Wings that resulted in the death of his dragon. Now, all Tauran wants to do is spend his days forgetting the past and gambling his way to an unsteady income. 
So when his old general from the Sky Guard hunts Tauran down to request his help with staving off the increasingly aggressive wild dragon population, Tauran refuses. But a fire ruins his rented room and leaves him without a place to stay, and Tauran finds himself on the road to Valreus, after all. 
Tauran is determined to stay as far away from dragons as he can get, but a starry-eyed young man from Sharoani, land of the wild dragons, might just ruin his plans. 
Kalai Ro-Ani has spent his life watching the stars, knowing he could never reach them. With his wild dragon Arrow, he sets out for the city of Valreus in the hope of building himself a better future than he could have stuck at the foot of the Kel Visal dragon temples. 
But nobody told Kalai that only the Sky Guard is allowed to own dragons, so when Arrow kills a guard in Kalai’s defense, it looks like his adventure might be over before it can begin. But a chance encounter at the old Valreus archive offers Kalai the future he’d been hoping for. In the span of a single day, he has a home, a job, and a purpose. 
In Valreus, something much bigger falls into his lap – along with a tall and striking Valrean man with a rather strange disposition. 
A new, LGBT+ fantasy story from Zaya Feli, featuring dragons, aerial battles and epic journeys through dangerous wilderness.

Karen's rating:

Before I start talking about what's between the covers in this book...let's just give that cover a moment. I admit it more than anything that's what initially caught my attention. I loved this cover. It contains a stylish but simplistic beauty that I quickly discovered carried through to the story within.

I love dragons...anyone who knows me will tell you...I simply adore these creatures and here in Zaya Feli's story 'Wild Sky' are some of the most incredible dragons that I've encountered in years. Not only are the dragons beautifully portrayed but the author has taken the time to craft a world in which their existence feels natural. There were no freakish events or weird happenings that brought the dragons into being in this world...they're just a part of it like the land, the sky and the people.

'Wild Sky' is my first time reading this author and I have to admit given how much I loved this book the bar's set pretty high for anything that might follow. In the world of e-books this is admittedly a long one but for me what that meant was that I got world building that left me able to fully visualize this world, it's geography and it's people...not to mention it's DRAGONS!!!!

'Wild Sky' is without a doubt a fantasy novel and it contains action, intrigue, adventure...because Kalai wanted an adventure and WOW! did he ever get one, there were villians and heroes, friends, lovers and threaded throughout the book is a love story about two who's broken and fears he'll never be whole again but when life demands it of him he finds the courage to be the man he needs to be for himself, for those he cares about and for a world thrown into chaos by the greed of others.

While the love story here is's a slow burn and built on a relationship that develops between Tauren Darrica the broken, bitter and slightly cynical Dragonrider and Kalai Ro-Ani the stranger from across the sea who left home with Arrow, his dragon in search of an adventure and suddenly finds himself in the middle of one that's more than even he could have ever imagined.

I know I said this one was long story but truthfully having pondered this I also think that this one was as long as it needed to be. There's no part of it that I found myself wishing the author had taken out or made shorter. My biggest quandary while reading this book was that I simultaneously wanted to devour it and savor other words it took to long to read, but it wasn't long enough.

If you love fantasy and you love dragons, if a slow burn in your romance with sweet, loving that requires you to put some of your own imagination into it, works for you...than you need this book.

It's been a very long time since I've read a dragon story that left me feeling this excited and at the end of it all totally satiated. Ironically I'd say I want more but for me this one was perfect and I truthfully hope that other than releasing an audio version because...seriously It would be heaven! There's really nothing more needed here.


A copy of 'Wild Sky' was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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