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Blogtour: In the Line of Fire by Jaxon Altieri

In the Line of Fire 
by Jaxon Altieri 
Genre: M/M Gay Romance, Action, Suspense 


Shane is a man lost to depression and alcohol after the Giovanni family murdered his partner and lover, Thomas. Now, he finds that his career with the F.B.I. hangs in the balance as he is called upon to take a case that involves the same mafia family that stole everything he has cared for in his life.

Andrew is a Marine and witness to a gruesome shooting that has left him in the crosshairs of the crime family that Shane is trying to bring to justice. Placed in protective custody, he must depend on the broken, yet handsome man that the agency has charged with protecting him.

As Shane’s past and Andrew’s present collide, both men find that their lives aren’t the only things at stake. With hitmen, violence, and a mole in the agency, they will come to depend on each other and start to heal wounds, but risk falling in love, in hopes it’s not too late. 


He shrugged and got undressed. I pretended not to watch, but I couldn't help but peek as he took off his shirt, revealing his hard-muscled upper body. Blood rushed to my head, and I was thankful the motel's dim lighting hid my flush. After removing his shoes and socks, he took off his pants. At least he kept his underwear on. Seeing only his back, it was evident he never skipped leg day at the gym. His ass was firm and his legs strong. He got into bed, and I spun around so he wouldn't notice I was watching him. 

"Come to bed, Shane. You need rest," he said. 

I looked back at him to see he was under the covers and propped on his right side facing me. It was hard to say no despite knowing I should. I got up and removed my shirt, telling myself I was still going to sleep on the other bed. But then I took my jeans off and sat on the edge of the bed in my underwear, wondering what the hell I was doing. I knew I shouldn't get in his bed, but my heart and body were screaming for it. 

I was weak, and I slid under the covers next to Andrew. I wasn't naked, but it wasn't like my underwear offered much resistance if things got heated. He moved against me, closing the distance between us. The heat of his skin caused my heart to race. It had been so long since I'd felt the touch of another man, and it hurt. Since losing Thomas, I'd had nothing like this. Andrew pressed his back against my body, and I listened to him breathe. It felt good. Hell, it felt wonderful. I could lay like this forever if given a chance. Sleep sought to overcome me. I didn't fight it. My last thought before the Sandman took me was my fear of falling for Andrew.

Jaxon Altieri is a half-human, half-dragon of Italian descent out to overthrow the world of LGBT publishing. He is also a writer of gay romance and erotica who specializes in pervy erotic cowboy scenes and over the top action sequences that may be too much for romance or erotica. 

As a resident of Colorado with a history of writing weird shit and with a degree in business and IT, Jax hopes to enjoy his writing career to its full extent. When he’s not writing, he’s playing with his dogs, listening to metal, or trying to get in his partner’s pants. Oh, he also takes Krav Maga and loves Sci-Fi 

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  1. The title sounds perfect based on the cover and the blurb. Since I don't shoot...I don't know if you'd hold a gun that way...I always thought you'd only aim that way with a rifle, etc...


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