Friday, June 12, 2020

Book Review: Nailed by K.M. Neuhold

Nailed (Four Bears Construction, #2)From the blurb:

My new neighbor is a total tool. 
He hated me from the second he laid eyes on me, and I don’t have the first clue why… But, if he wants to hate me, I’m happy to give him a few reasons: mowing the lawn at dawn on the weekend, leaving garbage cans in front of his driveway, renting a petting zoo for my backyard...making a list of ways to drive him crazy is half the fun.

He deserves it with the way he’s driving me crazy right back without even trying— walking around without a shirt on, sweaty rippling muscles on full display, well-worn denim jeans perfectly molded to his...well, you get the idea.
My point is, if he wants a war, I’ll give him one.

Heather's rating:

Nailed was a cute story in the Four Bears Construction series by K.M. Neuhold, but even though I enjoyed it, man did it have its flaws.

I really liked that we got two MCs in their 40s. It's bears, bears, and more bears up in here, with hairy bellies, construction/mechanic jobs, and a little jiggle in the middle. I dug the fact that the MCs were older, though older doesn't equal wiser...

Stone irritated the crap out of me with his pranks, and, honestly, if someone did half of the stuff he did to my pet I would freak out. It was so annoying. At least, I'm pretty sure that was Stone since I kept getting the two MCs confused... Honestly, with names like Stone and Dare it was just one big porn star scene in my mind, and I could barely tell who was talking half the time. Even at the last chapter, I kept having to repeat "Dare is the one with the dog," but even that wasn't quite enough.

The story grew on me towards the end, and I found myself feeling mushy at their climb towards love and all that gooey stuff, but it took me nearly a week to finish, which is crazy for a fluffy contemporary romance.

I think the back and forth in the beginning put me off a bit, but I was pleased at the direction the story went over time. I'm still hooked on this series, and I can't wait to read about the next bear to fall in love.

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Enjoy, everyone!

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