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Audiobook Review Tour: The Problem by Piper Scott


The Problem 

by Piper Scott

Narrated by Michael Ferraiuolo

Length: 8 hrs and 27 mins 

Single Dads Support Group, Book 1 

51ZflznkPYL._SL500_Laurence’s new lover is half his age. The problem? His relationship is about to make his life a lot more complicated....

Successful, sensible, and settled in his ways, single dad Laurence isn’t looking for love when he runs into the young man who sweeps him off his feet...and onto his knees. With an upcoming raise on the line and a son to care for, he can’t let an unconventional relationship jeopardize the future of his family. He’s a parent first and a lover second, and that’s the way it has to be.


The only thing Alex loves more than older men is being filthy with them. The problem? Sometimes, it backfires in the worst ways.

Up-and-coming painter Alex is broken in ways others can’t see, and he copes with the pain by drowning himself in experience - especially experienced men. But when he crosses paths with Laurence, he finds himself drawn down an avenue of life he’s sworn he’ll never visit again.

Men are meant to be disposable, and Laurence is only supposed to be a why does Alex feel so safe whenever he’s around?
When a matter of concealed identity threatens Laurence and Alex’s bond, they have a choice - rise above the forces that seek to divide them and find happiness with each other, or let their problems grow too great to conquer.

The Problem is an 81,000-word contemporary omegaverse mpreg novel featuring a quirky group of single dads, the naughtiest lace panties you’ll ever hear about, and the gradual development of a relationship between a Daddy and his boy.

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Delicate words traced Laurence’s neck like cursive over creamy paper. “To return to the topic of our previous conversation, I’d argue that science can be passion, just as art can be procedural. Before you interrupt, allow me to elaborate.” The playful, cunning quality of the whispered words painted a picture in Laurence’s mind. A charming smirk. A glint of mischief in beautiful blue eyes. The sharp, gorgeous features of a face, head quirked to the side. Full lips so close to Laurence’s neck, they were almost touching.

But where should was dangerous and unpredictable, almost was a temptation never realized. It went hand in hand with never. And while what remained of Laurence’s logical mind told him that he should side with the concept of never—especially when it came to the young omega who seemed to be doing his very best to seduce him—his heart told him that it had had enough.
No more almost.
No more never.
He’d denied himself long enough.
“Take, for consideration, the art of sex,” the young man murmured. He came closer, his words hot on Laurence’s skin. A shiver shot down Laurence’s spine and stiffened his cock. How could words feel so good? “The process of procreation is science, isn’t it? The swapping of fluid, the introduction of gametes, the evolutionary drive of an omega’s heat, and the alpha’s instinctual reaction to the pheromones it produces…”
Laurence’s lungs were shriveled. He couldn’t fill them if he tried. Breath was a secondary consideration. All he wanted was to feel the young man in front of him.
To claim him. To make him his.
When he spoke, his words were hollow with effort and only carried as far as the young man’s ears. “So, you’d argue that sex is science?”
“No.” Another unseen smirk. The young man dipped his head down so his words ghosted across the hollow where Laurence’s shoulder met his neck. “Sex is science, but it’s also art. For every mechanical, utilitarian thrust, there is a breathtaking arch of a back, or a stretch of a long, beautiful neck… a breathy moan like music, or a shuddered gasp that’s prettier than any equation could be. Sex is everything. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world, because it shows that bridge between the mundane and the artistic. It embodies perfection. It flaunts duplicity and embraces it. And the most stunning thing about it? It’s so transparent in what it is. It is the ultimate triumph in science, and a masterpiece that inspires billions.”
Laurence’s tongue went rogue and allowed words he never should have spoken to be heard. “And so here you are at an art gallery…”
“Looking to make a masterpiece.”

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Single Dad Support Group Series!

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Info About Upcoming Audiobooks for the Single Dad Support Group Series

The next book in the Single Dad Support Group series is set to debut in August 2020, and the remaining two books are scheduled for production throughout the rest of the year and into 2021.  

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Karen's review:

If ever a story is going to be so far outside of my wheelhouse this one is it…it’s pretty much got everything I was never interested in reading. This one’s got an age gap of 20+ years, there’s MPreg, there’s knotting, there’s daddy kink with some very dirty daddy kink talk happening, and on the upside there’re lace panties, steamy sex, one of my absolute favorite narrators and an interesting storyline; and as an added bonus I have to admit I enjoyed the random conversations of the ‘Single Dad’s Support Group’. 
Let’s start with the narrator…Michael Ferraiuolo, without a doubt this is one of my absolute favorite audio book narrators. I could listen to him read all day…oh wait, I have listened to him read all day…several times and will do so again in future, I’m sure. This is a narrator that I can count on. Anytime that I see his name on an audio book I know that regardless of what the story is I’m going to get a top-notch performance where the narration is concerned.
Laurence is a mature (read 45ish) single dad with a teenage son, a solid and successful career and in the span of an evening while this all remains true…Laurence’s life is about to become complicated by what should have been a quick hook-up…one and one…that’s Alex’s motto.
Alex is an up and coming artist with a weakness for older men but one bad relationship is all it takes for Alex to swear off of relationships and dedicate himself to a life of hook-ups…one and done or if they’re really good…two and through until Laurence…no matter how hard he tries Alex can’t seem to be done with Laurence.
While I’m not easily bothered by most things, I am still someone who has their likes and dislikes but when it comes to what I read or listen to I’m always willing to give things a go that aren’t necessarily the norm for me in terms of choices. 
Ironically, I didn’t seem to have nearly the problem with the MPreg and knotting as I did with the age gap and daddy kink. For reasons that I consider to be too spoilerish I’m not going to go into the details of why this was and just say that it was. 
I actually really liked both Laurence and Alex and the contrast in their personalities worked for me and in some ways helped to offset the disparity in their ages. Because of his past relationship Alex at times seemed more mature than his 21 years which also helped to offset the age gap between these two men.
One of my absolute favorite things about this story was the on-line chats that the Single Dad’s Support Group had throughout the book. They were often humorous and gave insight into the MCs in this story and future stories in this series. I hear there’s a book 7 that’s focused solely on these conversations and I have to admit that while I’m not sure how far this series and I are going I’m greatly tempted to get my hands on a copy of this or better yet…if it comes out on audio and Mr. Ferraiuolo is the narrator, I definitely see this in my future.
While I was intrigued by the blurb for this book it’s the overall concept for the series that convinced me to give things a try. Laurence and Alex’s relationship turned out to be a case of the fast and the furious which doesn’t always give the connection that I like between the MCs. 
This was my first time with  a story by Piper Scott and I’ve always felt that one book does not an author/reader relationship make…ssssooooo….
I feel that since there really wasn’t any one big thing that kept this from being a better than average story for me and I definitely wasn’t put off enough to not give the next book a try, especially since some of my niggles were specific to the MCs in this story and may very well not occur in future stories leading I’m left feeling that there’s potential for me to find something different that I might really enjoy if I just give the next one a try and now I’m off to do just that and enjoy some more Michael Ferraiuolo as he tells me about “The Proposal”.
An audio book of “The Problem” was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

About the Author:

Piper Author Image
Piper Scott debuted as a trio of authors looking to write together for fun. Their collaboration led to three novella-length books (Love Me, Save Me, and Keep Me,) before life sent them in different directions, leaving just one author with an omegaverse plot bunny that became the foundation of an intricate, interconnected world.

Left to her own devices, Piper writes scorching but heartfelt contemporary omegaverse romance about men you can't help but fall in love with. Make sure to check out her contemporary gay romance alter-ego, Emma Alcott, for other great stories!

Connect with Piper:

About the Narrator:

Michael Artist ImageMichael Ferraiuolo is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and the owner of Iron Works Studios in New York City. As a voice artist, Michael has appeared both nationally and internationally in film, radio, and over 100 audiobooks.
Iron Works Studios:

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