Friday, June 5, 2020

ARC Review : Long Shadow (Hamarsson and Dempsey #2) by Elle Keaton

Blurb :

Niall’s known nothing but betrayal. All Mat wants is Niall’s heart; what will it take for him to coax Niall in from the cold?

Mat's connection with Niall is tenuous. One step forward, two steps back. Since that night on the beach Niall's been avoiding Mat like a bad case of the flu--which, ironically, most of his deputies have come down with. What will it take for Niall to believe Mat wants him for who he is?

Mat's overworked, Niall's unnerved, and then things really go sideways.

Will a killer destroy everything before Niall realizes they are stronger together than apart?

Long Shadow is a dual POV about a broody introvert and a somewhat patient Sheriff. Mat will have to prove to Niall he's the man for him. The Hamarsson and Dempsey series follows the same couple as they find their way to their happily ever after.

Christelle's rating:

This is the 2nd piece of the story of Niall Hamarsson and Matt Dempsey, introduced with "Conspiracy Theory”. Not a standalone, and it picks up a few weeks after where I left them.

Niall has decided to stay on the island and build a place on the burned property of his grandparents, and to resigned as a detective and find another job. As for Matt, he is still the sheriff, grieving the death of his brother, who caused great mayhem on the island, with his family and made it clear to Niall that he’s attracted to him and will patiently but steadily win him over.

I was totally in this story from the start and am still : love the characters, main (opposite characters: a nice button for me) or secondary (friends family, trusted colleagues : am all for that), enjoy the settings, love the relationship between Niall and Matt, with this time, Niall finally embracing his sentiments for Matt, enjoy the subplot with arsonists on the loose and Matt having to investigate, especially when he has to stop being the carer but having to be cared by Niall. Yes, the angst left place for the romance.

Granted, a fast ending with still many questions left about Niall’s past and what’s going on on the island. I need confirmation that Niall and Matt are finally fully settled and wouldn’t mind for more hotness in the next part, that I’m eagerly waiting for.


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