Wednesday, June 17, 2020

ARC Review : He Shoots, He Scores (Skate To Love #1) by Tricia Owen

Blurb :

When superstar winger Neil Shannon is injured in the Stanley Cup Finals, he loses more than the hockey championships. With his confidence shot, his career begins to fall apart and an early retirement seems inevitable. 
Unwanted by his former team, Neil is traded to one that's starting over. Even worse, he's joined there by his biggest rival, the sexy Swede Adrian Magnusson. 
Adrian feels responsible for Neil's fall from grace and is determined to revive his career, but Neil wants to stay far away from this Swedish temptation, or else he'll lose the last thing of value he owns: his reputation.

Christelle's rating:

Damned, that was a good and promising start. Of course, I like sport MM romances; there is that.

Neil and Adrian are the best Hockey players of the moment. They are rivals, they have opposite characters, and they are both gays and in the closet. During the Stanley Cup finals, Neil is injured and there goes the cup, putting Neil in a rough spot. And he finds an unexpected and, let’s say it, not really wanted support from Adrian. Yes, Adrian is competitive but he also wants emulation from Neil and why not, spend some sexy time with Neil and being with a teammate is the perfect cover. Adrian is focused on his career but Neil is so tempting.

I enjoyed the pace, these opposite characters well fleshed-out, the mild angst, the team spirit, the chemistry and banter, well at least Adrian’s banter. This part was a slow burn and a hot chase.

Beware, though, it’s a series, so no HEA yet, but this is a satisfying start for a good, sexy and hot sport romance. Bring it on, dear author, you launched an interesting shot : I’m engaged and want to see a winning score.


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