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Blogtour: Thicker Than Water by Becca Seymour

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Thicker Than Water

Thicker Than WaterBlurb:

Outcast operative in the Supernatural Investigation and Crime Bureau (SICB) Callen Blackheath finds himself doing what he does best: defying orders and giving his boss a headache in the thick of an operation he shouldn’t be in. And there’s no way he’s walking away, not when the investigation has become deadly personal.

Needing to protect the only family member he has left, this wolf shifter will do whatever it takes to stop the blood farms and destroy the dangerous drugs the vampires will kill for. But he doesn’t expect Liam “Thatch” Thatcher, the head of a special task force team, to receive a bite that pulls him into the centre of Callen’s world.

Bonded by memories and blood, together they navigate the operation that has wider reaches than they could ever imagine. And when it comes to matters of the heart, Callen knows in order to win, he needs to risk it all.

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Exclusive Excerpt

I jerked awake. There was no welcome wake-up call, no hazy memory of what had taken place. Instead, the harsh reality of the morning light brought with it my cruel reality. It also brought with it an agonised “Holy shit” from next door. 
Rubbing the sleep out my eyes, I didn’t have time to contemplate how many hours I’d managed. It was dawn for sure, but I could have had a full twelve hours and I’d still feel like death. Out of bed, I headed to wash up first. Yeah, Thatch was awake, but he’d have to wait a minute for me to relieve my bladder and throw some cold water on my face. Tasks complete, I stood inside his open doorway. 
“How you doing over there?” The distance was deliberate. The change in a shifter could be a crazy one. It wasn’t like having a separate entity like a werewolf had. We didn’t have an independent conscience. 
A low moan travelled the distance of the room before he sat up in bed. “I think I’m alive.” Thatch’s grimace looked painful. “Hurts like a mother.”
I nodded. “Care to clue me in on the direction this is going to go?”

Thatch’s gaze narrowed a little before he winced as he pressed his hand to his neck. “What?”
I edged into the room and settled on the soft winged-back chair sitting in the corner. It was comfy as hell. Too long with my butt in this seat and I could easily fall asleep, especially in my present state of mind. “Shifting 101: The Change, you studied that, right? It was a basic part of training.”
Thatch sighed, his shoulders moving with the release of breath. “Yeah,” he said with a wince. “Pain, anger, or something, right?”
I smirked, but quickly pulled it back, sure he wouldn’t appreciate me taking pleasure in the moment. “Or something.” It was then my eyes landed on his smooth, bare chest. I cast a glance around the room and found his shirt on the ground. It appeared to be torn. Looked like the strength had kicked in. Perhaps the jump in body temperature too. He wasn’t raging either, a relief since he was a big guy. When human, there was little doubt I could have taken him. Now, not so much. 
The thought was appealing. Completely inappropriate for a whole list of reasons, but with the way his dark skin almost gleamed in the dawn’s light, Thatch’s body was difficult to ignore. 
“What do you think you need?” I pressed on, not a hundred percent sure of protocol. This was the first time I’d had to guide someone through the change. The process wasn’t as common as human scaremongers made it out to be. 
I shook my head before he had the chance to finish. “Nope. They won’t work. Well, nothing you have here anyway.” Bottom lip between my teeth, I contemplated the best course of action. He was in pain, that was certain. I ignored the pissy voice inside my head complaining that it wasn’t sex he was after. Horny shifters in the change could be relentless though, or so the stories went. The last thing I needed was to have my dick broken. Plus, I was too damn tired. 

“Okay.” I nodded as an idea formed. Wide eyes met mine, almost vulnerable looking. I doubted many had seen such a look from this man before. “We need to encourage the change. Get it over with. A bit like ripping the Band-Aid off.”

Author Bio

Becca SeymourBecca Seymour lives and breathes all things book related. Usually with at least three books being read and two WiPs being written at the same time, life is merrily hectic. She tends to do nothing by halves so happily seeks the craziness and busyness life offers.

Living on her small property in Queensland with her human family as well as her animal family of cows, chooks, and dogs, Becca appreciates the beauty of the world around her and is a believer that love truly is love.


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