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ARC Review : Without A Trace (Lancaster Falls Trilogy #2) by RJ Scott

Without a Trace (Lancaster Falls Trilogy, #2)Blurb :
When long-buried secrets are exposed, and the search for truth becomes a race to save a life, how can two men ever hope to find real love?

Losing his brother has shaped Drew to become the man he is today—heartbroken, alone, but determined to make a difference in the world. Joining the military, fighting battles in places that he’s never even heard of, is his attempt to make amends for telling his brother to go to hell. After his brother disappeared, he’d clung to the hope Casey was out there living his life. Of course, he’d be furious at Drew, and probably hate his brother, but at least in Drew’s head, Casey was safe.

One call changes everything. Casey’s body has been found, and the hope that had fueled Drew’s constant search for the truth is destroyed. Coming home to Lancaster Falls to bury his brother and face his mom’s anguish and accusations, is a nightmare made real, and he has nowhere to run from the pain.

Logan has made a home in Lancaster Falls. As a police officer, he plays by the rules, and he would never think of working off-the-grid. All that changes when an anonymous tip crosses his desk, and he is thrust headlong into solving a hundred-year mystery that could be connected with the modern day death of Casey McGuire. Fighting an attraction to Casey’s brother is hard enough, but the infuriating man is there at Logan’s every turn, interfering with the case, breaking the rules, and demanding that Casey’s story be heard.

Christelle's rating:

I closed that book with a happy sight and looking forward to the third part. Yes, this is a MM Romance trilogy with a different couple each time but with an on-going mystery plot. So, no-standalone here.

The action takes place in Lancaster Falls, a small town with, of course, long time families, histories of childhood friendships, the usual expected gossips of a small community. One particular event impacted Lancaster Falls : the sudden disappearance of Casey, a young man, several years ago.

In Book 1, this mystery resurfaced when Sawyer, one of the town cops, had to deal with the discovery of skeletons and it was established that one of them was Casey's.

While the investigation is still going on, in book2, Drew, Casey’s brother, comes back to Lancaster Falls to deal with the loss of his brother and face the consequences of the aftermath of Casey’s disappearance. He needs answers and closure. He deeps down into learning the truth with the overlooking and sometimes the help of Logan, another one of the town cops.

I was as deep into this book as I was in the first one. I felt that it was more focused on the mystery than on the relationship developing between Drew and Logan with lots of push-and-pull that are not my favorite to be honest, but the pace and the intrigue made it up for me. Much more chemistry and less steam between Logan and Drew than it was with Sawyer and Chris who, of course, are there as secondary characters.

Did I mention that, in addition to intrigues, I like when there are sprinkles of friendship, family dynamics into my romances ? And they are there in this trilogy.

In overall, I’m hooked with this story written by RJ Scott, an author that I regularly read and who has hit a lot of my buttons with this series. I’m so ready for the finale !!!


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