Thursday, February 13, 2020

Book Review: Terms of Service by Marie Sexton

Terms of Service (The Heretic Doms Club, #2)
From the Blurb:
Dr. River McKay moved to Denver with his husband, Terrence, hoping to give their failing marriage a new start. A year later, Terrence is gone and River’s left brokenhearted. Now, he’s decided it’s time to get back in the game. A chance encounter at the hospital introduces him to Phil, a strong-willed pharmacist who isn’t impressed by River’s degree. 
Phil can’t deny his attraction to River, but dating is out of the question. Phil only does one kind of relationship -- domestic servitude, where he gives the orders and his partner obeys. To his surprise, River agrees -- not because he likes the idea, but because anything’s better than being alone. 
They know the arrangement won’t last. Phil’s set in his ways and incapable of showing affection outside the bedroom. River’s unused to obedience and still in love with his ex. But their time together will change them, making them question everything they thought they knew about love, control, and relationships. When the unexpected threatens to tear them apart, they’ll have to choose between the comforts of the past and a future they can only find together.

Ky's rating:

I liked the first book in the series very much so I couldn't wait to start reading the second one. It didn't quite have the magic of the previous one but I still enjoyed it.

We had met Phil in "One Man's Trash" but knew very little about him. Here it becomes clear that he's a complex character with a personality that doesn't always fit in with his appearance. River is a quiet character, struggling to get over his ex but afaid to take the first step toward dating again.

The beginning of their involvement was very unconventional but they made it work. The arrangement they made was supposed to help River move on and explore a little bit while keeping them at arms length. It didn't happen overnight, but as the days passed and they spent all of their free time together something started to change between them and new feelings started to take root.

Then they took a camping trip and they couldn't pretend anymore.

Phil struggled to understand his feelings and what they meant but in the end that's what helped him develop as a character and as a person. River was more accepting of his feelings but he had some unresolved issues with his past that kept him from trully moving forward.

The side characters were basically the same as in the first book and the bond between these four so different people is clear here as well. Their friendship is unconventional and difficult at times but there's no question about how genuine it is.

"Terms of Service" was not as good as the first book in the series but it was still too good to pass up.

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