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Blogtour: Broken Triangle by Elle W Silver

Broken Triangle

Eternal Soulmates Series #1

by Elle W Silver

Genre: Paranormal M/M Romance

Will their love for one another be enough? 

Life has just started to look up for Jamie. He has a job at the Moore Manor. He is finally free of his abusive uncle. He has a friend who genuinely cares for him. But when the attentions of the Hotel owner’s son begin to threaten his newfound peace, Jamie worries. 

Riley doesn’t appreciate being summoned to Moore Manor. But while at home, he meets the most beautiful young man he’s ever seen. He wants to court the younger man, but his mother complicates his intention with a shocking revelation. Not to mention the Vampire he can’t seem to stop fantasizing about. 

Ben’s been sent to find a nuisance witch. He needs to put all thoughts of a destined soul mate out of his head and focus on the task ahead. But when he realizes that the witch is more powerful than he originally thought, his priorities shift. He must now protect the two men with everything he has, even if one of them wants nothing to do with him. 

Can Jamie, Riley, and Ben navigate their complicated lives, the threat of a wicked witch with a grudge and their forbidden love for one another? 

Broken Triangle is the first installment in the Eternal Soulmates Series, a sexy saga of stories about vampires, witches, werewolves, and humans. If you love your stories steamy, action-packed and emotional, then you’ll love Elle W Silver’s first book. 

Broken Triangle is not a standalone. The story continues in Eternal Soulmates Series #2. 

**Get it FREE!! ** 

AS SOON AS HE WAS CERTAIN BREAKFAST WAS LONG OVER, Jamie left the safety of his room and went to meet Ben for their walk. But as he neared the stables, he didn’t see the Vampire. Jim saw him and smiled. “Hello, Jamie. Mr. St. John said to tell you he would be delayed. If you start without him, he would find you.”
“Thank you, Jim.” The young boy nodded and turned to his tasks. For a moment, Jamie didn’t know what to do. He’d made enough food to last through lunch so he didn’t need to be in the kitchen, not until later that afternoon. He decided to a walk might do him some good. He walked with no direction in mind. His thoughts turning sad like they have been every time he found himself alone. He wanted Riley. Wanted to be taking a walk with him, sleeping in his arms, watching him laugh at something he’d said. 
He hadn’t realized he’d walked to the place Riley had named the View until he heard a flowing stream. The place was beautiful, but it wasn’t the beauty he saw. He saw the bench they’d sat on that first day, him on Riley’s lap. He remembered the first taste of Riley’s lips, his first kiss and he cried. He sat on the bench and let the tears flow as he watched the stream flow. Would he never again be in Riley’s arms? Never again feel his strength like he had that morning?
“Please don’t cry.” He took a second to realize the voice was real. Riley was right behind him, his voice as clear as it had been that morning. Jamie couldn’t turn around. He wanted to see him but was so afraid he’d come to put an end to their relationship. “Jamie, please don’t cry.”
Jamie stood with his back to Riley and wiped at his tears. If he’d come here put an end to their love, Jamie wanted to say something first. He couldn’t cry about it forever. He turned to face the man and gasped at the pain he saw in those blue eyes. Jamie resisted the urge to go to him, fall into those strong arms and forget everything. “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize I was coming here until I got here. I know this your special place.” 
Riley stepped forward arms extended but Jamie needed to say it so he shook his head, stepping back a fraction. He felt guilty when Riley sighed and dropped his arms. “I… I need to say it, Riley.” The man nodded and the tears Jamie had just stopped, came back. “I’m sorry I hurt you.”
Riley stepped forward and then held himself, a small distance between them. “No, Jamie… It’s me….”

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Blogtour: Passions of a Papillon by Tara Lain

A cool-hearted guy meets a big-eared dog who takes him to a hot vet hiding a dark secret.

Passions of a Papillon
by Tara Lain

After you’ve sold your soul to the devil, can you renegotiate with a dog?
Brilliant defense attorney, Finn Morgenstern, knows the worst guys pay best, so defending slimeball, Rance Franklin, becomes his path to senior partner and a whole lot of benefits.  
But then a walk home to his pricey townhouse brings him face-to-ears with a batshit-crazy little dog who just won’t leave him alone. So Finn takes the dog to the local veterinarian to find out how to get her back to her owners. 
Hello vet! 
Emerson “Em” Fairweather sure doesn’t match his stodgy name. Tall, platinum blond, and gorgeous, Em puts the pet in pet ownership. But Em has ugly secrets and Batshit dog is up to her ears in larceny. 
Suddenly Finn is the one who needs defending, and he’s faced with a choice between what he thought was important and a whole new batshit-crazy life.

Available to purchase at 

Part of the KU program

Parenting a Papillon? Or is It Vice Versa?

Hi. I’m so happy to be here to celebrate the release of PASSIONS OF A PAPILLON, my first brand new full-length novel to go directly into Kindle Unlimited. This story is about the love between a cool lawyer, a hot veterinarian – and a sassy dog. 
The inspiration for the book was my own dog Jolie, a papillon. Have you ever met a “butterfly dog” personally? They’re small (mine weighs 8.5 lbs.), have enormous ears that account for the name Papillon, which means butterfly in French, and are the smartest toy dog.
When we got Jolie, it was on a total whim. We went to a place to get a dog for my then 88-year-old father-in-law. Two hours later, we walked out with Jolie, who then weighed 4 lbs., tucked in my jacket, and my F-i-L never got a dog! LOL. When we got her home, never having planned to get a dog so no research had been done, she was VERY quiet. She was too little to walk yet, so one day shortly after I got her, I was walking and ran into a neighbor who had a male Papillon. I was asking her questions and happened to say, “It’s amazing how quiet she is.” The woman did a double take worthy of a cartoon. She looked at me like I was nuts. Shortly thereafter, Jolie started to feel at home and we found out why the lady laughed in my face. Papillons aren’t “yappy”. They have a big bark for a little dog and they are informative and territorial. They feel it’s their personal responsibility to inform you of every care, squirrel and butterfly that intrudes upon your home. If you yell at her, she looks at you as if you’re crazy. As one meme says, The inventor of the doorbell did not have a Papillon!

Release Blitz: Fade In (A Tales of Bryant Romance) by V.L. Locey

Length: 34,000 words approx.

Cover Reveal: Meredith Russell

Tales Of Bryant Series 

Book #1 - Tales of Bryant - Amazon US | Amazon UK | Universal Link

Book #2 - Nine Small Sips - Amazon US | Amazon UK | Universal Link


Will Devon and Caiden discover that their new love is a wrap after the filming ends?

Weddings, champagne, and slow dancing. It’s a lethal combination and one that has led film student Devon Maxwell into one awkward predicament. Brought in at the last minute to help his friends Isamu and Brian during their Bryant Park wedding, Devon was not prepared for Caiden Dell to sweep into his life. The spark of attraction between him and the hip film executive was instantaneous. That spark led them right into Caiden’s big bed for a night of pleasure that Devon will never be able to duplicate no matter how many takes life gives him.

To make things even more complicated, Caiden offers the recently vacated job of office intern to him. He’d be a fool to turn down an offer to work at Budgie in the Dell, the hottest LGBT film production company in the Big Apple. Looks as if Devon’s hopes of working in film are about to come true. He’s ready for days filled with tiring shoots, long hours, and irate actors. He just never dreamed his nights would overflow with passion, laughter, and whispers shared with a gorgeous, older lover.

About the author:

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Blogtour: Gone by Nightfall by Dee Garretson

Gone by Nightfall
Dee Garretson
Published by: Swoon Reads
Publication date: January 21st 2020
Genres: Historical, Young Adult


A young woman is torn between her home and her dreams during the Russian Revolution. 
It’s 1916, and Charlotte Mason is determined to make a life for herself in czarist Russia. When her mother dies, Charlotte is forced to put her plans to go to medical school aside to care for her unruly siblings. Then a handsome new tutor arrives. Charlotte has high hopes that he’ll stay, freeing her up to follow her dreams of becoming a doctor. But there’s more to Dmitri that meets the eye. 
Just when she thinks she can get her life back, Russia descends into revolution and chaos. Now, not only does Charlotte need to leave Russia, she needs to get her siblings out too–and fast. 
Can Charlotte flee Russia, keep her siblings safe, and uncover Dmitri’s many secrets before she runs out of time?

Research involved for Gone by Nightfall

I love researching for my stories and often have to force myself to stop so I can actually write something. 

I have a five step process. First, I read some overview histories of the time period and then I move to reading memoirs of people who lived during that time. The memoirs are amazing because they help me with the day-to-day details of life during the time period. I’m so thankful that so many people kept journals or wrote long letters about their lives.

Once I narrow down the story, I focus my reading and research on the events directly affecting the story, and sometimes that can redirect the plot a little. I often find out about lesser known events and try to then incorporate them.

Release Blitz: Powder & Pavlova by Jay Hogan

Title: Powder and Pavlova

Series: Southern Lights, Book 1

Author: Jay Hogan

Genre: MM Romance


ETHAN SHARPE is living every young Kiwi’s dream—seeing the world for a couple of years while deciding what to do with his life. Then he gets a call.

Two days later he’s back in New Zealand. Six months later his mother is dead, his fifteen-year-old brother is going off the rails and the café he’s inherited is failing. His life is a hot mess and the last thing he needs is another complication—like the man who just walked into his café, a much older…

sinfully hot…

EPIC complication.

TANNER CARPENTER’s time in Queenstown has an expiration date. He has a new branch of his business to get up and running, exorcise a few personal demons while he’s at it, and then head back to Auckland to get on with his life. He isn’t looking for a relationship especially with someone fifteen years his junior, but Ethan is gorgeous, troubled and in need of a friend. Tanner could be that for Ethan, right? He could brighten Ethan’s day for a while, help him out, maybe even offer some… stress relief, no strings attached.
It was a good plan, until it wasn’t.

The man nodded in approval. “Someone give that man a balloon. Though I gotta say, the mere thought of a meeting sends rats running up my arse. Bad enough having to talk with every Tom, Dick, and Harry who comes in here for a coffee and expects I’m interested in anything they have to say. Whatever happened to keeping your opinions to yourself?”

Which was rich coming from a guy who had an opinion on almost everything, few of them good, and none of them kept to himself as far as Tanner had seen.

He snorted. “I’ll take that as a hint.”

Adrian handed a coffee each to the two men ahead in the queue. “I’ll let you know if you’re heading that direction.”

Tanner laughed. “I believe it.”

“The usual?”

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Audio Book Review: A Love Song for the Sad Man in the White Coat by Roe Horvat

From The Blurb:
Listening Time:  6 hrs., 52 min. 
Simon had always expected love to feel different than this. Whether it was his Catholic upbringing or the poetry he'd read - Simon had thought that true love would be uplifting, fulfilling, that it would give a meaning to his loitering, and add joy to his leisure. But not this kind of love. This love was a flesh-eating monster, sharp-clawed and evil-eyed, ravishing his mind with medieval cruelty. 
Dr Simon Mráz is a respected specialist and lecturer at the Charles University in Prague. He is a serious man, responsible. His students call him The Cruel Doctor Frost not because he's unkind, but because of his unwavering, ice-cold composure. As a psychiatrist, he values sanity. And sanity can be found in work, restraint, and self-control. 
Not many know of that one time in the past when The Cruel Doctor Frost lost his cool. His ill-advised, secret affair with a student left Simon deeply wounded. Since that day, every minute of Simon's life has been a struggle to remain sane, functioning. He's managed so far - as long as he is needed, as long as his work makes a difference, Simon can scrape together enough strength to get up in the morning and run off the nightmares. But when his friends begin drifting away, his beloved protégé becomes independent, and the man who bereaved Simon of his precious sanity might return... Simon's mind and body stop responding to his impressive willpower.

Karen's rating:

If you're looking for that next happy, happy, joy, joy feel good story...keep going, because...this is not that story.

Thankfully I knew that going into this, so I was prepared and able to appreciate this for what it was...a deeply painful and emotional story not about finding love but about surviving it.

Dr. Simon Mraz keeps the world at a distance. He can cold, aloof even abrasive at times. He's not a happy go luck guy...that's just not who he is or will ever be. But still he has a solid career as a specialist and lecturer at Prague's Charles University and he has friends who can see beneath his icy exterior.

As a student Matej is off limits to Simon or 'The Cruel Dr. Frost' as he's called by students. But Matej isn't worried about a bit of he's fascinated by it and determined to get 'The Cruel Dr. Frost's' attention.

"A Love Song for the Sad Man in the White Coat" is the story of what happens when he does. This is a story that's filled with pain and heartache, but it's also a story that's filled with love.

Simon knows he shouldn't get involved with a student but when it comes to Matej, he's drawn to the colorfully dressed, tattooed young student like a moth to a flame and just like that moth when he gets to close, Simon's knows he's going to get burned but still finds himself helpless to resist.

Review Tour: The Edge Of The World by Garrett Leigh

Exclusive to Amazon and Available to Borrow with Kindle Unlimited

Cover Design: Black Jazz Design

Length: 60,000 words approx.

Shay Maloney is living his dream—on tour with his pirate/folk-rock band. But you can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’re from, and that’s where moody filmmaker and researcher Ollie Pietruska comes in.

The band’s management persuades Shay to let a television company film a documentary about his roots beyond his adoptive Irish family, and Ollie comes into his life knowing more about Shay than Shay’s ever known about himself.

But while Ollie holds the key to Shay’s past, he’s also hiding deep scars. Even as the hardships of the tour bring them closer, Ollie’s demons threaten the blossoming romance. They might both reach the breaking point before Ollie realises he’s been standing on the edge of the world for too long, and it’s Shay who holds the key to his future.

A friends-to-lovers, rock star, road-tripping romance, with a guaranteed happily-ever-after.

Karen's review:

I don’t think a book blurb has ever hooked me quite as much as this one did. Specifically the second sentence in the blurb which reads…”But you can’t know where you’re going to until you know where you’re from,…” you see when I was a very young girl in grade 8 I had this amazing history teacher and when one of her students expressed that they didn’t see why we had to study history she turned to him and said “how can you know where you’re going to, when you don’t know where you came from?” Those words have stayed with me for over 40 years so when I saw them in the blurb for this story it was a very clear sign that I needed to read this story.
Shay Maloney is the lead singer for the pirate/folk rock band, Smuggler’s Beat. It’s as they begin their tour that Shay’s reminded of the commitment he made to film a documentary about his family roots…not those of his adoptive parents but those of his biological family that Shay is introduced to Ollie Pietruska, the researcher and filmmaker, who’s going to guide him through a past he never knew was his. 
While Ollie and Shay are drawn to each other, Ollie’s got his own past to deal with before he can hope to build a future with anyone, much less a successful musician whose past is still a mystery to him.
Amidst the chaos and pandemonium that is the life of a band whose star is on the rise as they begin a tour that’s intended to push them over the top, Shay and Ollie struggle to get to know each other as their feelings deepen and if they could both just be in the same place a the same time things might be a little easier…but, we don’t always get what we want sometimes we just have to work with what we’re given.
I was smitten with both of these men from the very beginning. In spite of his quickly rising star Shay’s character held such a laid back, down to earth almost humble feeling that not liking him really just wasn’t an option. While Ollie seemed to be a little more reserved and shall we say crusty around the edges it wasn’t enough to cover the genuine concern and kindness that he had for others.

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Blogtour: Dirty Brilliance by Lea Bronsen

Dirty Brilliance 
by Lea Bronsen 
Genre: Billionaire M/M Romance

Kace Karrington is a wealthy, self-made investor with no qualms about steamrolling others to achieve his goals. He’s attracted to men, but picks up beautiful women, giving the cold, unfeeling world of Finance the appearance he’s successful...powerful. That is until he meets a smoking hot street punk eager to show him there’s more to life than making money. 


Chapter One 
I’m Kace Karrington, I’m an asshole, and I don’t care what you think. I screw left and right. I invest cash that doesn’t exist. I’ve built an empire on the blood of lesser smart speculators. And I’ll steamroll whoever stands in my way. 
Again, I don’t care what you think. Wanna be good? Wanna play it by the rules? Then, don’t come to me complaining you can’t afford the life I have. Don’t envy my fortune, my skills, my flair, or what you call my good luck. 
It’s not luck. It’s hard work, and it takes balls. I deserve my insane wealth, the rapacious admiration of my peers, and the attention from some of the most beautiful women in the world. I’ve earned all that and more. I’m brilliant at what I do. I’m a quick thinker, I get stuff done, I can stomach risk, and I reach my goals because I’m a wolf, a hunter. 
Dad predicted it when I came home with my first A in math. He said I would excel in analytic economics, and later—as it turned out to be true—he sent me to the best business and management schools. Having a parent willing to pay for my studies helped, but I would’ve climbed to the top. Somehow, someway. My way. My calculative, slightly treacherous, sublimely effective way. 
I wouldn’t recommend such conduct if you like company. Wolves are lonely. Sometimes, they attack in a group, but most of the time, they wander on their own. And that suits me fine. I don’t want friends. The fewer people allowed into the innermost circle, the smaller the risk. Superficial connections can be valuable assets if they help pave your path to success. 
So, I’m not married. Doesn’t mean I don’t have girlfriends. I do, but I let them seduce me at soirées and entertain me at night. Come dawn, they’re out the door faster than they can strap their sexy heels on. I have more important matters to deal with as the morning stock market news rolls in than an after-sex super-clingy female. 
Besides, chicks aren’t really my thing, but in the cold world of finance, it is better to keep what is considered a weakness (the soft-heartedness of a homo) to oneself. Therefore, you’ll see photos of me always flanked by two or three women of young age and blinding gorgeousness. Gotta tend to my reputation of tough, sharp, and serious—thus attractive—investor. 
I jokingly consider these lines for an imaginary interview as I stand on my wide balcony on the rooftop of one of the most luxurious skyscrapers in New York, gazing at the breathtaking view of the noisy, pulsating city below, feeling like the entire world is at my feet. I’m the king of my self-made kingdom, and the power and strength that being on top of a megacity gives me is absolutely intoxicating. 
Vibrant, I fill my lungs with air, making a quick mental note that it might be less polluted up here than the air people down on the street must breathe, then erase that thought and focus on myself again. I come first; the rest of the world can burn as long as I’m in control of my life. 
Control is minimizing debt and making secure placements. I earn a lot of dough from speculating on the current financial bubble and I’m wise enough to convert it to real cash and place it on safe goods. I drive the shiniest and fastest cars, the biggest yachts, and a private jet, and I’ve purchased high-value apartments in metropolitan cities and mansions on rivieras around the globe. When global economics implode—which they assuredly will, sparking another big-scale military conflict—others will bleed. 
Don’t point your finger at me. I’ve worked my ass off to acquire all of this. Years and years of coercing small-time investors, cooperating with crooks, buying officials, blackmailing politicians, befriending dirty millionaires. 
Of course, I’d never admit that in an interview. 
With a smirk, I lean against the gigantic glass window behind me and pull my phone out of my pocket. Messages and notifications glide seamlessly right to left. “Pfft, nothing of importance.” I swipe them away. 
My reflection on the dark phone pane stares back. Piercing ice-blue eyes in a tanned face with rugged features…and lines on my forehead. 
Hmm, am I looking tired? Maybe a little burnt out. At forty plus, long party nights, too little sleep, unhealthy amounts of booze, and zigzagging levels of tension will do that to your system. One starts to fry. 
Maybe I just need a new form of excitement. When you’re programmed to chase goals but have accomplished everything you’ve dreamed of, you itch for new challenges, different horizons. 
A message pops up on the screen with a discrete beep. From Ella, my sister. My twin sister and sole remaining family. 
I frown. What does she want? 

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ARC Review: Forbidden Bond (They Bite #1) by Lee Colgin

Forbidden Bond (They Bite #1)
Vampires and werewolves are historical enemies. When the Peace Accord that imposes an uncomfortable armistice between the species is threatened, the entire supernatural community must respond. 

Young vampire heir Sinclair Davis successfully petitions the council for permission to attend a werewolf dominated university. Surrounded by a pack of unwelcoming wolves, Sinclair’s first meeting with their alpha doesn’t go well. The handsome wolf hates him. 

Alpha wolf Mitchel Edgehill is furious when the university sends a vampire to be housed among his pack, even if he is cute. But there’s nothing he can do since the paperwork has been signed. They’ll have to find a way to coexist. 

As tension rises within supernatural society and violence escalates between vampires and werewolves, an uneasy truce develops between Sinclair and Mitchel. The pair attend a peace conference in hopes of preventing war, but when a rogue group of humans attacks, Sinclair is kidnapped and held for ransom. Can the alpha wolf work with vampires to save Sinclair, or will war break out after all? 

~Forbidden Bond is an enemies to lovers MM urban fantasy in a college setting. 
~It’s the first of a series but can be read as a standalone, no cliffhanger.
~Contains violence and adult scenes intended for a mature audience.

Todd's rating:

Werewolves are prickly, obnoxious assholes. Until you get to know them.

After the Great Wars, there was absolutely no love lost between the vampire and werewolf races, but 26 y.o. Living vampire Sinclair insisted on earning his PhD from Borson University, an esteemed werewolf school, and would not be deterred.

Upon arriving at Borson, Sinclair was immediately met with hostility from his werewolf roommates, but he refused to let them run him off, as he had a degree to earn, and no amount of snarling and snapping would keep him from his goal.

Things began looking up when Sinclair finally met 32 y.o. dorm Alpha Mitchel, in spite of their extremely confrontational initial interaction. Much like the rest of the wolves, Mitchel wasn't happy to have a vampire under the same roof as his pack. At least until he let himself give in to the draw he had to the smaller, younger supe.

I enjoyed seeing how Mitchel's animosity toward Sinclair changed over time, working their way past old prejudices and seeing one another as kind, caring individuals, then maybe even as mates. This happened slowly and felt believable and organic to me.

Much of the drama in the story was due to the vampires insisting that the existence of supernatural beings be divulged to humans, breaking the Edict of Secrecy. Something strongly opposed by the more fearful werewolves.

Then, after an inter-species tragedy occurred, the entire supernatural community was forced to come together, which culminated in an even greater disaster that required their unity to overcome.

Spotlight: The God's Eye by Anna Butler



Rafe Lancaster is reluctantly settling into his role as the First Heir of House Stravaigor. Trapped by his father’s illness and his new responsibilities, Rafe can’t go with lover Ned Winter to Aegypt for the 1902/03 archaeological digging season. Rafe’s unease at being left behind intensifies when Ned’s fascination with the strange Antikythera mechanism and its intriguing link to the Aegyptian god Thoth has Ned heading south to the remote, unexplored highlands of Abyssinia and the course of the Blue Nile.

Searching for Thoth’s deadly secrets, Ned is out of contact and far from help. When he doesn’t return at Christmas as he promised, everything points to trouble. Rafe is left with a stark choice – abandon his dying father, or risk never seeing Ned again.

Title: The God’s Eye
Author: Anna Butler
Series: Lancaster’s Luck
Necessary to read previous 2 books? Best read in sequence
Wordcount: c110,000
Category: Steampunk adventure | M/M romance
eBook Publication Date: 21 January 2020
Publisher: Glass Hat Press © 2020
Editors: Desi Chapman (Blue Ink Editing) and Megan Reddaway
Cover Artist: Reese Dante
Internal Art: Margaret Warner

Universal link to digital stores 
Individual Store Links (if you prefer them): 


The Lancaster’s Luck series – which is best read in sequence - charts the adventures of Rafe Lancaster, ex-aeronaut and pilot in Her Britannic Majesty’s Aero Corps. After being shot down and injured in action during the Boer War in 1899, Rafe’s unable to continue as a fighter pilot.

The Gilded Scarab

Returning to London, hard up and looking for a new career, Rafe buys a coffeehouse close to the Britannic Imperium Museum in Bloomsbury where he meets love of his life, archaeologist and First Heir House Gallowglass, Ned Winter.

The Gilded Scarab was a finalist in the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Awards and nominated for the Independent Publishers Book Awards in 2015.

The Jackal’s House

Ned’s excavation at Abydos, Aegypt, faces disruptive tricks and pranks that develop into a real threat to their lives, all seeming orchestrated by the god Anubis. When the life of Ned’s young son is on the line, Rafe carries out a daring rescue attempt and learns the shocking truth about his own heritage.

The Jackal’s House won joint first place for Best Gay Historical Romance in the 2018/19 Rainbow Awards, and joint third place for Best Gay Book.


Sudanese Cuisine

Rafe Lancaster is a man who loves his food. In every book so far, he and Ned have shared at least one meal in which Rafe lovingly gives us the menu in a euphonious French that rolls from the tongue, glorying in each exquisitely crafted gourmand dish and the superb wines he and Ned have chosen to accompany them. Yes. He likes food.

I’m not saying Rafe has food issues, by the way. That would be me. Any half-decent psychiatrist would tell you that allowing Rafe to enjoy all those lovely little amuse-bouches is my way of avoiding looking my Weight Watcher coach in the eye while protesting that “Of course I’ve followed the programme this week! Those extra pounds are as imaginary as the French chef cooking Rafe’s dinner!”

Truth be told, he and Ned spend far more meals together eating a cuisine that takes itself much less seriously than the French chef. In their adventures so far, they’ve eaten a lot of the food of the Mediterranean and northern Africa: the kosharis, stews and falafel that are so typical of Egypt and the Sudan. And that’s given me the impetus to try out some of the regional dishes. All in the interest of research, you understand, to immerse myself in my writing.

Oh well. That argument didn’t impress my WW coach, either.

Anyhow, along with its predecessors, The God’s Eye expanded my culinary repertoire a little, and I thought I’d share a recipe with you here that we’ve enjoyed.

Without giving too much plot away, Rafe is rushing south out of Aegypt, across the Sudan to Abyssinia (modern-day Ethiopia) to find Ned, who has been missing for several weeks now. He and his party stop off in Khartoum, lunching on the Sudan’s famous red stew ‘Mullah Ahmar’. Here’s the version of Mullar Ahmar that we’ve had:
  • 3 tablespoons of red onion paste (fry a finely chopped, large red onion in oil until caramelised and a lovely deep red colour, and mash up into a thick paste – not too smooth. You can keep the excess paste in the fridge for use in other things. It didn’t last long in our house, as it got added into a soup three days later)
  • 500g minced (ground) beef
  • 4 tablespoons tomato puree
  • 2 cans chopped tomatoes, blended until smooth (about 1 litre)
  • 3 tablespoons ground coriander
  • 4-5 tablespoons ground okra (a thickening agent. I got mine online, at an Asian food suppliers)
  • 4 garlic cloves, crushed
  • salt and pepper

In a lightly oiled pan, mix the red onion paste and minced beef for a few minutes until the beef is no more than lightly browned.

Add the tomato puree and mix into the meat, then add the blended chopped tomatoes and bring to a gentle boil.

Reduce the heat, add the coriander and season with salt and pepper. Cover and simmer for 20mins or so until the oils rise to the surface, then gradually add and mix in the ground okra to thicken the stew. Add the crushed garlic and stir well.


This makes a wonderful thick, spicy red stew that’s traditionally eaten with a pancake-type bread called gurasa. I’m afraid we cheated and had it with thick slices of crusty white bread, which might not have been traditional, but was delicious. Perfect on a wet autumn day after we’d come in from walking the dogs.

Sadly, Rafe was too anxious over Ned to have much of an appetite, but if he’d have been able to concentrate, he’d have loved it. I hope you do, too!


It hit us when we were over the pyramid. Though we were two thousand feet up, it hit us. As we came overhead, lightning flashed up the obelisk, sending a shaft of sapphire-blue light leaping to catch at us and pull us down.

I was once a fighter pilot. I reacted without thinking. I heeled the Brunel over to starboard so hard she almost stood on her wing, flipped ninety degrees. The light sizzled along our underbelly, coruscating into fireworks above us, and exploded, flashing out from the beam in a fast-moving, glowing sphere.

It got us, caught us in some sort of backwash.

A lightning squall danced and played over the control board in front of me, zinging through my hands where they lay on the steering yoke.

The engines stopped.

They just stopped.

The Brunel heaved, struggling against the air. The huge paddle propellers under the short, stubby wings on each side slowed. Stopped. And then we were spinning and spinning, all power gone.

I shoved the yoke to push her nose down hard. She’d go faster. Get more air moving over the wings. Get some lift. Too slow to move the paddles— No. Not fast enough. But plenty of lift to pull her back under control.

Behind me, Nell screamed. Other voices were angry or afraid, or both.

Feel the air flow under her wings. Boosting her up. Haul back on the yoke.

Up you come, my pretty bird. Up you damn well come!

Gott im Himmel! Can you land?”

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Blogtour: International Banker, Beach Boy by Mia Terry

InternationalBanker,BeachBoy Tour Banner

International Banker, Beach Boy
City Country Series, Book 3
Mia Terry
M/M Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 12.6.19

Cover Designer - Reese Dante


A new m/m romance set around the beautiful beaches of Byron Bay, Australia.

Oliver Gilsworth is getting a much-needed beach holiday ahead of taking the next preordained step his life of privilege demands of him.

Rhys Clark has finally settled into his laid-back life of very early retirement from international surfing competition.

When Ollie meets his surf instructor, sparks immediately begin to fly, but neither man is particularly interested in a brief holiday fling, and for either of them to change course at this point in his life is impossible. Or, is it?

May contain traces of Byron Bay craziness and hot men swimming naked in pools. The final book in the Country City series but can definitely be read as a standalone.



Everything in the place was designed to be enjoyed—and clearly, really-really enjoyed—by having sex on it. From the round couch, in the middle of the living room, that would fit either an enthusiastic couple or three or four participants, and the long bench seat in the multi-showerhead shower, they had designed this place for hedonism.

Probably there would be a good-looking guy among the guests who would be interested in hooking up and making the most of the facilities provided. The only problem was, as of about a year ago, Ollie had become a lot pickier about the casual sex thing. He’d never been indiscriminate about his partners, but he’d also not turned down a good time if the mood, and the standard of the man offering, appealed to him. However, about a year ago, something inside him had shifted, and being with a gorgeous guy for just the night became something he just wasn’t as interested in anymore. Maybe it was because the conquests had come easily for him in the past, maybe it was watching one of his best friends find real love, but his interest in one-night stands had dried up.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Blogtour: Hathonatum by Taylin Clavelli

Book Title: Hathonatum

Author: Taylin Clavelli

Publisher: MLR Press

Genre/s: Science Fiction, Contemporary M/M, Interracial (Alien/Human), Inter-dimensional, Reincarnation. Multi-Verse, Historical elements.

Heat Rating: 3 – 4 flames

Length: 89 000 words 

The story can be read as a standalone. It is the first book in the Pelethus Series. The next book involves different main characters that are connected to those in Hathonatum. 

Buy Links - Coming Soon

Publisher: MLR Press | Smashwords

Hathonatum is a love story that spans time, dimension, universe and death.


Have you ever wondered if that little voice inside you is actually your voice?
Egypt captivates Benjamin. As an adult, he immerses himself in his chosen profession, as an archaeologist in the ancient city of Abydos. For Ben, the hieroglyphs, and paintings unlock dreams of a time long lost.

The dig Ben works on is financed by Ashari Hathonatum. For many years, the man has been looking for the one who completes him. He initially saw his heart’s match from a distance. But that was a long time ago and from an alternate universe. When Ashari encounters Ben, he wonders if he is the reincarnation of the man he saw, through another’s eyes, all those years ago. Will the secrets Ashari hides about his heritage stop their love blooming, or will others from his dimension, determined to keep Ashari from his heart’s match, rule the day?

**The story is written with British spelling/grammar. **


Though Ben loved the thought of studying Seti, he was part of a small crew concentrating on Narmer (3180-3120 BC), whose tomb was located to the west of the dig, almost as far away from Seti as a tomb could get. Not much was known about the first pharaoh of the combined kingdoms, and Ben wanted to help discover something new. He wanted to shed light on a life that no one knew about—a new phenomenon to capture the imagination.

Ben had been on-site for a little over a week when he saw an intriguing man talking to Terry, his dig leader. Judging by his skin, Ben suspected the man to be local, but it was difficult to tell. Other than his face, the only other exposed part of him was his hands. The rest of him was covered with clothing designed to keep out the worst of the sand—layered, lightweight, loose, and black.

When the man locked gazes with him, Ben found himself staring into a vibrant blue sea of lapis lazuli, framed with black lashes and dark eyebrows. It wasn’t until a fellow worker walked between them that the connection was broken. When Ben sought to re-establish contact, the other had his back to him. Ben returned to his work, clearing out a trench of sand. The heat and excitement over what his group might find overshadowed any musings concerning the stranger.

At the end of the day, Ben was so tired he clambered onto the city-bound truck with as much grace as a stumbling mummy.

That night, while lounging on his bed, images of dark blue assaulted him. The event was rare for him, considering Egypt was his prime…prime everything.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Blogtour: Howling on Hold by E.J. Russell

Please welcome E.J. Russell with

Howling On Hold


Sometimes it’s harder to teach a young dog new tricks.

That’s why werewolves embark on a Howling: a three-year rite of passage in which they’re sent to a group residence to wrestle with their wolfy instincts and assimilate into the Wider World. But Tanner Araya’s Howling is almost over, and he could be called back to his remote pack at any moment. His twenty-first birthday might be his last chance to act on his strongest instinct and finally kiss Chase Denney.

Chase is RA at the Howling residence affectionately dubbed “the Doghouse,” and he takes his job seriously. So seriously that when he realized he was developing feelings for a resident, he forced himself to keep Tanner at a distance. But now that Tanner’s twenty-one, he’s not Chase’s charge any longer. They could be friends or—if Chase is lucky—something more. At least until they both return to their home packs for good, as tradition demands.

It would take a miracle for them to get together—especially when the other Doghouse werewolves insist on “helping.”

Warning: Many Frisbees are harmed in this story, forgiveness is not always easier than permission, and the five-second rule does not apply.

Get the book:


Fish Stew
When my Curmudgeonly Husband and I first moved in together back in 1983 (when he was still my Curmudgeonly Boyfriend), the New York Times had a regular column, written by chef Pierre Franey, called the 60-Minute Gourmet. We were living in New Haven, Connecticut, at the time while I finished my last year of graduate school, and snagged the recipes out of the paper whenever we could. Later,  the recipes were collected into two cookbooks, which we purchased at about the time we moved into our first house in 1985.
We still have those same cookbooks today, although they’re slightly worse for wear (see picture!). They contain some our our favorite recipes, ones we still make over thirty years later. (Of course, when I say we, I mean CH, since even sixty minutes is too long for me to waste…er, spend…on cooking.) 
If you’ve read many of my books, you know that I frequently feature a scene where one character cooks for another, and when that happens, the recipes are often from one of these books. In fact, one recipe, Trout Grenobloise, has appeared twice—once in The Artist’s Touch and again in Demon on the Down-Low—although the second time, the dish was served in a restaurant rather than prepared in a character’s kitchen.
In Howling on Hold, Chase makes breakfast for Tanner while they’re guests in the cabin belonging to Ted Farnsworth (the bear shifter from Single White Incubus). But that’s not their first meal in the cabin—Ted offers them fish stew when they first arrive, and in my mind, the soup is Pierre Franey’s Soupe de Poisson.
I like to think Ted’s copy of 60-Minute Gourmet is just as well-worn—and well-loved—as ours is.
(BTW, a year ago, I ordered replacement copies for both books, but CH still uses the copies that are falling apart.)

Soupe de Poisson
from Pierre Franey’s 60-Minute Gourmet

3 Tbs olive oil 
¼ cup finely chopped onion 
1 tsp finely chopped garlic 
½ cup chopped green pepper 
½ cup chopped leeks, optional
½ cup finely chopped carrots 
1 hot red pepper, crumbled 
1 bay leaf 
 2 tsp fresh thyme sprigs or ½ tsp dried thyme 
1 cup dry white wine 
1 cup chopped fresh or canned tomatoes 
½ lb potatoes 
1 cup water 
1-¼ lb white-fleshed, non-oily fish such as cod, cut into large chunks 
½ pint bay scallops 
1 cup heavy cream (okay with milk) 
¼ cup finely chopped fresh parsley 
Salt and freshly ground pepper 

  1. Heat oil in a kettle and add onion, garlic, green pepper, leeks, and carrots. Cook, stirring often, until the onions are wilted. 
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