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Story Review: Model Christmas by Jaime Samms

From The Blurb:
Sebastian's ideal Christmas looks nothing like his picture-perfect childhood experiences, but neither should it be spent wandering the cold streets alone and homeless. 
Cody has no time for the holidays if he wants to eat. He needs a new model for his next commission--and he needs him now. 
Seb can’t go home and Cody’s model took his pay and left. Both men are in dire straits, so when they meet over soup-kitchen chili they each see the answer to their problems in the other. 
They never expected more than a means to an end, but now, that perfect Christmas might be as simple as seeing what’s right in front of them.

Karen's rating:

I'm probably starting to sound like a stuck record by now...but...

I seem to keep finding or maybe I'm putting myself into the same situation. Honestly I think it's a bit of both, so I'm going to try and explain  my situation, without being too wordy...

It's about the Christmas stories...I love Christmas, so of course it's safe to assume that I love Christmas stories of which I've read a few this year approximately 15 that were specifically labelled as being 'Christmas Stories' and a few more that while they weren't labelled as such, part or most of the story took place during the holiday season. It also seems that my most frequent comment about a lot of them has been "I would have liked more". Thankfully I haven't read many if any that had me saying 'Thank heavens it was short" or my personal favorite "The best thing about this one is that it was short".

For me there's a world of difference in those statements the first one "I would have liked more" is meant to imply that I enjoyed the story and I wish the author had made it a bit longer. Not that it was incomplete or lacking in any way just that while sometimes 'less is more' sometimes 'more can be better' and as for 'Thank heavens it was short or the best thing about this one is that it was short'. I think those statements are self-explanatory and we can just move on from them.

'Model Christmas' was once again a case of 'I would have liked more' and this time it was more at the beginning and a bit more at the ending because even though I enjoyed the story and I got what was going on and wasn't lost at any point in time for lack of information. I just didn't have enough time to really connect to the characters or their situations. I liked Sebastian and Cody and to be honest I think had there been a bit more story surrounding them both I could have "LIKED" Sebastian and Cody.

Jaime Samms is one of those authors whose stories I always enjoy...still, some more than others but never have I regretted reading any of them. Her book 'Lace' is an absolute favorite of mine and has such a special place in my heart. So while I was hoping to enjoy this story a bit more than I did, I'm also realistic enough not to expect from a story that was just under 40 pages what I got from a story that was just over 100 pages.

If not totally unusual, Sebastian and Cody's meeting at the very least contains  some circumstances that could be considered a bit awkward, fortunately these two seem to have the wherewithal to handle whatever life throws their way without adding a lot of unnecessary drama.  Among the unusual is the fact that Sebastian seems to have known so little about the man he left home to be with and then there's he's skeevy landlord and his hulk of a neighbor...can we get a story about him please, Ms Samms. I just feel like he's got a good one to tell us.

Even though the relationship between them develops quickly what Sebastian and Cody share isn't a case of love-at-first-sight but more a case of necessity-dictates with a strong leaning towards more to come.

Seb's just looking for somewhere safe to stay for a few days until he can get himself sorted out and living in one of the less desirable parts of town Cody feels like he'd be a whole lot safer with a  roommate. and what starts as two men each with problems that can easily be solved when they help each other effortlessly becomes a sweet and heartwarming story about finding a home in the most unlikely of places and what better time of year to finally find that home than Christmas.

As I said back in the beginning of my review...I wish there was more but since that's not the case than I shall simply wish for the author to give us a follow up story about these to adorable men...if not before, then...there's always next Christmas!


A copy of 'Model Christmas' was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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