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ARC Review: In this Bed of Snowflakes we Lie by Sophia Soames

In This Bed of Snowflakes We Lie

Oskar Høiland hides from life. It just makes things easier that way, not having to face all the fears and drama of living. He especially hides from other people, because Oskar has grown up fearing the snide remarks and the quick glances that strip him of the tiny scraps of confidence he still has left. He is just going to keep existing. Work hard to complete his medical degree and perhaps watch a few more series on Netflix in peace and quiet over Christmas.

Erik Nøst Hansen should be an almost fully-fledged adult. He should be able to sort out the mess that festers in his head and stop lying. It’s just hard. And it’s bloody terrifying to even acknowledge the thoughts that swirl around in his head at night when he can’t sleep. He also needs to figure out how to talk to the boy downstairs. The one with the golden curls and the crooked smile. The boy who is completely monopolizing Erik’s messed-up heart.

A story of falling in love and being brave. A Christmas tale with a difference, set in the university dorms of central Oslo, where lies are uncovered, snowflakes are falling all over the place, and beds are made to lie in. There is a slightly unconventional family. A mess of animal onesies. Too much food and a very Merry Christmas.

Todd's rating:

This story was New Adult, charming cuteness with a good number of heart-tugging feels, plain and simple.

Shy and reserved second year med student Oskar had severe anxiety, and was acing all of his coursework, but otherwise mostly stayed hidden away in the safety of his dorm room.

At least until he found cute, drunk, third year "guy from upstairs" Erik passed out in his bed, which made him simultaneously want to boot the boy out the door and never allow him to leave.

And after a restless night perched on the edge of the same bed, waking to find the quirky stranger gone, Oskar had even more questions (and conflicting feelings) on the subject than he'd had the night before.
He never knew it could be like this. That just the thought of having someone sleeping next to you could fill you with fear. Yet fill you with all these feelings.

There is this volcano of questions clouding his thoughts to the point of his head aching. Who the heck is this guy anyway? What if he had still been here? What if through some strange blip in the universe this guy is just meant to be here, here for a reason? What if this hasn’t been a crazy accident? A fluke of some drunken madness, and Oskar has just flipped him off like he is nothing. An inconvenience and a hassle.

His face is burning. His eyes wet from feelings he doesn’t quite understand.
Both MC's were nothing short of adorable and pretty perfect for one another right from the start, and I especially loved how Erik seemed to always know what to do or say to help calm Oskar's constant hurricane of overwhelming emotion.

The long, zigzag process of the boys becoming comfortable with one another was full of fits and starts, but once Oskar went home with Erik for Christmas with his odd, super-affectionate family, they were on the same page as for their feelings.

I loved seeing how Oskar's worries and fears inexplicably reacted to the hustle and bustle of Erik's large, crazy family, because that was the very last thing that I'd expected to happen. I don't typically use flowery words like "lovely", but that would actually apply here.

I found the steam to be fairly limited; however, the GET THE FUCK BACK IN THERE!” penetrative sex scene, fuck me, that scene was hilarious and was pretty much *everything* that I needed.

Hungry bottom much? ;- )

There were, however, a few aspects of the book that didn't work as well for me, such as:

1.) Both of the MC's, plus a side characters, suffered from moderate to severe anxiety, which was FUUUUUCKING EXHAUSTING. One severely-anxious character per book is *more* than enough for me, TYVM.

2.) The story was told in present tense, which is my very least favorite to read.

3.) Throughout a large part of the story, the story used very few contractions, so the guys' conversations felt much more formal and stilted than the situations remotely required.

Overall, this book was a big hit for me, so I'd rate it at just over 4 stars, and look forward to reading other stories from this author.

My ARC copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.

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