Wednesday, December 25, 2019

ARC Review: After Vertigo by Amanda Meuwissen

After Vertigo
In a flash, the world changed. A solar flare—later dubbed Vertigo—activated the DNA of more than half the world’s people, granting them special abilities. Brilliant scientist Benjamin Krane might be Powerless, but his inventions are the only thing giving the police a fighting chance against super-powered evil. Ben doesn’t have much of a life beyond work, and when he gets wind of a robbery one evening, he decides to test his newest invention personally….

A thief, rogue, and shameless flirt, Grey Miller—aka the Streak—likes shiny things, but he doesn’t hurt people. When Ben catches him—and proposes they team up against the real bad guys—Grey doesn’t know whether it’s the offer or the man he can’t resist. But one thing’s for sure—they’re an ideal match in more ways than one.

With a psychotic supervillain’s catastrophic plan moving forward and everyone he cares about in danger, now might not be the best time for Ben to give in to Grey’s seduction, no matter how tempting. Grey is a man of secrets, and if Ben wants a future with him, he’ll have to learn to trust Grey—and himself.
Todd's rating:

This mutant powers story was fun, but at times required a *lot* of suspension of disbelief; however, I was thankfully able to not ask too many questions.

Meuwissen's "Coming Up for Air" merman story made my Top 10 of 2019 list, in large part due to the high levels of romance, feels, and action.

I this story, though, I felt that there was mostly just action, without much of the longing and soul-deep connection between the two would-be-heroes.

Yes, both Ben and Grey were extremely likeable MC's, and I enjoyed being on board while all of the fast-paced events played out, but Grey's flirtations toward Ben never made me feel like that they were anything less than inevitable. For an eventual quick and dirty hookup, sure. As forever-and-ever soulmates, ehhh.

The story had several revelations and plot twists along the way, including the true origin of Vertigo, and a bit of betrayal, which kept me entertained and boredom at bay.

But the romantic in me really wanted more pining over one another, which just didn't translate on page for me in this story, so I'd rate it at around 3.5 stars overall.

My ARC copy of the book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.

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