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Blogtour: Waves Of Winter by L.C. Chase

Please welcome L.C. Chase with 

Waves Of Winter

a World Of Love novella


An Aussie and a Canuck get on a ferry…

The west coast of Vancouver Island is one of the few places to boast world-class winter surfing, and Vancouverite Kellan Tremblay hits the waves as often as possible. On the ferry crossing to the island, he meets Australian Jax Colston. Jax is there for some snowboarding. He’s intrigued to discover that not only is winter surfing a thing, but you can surf and ski in the same day. Sensing a kindred spirit, Kellan offers to play tour guide and gives Jax a place to stay in his spare room.

The two men bond over all things surf and snow, and it isn’t long before their passion for life lands them in bed together. Neither wants the week of cold days and hot nights to end, but Jax has to go home soon. Still, Jax doubts he’ll stay away for long. The draw of fresh powder, the long hot nights and the thrill of just being with Kellan will keep him coming back for a long time….

Exclusive Excerpt:

They walked in silence for a few minutes, the near-kiss moment gone, and then Kellan stopped and pointed. His grin was wide and teasing like he was suppressing laughter. “As requested, I have brought you to their leader. Meet the granddaddy of them all.”

Jax, who had been so focused on Kellan, hadn’t noticed the tree the width of a house in front of them. He stumbled to a stop, and his jaw dropped. “Whoa! I have never seen anything so big!”

“That’s what he said,” Kellan said in a sexy, low, teasing voice.

Jax turned to him and broke into laughter as Kellan wiggled his eyebrows. “Maybe I’ll see for myself.”

“One never knows….” Kellan poked Jax’s side with an elbow and then looked away, pointing to the tree. “That Douglas fir is about thirty feet in diameter.”

Jax found he couldn’t pull his attention from Kellan’s profile, the grin on his face nearly a permanent fixture by now. But with another elbow-nudging prompt, he turned his attention to the tree. A split at the base of its hollowed-out trunk left a space large enough to park a VW van inside—complete with a stack of surfboards on the roof. Jax was able to step inside and walk around in a small circle without ducking.”

Kellan followed him, and protected by the old tree, shielded from rain and curious eyes, he leaned in close, tipping his head back. “I hope I’m not being overly forward here, but I really want to kiss you.”

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About the author:

Cover artist by day, author by night, L.C. Chase is a two-time Lambda Literary Award finalist; an EPIC eBook Awards winner for Pickup Men; a nine-time Ariana eBook Cover Art Awards winner, and Bronze winner in Sinfully’s 2014 Reader’s Choice Awards for Cover of the Year. She also won runner-up for Best Gay Contemporary Romance and Best Gay Book in the 2016 Rainbow Awards for A Fortunate Blizzard; honorable mention for Best Gay Contemporary Romance in the 2015 Rainbow Awards for Pulling Leather; and Best Gay Mystery/Thriller in the 2012 Rainbow Awards for Riding with Heaven.

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  1. This is a "new to me" author, but some of the stories sound intriguing. Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

    1. I missed the giveaway question... My favorite winter sport? Curling up with a good book in a warm spot with a nice drink and my cat.

  2. I like watching snowboarding. I can't actually participate in any winter sports. I've put this one on my TBR because it's set near me.


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