Sunday, November 3, 2019

ARC Review: Scandalous by Minerva Spencer

Scandalous (The Outcasts, #3)From the blurb:

"Have you no decency?"
Straight-laced missionary Sarah Fisher has never met a man like Captain Martin Bouchard. He is the most beautiful person—male or female—she's ever seen. Overwhelmingly masculine, elegantly attired despite months at sea, he is in complete command of everyone and everything around him: everyone, that is, except Sarah. But that's about to change, because Sarah has bought Bouchard's mercy with the only thing she has to sell: her body.

"None at all..."

In spite of her outrageous offer, Martin has no doubt Sarah is a virgin, and a most delectable one at that. But instead of bedding her, he finds himself staring down the muzzle of his own pistol. Clearly, the longer she stays on his ship, the greater the chances that she'll end up its damned captain! Most infuriating of all, she looks past his perfect exterior to the wounded man inside. Can Martin outrun his scandalous past in time to have a future with the first woman to find and capture his he

Heather's rating:

Another stellar historical romance from the very talented Minerva Spencer.

I was drawn in right away by Scandalous, and I could barely put it down. I finished the whole book in about 24 hours, and though it wasn't without flaws, it's a smart, interesting historical romance that Minerva Spencer fans will adore.

I loved both the male and female MC, and thought the author did a great job portraying them as complex characters. Their individual storylines were fascinating, and I found the plot to be unique amongst all of the romance books I've ever read. I just really wanted to know these two, especially Sarah. Sarah really shown in this story, and I could have read a book just of her (sans romance). She had an interesting life, and I loved her way with people.

Oddly, my biggest issue with this book was the romance. The male MC fought against the romance, tooth and nail, and I found it to be tiresome at times. He was rude and abrupt, and though I often find that to be endearing, I wanted him to grow up and come to his senses. Admittedly, he had a terribly hard life and truckloads of baggage, but it made the romance an awkward match.

Even though the romance left me wanting, the story was so tightly written and with such skill that I could barely put my Kindle down. That means a success, in my book.

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Enjoy, everyone!

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