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ARC Review: For Sam, times infinity by Suki Fleet

From The Blurb:

After growing up in care, all Sam wants is to make a home for him and Tommy, his kid brother by choice. But it’s not as easy as he thought, especially when his social worker finds him a job miles away. And falling for the surprising boy at work only makes things harder. Evra is different, his past a mystery. Being truly himself is not something he’s ever felt safe enough to be with anyone, not until Sam, the shyest boy ever, saves his life at work and Evra finds himself inexplicably trusting him. Wanting him. Problem is, Sam is leaving, unable to stand being so far away from Tommy. And Evra can’t leave, not when he has consequences to face. Making things work might seem complicated, but sometimes falling in love has its own consequences.

Karen's rating:

Do you remember you remember Sam?
                                                                  ...well this is not that Sam.

Ms Fleet has created a whole new character in this story...with this Sam, but I think I love him just as much.

Sam has grown up in foster care and now that he's aged out of the system all he wants is to be able to create a home for him and Tommy, the brother of his heart whom he's had to leave behind but will never forget or give up on that dream. Sam is such a shy and quiet boy but he's also filled with determination and an inner strength that sometimes even he doesn't realize he possess.

When Sam meets Evra a mysterious but exuberant and sweet young man he begins to wonder if maybe his home couldn't have room for more than just him and Tommy.

It's been a while since I've found my heart so fully engaged with not just one character but several. First there's Sam and Evra...there's a sweet innocence to the relationship between these two young men that just seems to rise above the reality of what life has dealt them. Both of them have more than their share of struggles and hardships and Evra faces dangers that even he's not fully aware of. It's thanks to Sam and some help from what turns out to be a group of surprisingly good friends that life ultimately begin to turn around for not just Sam and Evra but those same friends.

I love that there were so many wonderful characters in this story not the least of which was Sam and Evra but there was also Tommy...Sam's brother but not (it's an Evra term). Maverick (or Mav) who we eventually learn is Evra's brother but not,  Karl who while I can't quite say that I like him yet, I did feel sorry for him and I'm definitely interested in finding out what happens to him and of course Tommy...I would so love a story that shows us more of Tommy and what the future holds for him. Truthfully I'd also love more Sam and Evra.

"For Sam, Times Infinity" is so easily a story that could be playing out anywhere in the world's about a system that fails the people who need it most, it's about corruption and bullying and at the end it's about the strength of the human soul and it's capacity to give and receive find a home and to be's about the beauty that even the darkest of days can never fully touch.

While I can't say that I required teddies and tissues for this one, I still found it be a beautiful and touching story.  From Evra's unique way of expressing himself to Sam's quiet contemplation of events Ms Fleet has infused this story with the almost poetic undertone that I've come to associate with her writing.


An ARC of "For Sam, Times Infinity" was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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