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ARC Review: Heartsong (Green Creek, #3) by T.J. Klune

Heartsong (Green Creek, #3)
All Robbie Fontaine ever wanted was a place to belong. After the death of his mother, he bounces around from pack to pack, forming temporary bonds to keep from turning feral. It’s enough—until he receives a summons from the wolf stronghold in Caswell, Maine.

Life as the trusted second to Michelle Hughes—the Alpha of all—and the cherished friend of a gentle old witch teaches Robbie what it means to be pack, to have a home.

But when a mission from Michelle sends Robbie into the field, he finds himself questioning where he belongs and everything he’s been told. Whispers of traitorous wolves and wild magic abound—but who are the traitors and who the betrayed?

More than anything, Robbie hungers for answers, because one of those alleged traitors is Kelly Bennett—the wolf who may be his mate.

The truth has a way of coming out. And when it does, everything will shatter.

Jewel's rating:

"I'm going to love you," I whispered to him. "I'm going to love you, and I'm never going to let you go."
Wow, that was ...unexpected and kind of amazing. Have you ever wished you could experience something again for the very first time? What would you wish for? A story? To fall in love? To find the family you didn't even know was lost? Heartsong is all of this and more.

Heartsong is Robbie's story, through and through. It's the story of what it means to be lost and found again. What it means to be pack, to be a family. It's about loss and facing life with a factured soul. And, of course, it's about finding home again. I loved loved loved it. Every word, every moment.

I kind of feel like I just got off an out of control merry-go-round (thanks, TJ!). Heartsong was intense. The story is told from Robbie's POV and being inside his head was like trying to touch a dream. It was a little bit surreal, but that is Robbie's story to tell.

As usual, I find myself trying to review one of TJ Klune's books and my words just don't feel adequate. My heart broke for a while for Robbie and Kelly, but then overflowed with joy. I chuckled at the antics of Rico, Tanner, and Chris. My heart soared seeing Ox and Joe, so in love and committed. And Mark and Gordo ... those two are of my cynical heart. I love them, so. Jessie is more badass than ever, and Elizabeth is the mother I wish I had. I laughed, I teared up a few times and raged a little here and there. There were emotions. Kind of all of them.

Heartsong picks up a little more than a year after the end of Ravensong and things are not like I remember them. I was a touch confused for a little while, but when the pieces fell together, it was all so clear. I need the next book now, like I need my next breath, and even though we'll have to wait longer than expected, I just know it will be worth it.

The overall series plot didn't advance all that much, really, but important things happened with Robbie, with the pack, with the search for Gordo's father, and the mystery of a certain timber wolf. Discoveries are made and hurts get healed and pack is more important than ever.

Heartsong does not stand alone, so do start with Wolfsong. This series is epic. In fact, it's pinecones and candycanes and epic and awesome. It's grass and lake water and sunshine. It's wolves and witches and #TeamHuman. And they're all fucking badass.

So while we wait for Brothersong, just remember... #packpackpack


ARC of Heartsong was generously provided by the author, in exchange for an honest review.

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