Friday, October 18, 2019

ARC Review : Ground Zero (Zero Hour #1) by Aimee Nicole Walker


Heat, humidity, and homicide are things veteran detective Sawyer Key expects to encounter on his first day with the Savannah Police Department, but the hostile reception from his new partner catches him by surprise. Sawyer isn’t a stranger to heartache and recognizes that Royce Locke is a wounded man who’s reeling from a devastating loss. Relentless and patient in all things, Sawyer is determined to make the new partnership work.
Savannah, Georgia is known for her quirky people, oak trees draped in Spanish moss, and antebellum architecture. Beneath the Southern charm and hospitality, festering hatred and violence is soaring with the summer temperatures. Locke and Key find themselves at the epicenter when their first case involves the death of a former shock jock who appears to be the victim of vigilante justice.

Opposites in nearly every way, the two detectives set aside their differences to take back their city and restore law and order. From this reluctant truce, an intense attraction grows that will either tighten or shatter their tenuous bond. Falling for his partner spells inevitable disaster, but Sawyer’s always been a sucker for wounded things. Sawyer could be the key to the life Royce has always wanted, if he’s brave enough to trust him. The fuse is lit, the clock is running, and the zero hour is upon them. Tick tock.

Ground Zero is the first book in the Zero Hour series, which follows Locke and Key’s investigations and evolving relationship. Ground Zero has a happy-for-now ending with no cliffhanger. It contains mature language and sexual content intended for adults 18 and older.

Christelle's rating :

Sometimes, I can’t explain why I enjoyed a book, but the most important is that I read for escapism and this one did the trick.

Zero Hour is a new series (no idea how many books) about a sexy MM romance involving 2 detectives from the Savannah Police Department falling for each other. They are both different in characters and in background, but the chemistry is there.

Locke is a guy with “attitude”, likes to flirt and giving the impression he doesn’t care, but he has just lost his work partner whom he considered a close friend and he’s deeply wounded by that and hostile at the idea of having a new partner. Sawyer Key, a nurturer and a patient man, lost his husband a couple of years ago but is ready to move and this new assignment can be what he needs.

Both MCs are endearing in their own way. They don’t back-off from each other even though they are aware of their fears and baggages. The banter between them and with their colleagues is light and quite funny and their time together is full of hot and sexy times. The pace is good for me, I’m starting to root for them and enjoying the journey of their relationship.

No big mysteries nor depths in the plot of their investigations, but that’s not the point. A tiny bit OTT sometimes, but not enough to deter me from having a good time. I kept turning the pages and now that I have finished “Ground Zero”, I’m ready to reach “Ground one” with them.


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