Monday, October 21, 2019

ARC Review : First Impressions (Auckland Med #1) by Jay Hogan

Blurb :

Two years ago I made a mistake, a big one and then I threw in a couple more just for good measure. I screwed up my life big time but I made it through. I was lucky.
Then I was given the opportunity for a fresh start. Two years in Auckland, NZ, ‘The City of Sails’. Away from the LA gossip, a chance to breathe, to get my life back together.
I grabbed it and packed my new set of golden rules with me.

I don’t do relationships.
I don’t do commitment.
I don’t do white picket fences.

And I especially don’t do arrogant, holier-than-thou, smoking hot K9 officers who walk into my ER and rock my world.


The only thing I know for certain about Dr. Michael Oliver is the guy is an arrogant, untrustworthy player, and I’d barely survived the last one of those in my life. Once was more than enough.
The man might be gorgeous but my eleven-year-old daughter takes number one priority and I won’t risk her being hurt, again. I’m a solo dad, a K9 cop and a son to pain in the arse, bigoted parents.

I don’t have time for games.
I don’t have time for taking chances.
I don’t have time for more complications in my life.

And I sure as hell don’t have time for the infuriating Dr. Michael Oliver, however damn sexy he is.

Christelle' rating :

Auckland Med is an MM romance series with standalone stories. I can attest to that as I read book#2 first, LOL. As book#2 was a hit for me, I decided to give it a go with this one and once again, another hit with this kind of enemy-to-lover, opposite attract MM hot and sexy romance.

Josh is a single dad of an 11-year-old girl, has bigoted parents but a great bond with his sister and is a K9 police officer. He has a great sense of responsibility and wants a serious loving relationship.

Michael is very different : he’s a great and committed trauma doctor but can struggle with the stress attached to his job. He doesn’t do relationship and keeps his lovers at a safe distance.

When they meet, Josh doesn’t give a lot of credit to Michael : granted, he first sees him with the hand of a twink in his pants in a night-club. As for Michael, no way he’s ready to deal with Josh’s irritability, but he’s having a lot of fun rattling Josh. But maybe it’s Michael’s foundations that are going to be shaken.

I loved the way these two, beyond the considerable lust, fall for each other, despite their first impressions of each other and the mistakes they do along the way. The characters are well drawn, the pace of their relationship is on point, the sex is hot with a delicious dominant side from Josh and a nice dose of emotions. And the crime and drug subplot was good and well embedded.

Needless to say, I’m well into this series from Jay Hogan and on board for more.


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