Saturday, September 7, 2019

The Divorce (Starting Over #1) by Matthew J.Metzger

Blurb :

Sometimes life has to fall apart before it can be put back together.

Aled is in a rut. Thirty-three, separated from his wife and avoiding his best friend so he doesn’t have to see how well her love life is going doesn’t make for a good time. So, when a friend suggests a one-night stand to shake off the dust, Aled decides to play along. Maybe some no-strings-attached sex is exactly what he needs to get himself going again and give him the energy to get his life back on track.

But when Aled’s dominant streak meets Gabriel’s flirtatious submission, the one-night stand rapidly spills over into the following days and weeks. And what started out as just sex doesn’t stay that way for long, from the flour fight in Aled’s kitchen to the homemade curry in Gabriel’s flat.

Happiness is right in front of him—but Aled has to stop looking back if he wants to reach it.

Christelle's rating :

And Matthew Metzger strikes again. Why pick up this book ? Because what I remember from the first book I read from this author was that, surprisingly, his writing works for me while it wouldn’t from others. Hard to explain, but his stories exude a sense of respect and many feels that move me.

Aled is bisexual, into “open-relationships”, separated from his wife for a year but not yet ready to admit that their paths are not converging anymore. Gabriel is a gay transgender man, into submissive and polyamourous relationships.

Being together is exactly what they both need, even if Gabriel seems a bit sceptical and Aled still has to leave the past in the past.

So, even if, for the second time, this is not about a relationship that would fuel my dreams, I loved the communication between Aled and Gabriel, the sexiness of their encounters and feeling so much respect and understanding between them or with their close ones. RL would be so much better with this kind of attitude.

So, the relationship between Aled and Gabriel is not my ideal of “romance”, but the characterization definitely is and that makes a winner for me.

And a special note about the “flour fight” mentioned in the blurb : that was hot !!!


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