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Audio Book Review: In Safe Hands, Heroes & Babies #1 by Victoria Sue

From The Blurb:
Listening Length: 7 hours and 31 minutes. 
Former helicopter pilot Maverick Delgardo's injuries ended his Air Force career, leaving him bitter and one drink away from becoming an alcoholic. When his sister asks for his help on a private protection case to babysit a disgraced pop star, Mav reluctantly agrees. 
Deacon Daniels, onetime lead singer and idol to his teenage fans, saw his career and reputation ruined when a reporter's expos√© led to a devastating scandal. Without money or a job, a heartbroken Deacon has lost custody of his baby niece. And just when Deacon thinks his life can't get any worse, a stalker's threatening messages escalate to murder. 
Mav only agreed to one meeting, but his protective instincts kick in, along with an attraction to Deacon. When the body count increases, however, Mav is unsure he is up to the task of protecting Deacon from a killer. But it is too late for Mav to step away, now that he's lost his heart, and he must find the strength to reassure Deacon and his niece that they are in safe hands no matter the cost.

Karen's rating:

Have you ever had that nagging feeling at the back of your brain...

You know the one that says 'I've been here before or I've done this before or just generally geez this is really familiar? Well that's what I got when I went to write the review for this story and what it came down to after pondering things for a day is this...

I really enjoy this authors 'Enhanced' series and what I realized was that if we gave Maverick some kind of enhanced ability this story would work very nicely into that series. Which is not to say that I didn't enjoy the story but more that since it isn't a part of the 'Enhanced' series for me it would have been more enjoyable if it hadn't felt like it should have been.

We have Maverick (Mav) Delgardo a strong, heroic, brooding, former soldier who's been injured in the line of duty and bares the physical proof of it. It's only been a few months so he's also still struggling to adjust to the changes this has brought to his life.

When Mav's sister ask for his help with a case in her efforts to get her very fledgling PI business off the ground in spite of his less than stellar mental state Mav knows it's time to man-up, after all it's just for a couple of days to babysit the lead singer of a band that's fallen from grace...really, what could possibly go should never ask or even wonder about this.

And if you ask Deacon Daniels, he'll tell you the real question is 'could something, anything possibly go right?' Down on his luck doesn't even begin to explain Deacon's life. It's a grocery list of one bad event after another with the occasional bright spot thrown in just to give him hope and keep him going.

I really, really liked Deacon for me he was the bright spot in this book. Not that he was overly full of sunshine and light but that he was a character who was strong and determined not to let life break him.

Deacon's lost everything, his band, his money and the niece that was entrusted to his care by his deceased brother and now all he's got to show for it all is a stalker who seems to want not only him dead but anyone connected to him and the scandal that destroyed his career.

I liked the relationship that was developing between Mav and Deacon. While it was quick and intense truthfully so was the situation they suddenly realized they were entangled in.

Other than the too strong resemblance to the 'Enhanced' series that this story held for me, the only other thing that was slightly problematical for me was the narration. Michael Pauley was the narrator for this story and this is by no means the first audiobook that I've listened to that was narrated by him...more like number 9 or 10, but be that as it may, this time around the narration wasn't working for me. That's not to say that it was bad just that for whatever reason I wasn't connecting with the voices so this unfortunately also contributed to the lack of connection that I felt with the story.

While I wouldn't exactly call this one a win nor would I call it a total loss...when it comes right down to just wasn't the story for me...another time...who knows it might have gone better.


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