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ARC Review : The Shaman of Kupa Piti by A. Nybo

The Shaman of Kupa PitiBlurb :

When an international case involving a series of ritual murders lands in his lap, strait-laced and logical Agent Leon Armstrong is going to need some help.

Leon follows the trail to the opal-mining town of Coober Pedy, Australia, where he gets tangled up with the wild Russian mystic Sergei Menshikov. Despite his commitment to rationality, Leon discovers he isn’t immune to the way of the spirits, no matter how much he’d like to think. When Sergei tells him he treads a predestined path, Leon’s world turns upside down.

Leon’s experiences in Coober Pedy will change his life forever, but can he hold out against Sergei and the spirits—who Sergei claims have chosen them for each other?

Christelle's rating :

A fast-paced MM Romance with some suspense and a touch of “Shamanism”. And I loved it !! Third book I read from this author and I can say that her writing and story telling work well for me.

This story takes place in Coober Pedy, an opal-mining town in Australia (one of the reason I enjoyed this book : because there is a sense of place that sparked my curiosity, hehehe), where Sergei relocated as a miner 10 years ago. Sergei is an interesting character : a bit rough on the edge, hard-working and spending his leisure-time between a weekly visit to the local pub and, when at home, rituals to honor the spirits.

A town where Leon, a government agent, travels to in connection with his investigation of an elusive murderer.

Rationality meets spirituality in the most engaging and thrilling way, Leon and Sergei joining force, each one on their own “plane”, to take down this murderer, related to Sergei’s past as a shaman (another reason I enjoyed this book : this mix of rationality and spirituality was so well done imo). The lust and attraction between them being what made this fight possible (yes, there is the right amount of hotness I expect).

It’s steamy, fast-paced, suspenseful, captivating. And an unexpected, but nonetheless real, escapism for me. Another hit from this author who keeps surprising me in the best way with her different settings, the mix of “ways of life” she depicts and her characters, always different from each other but with a chemistry so strong they accept and respect each other. 


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