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ARC Review: When Red Cried Wolf by Nash Summers


Asher Williams is obsessed with love.
It’s probably one of the reasons he makes such a fantastic matchmaker, love guru, and romance expert. And now that he’s in college, it’s finally his turn to shine.

Asher’s relationship advice column in the school newspaper is his strongest matchmaking instrument, especially when it comes to helping hopeless romantics find their soulmates.
But like every heroic quest, there are a few bumps in the road and dragons to slay.
There’s a damsel in distress Asher’s best friend thinks is a psychopath, a handsome prince Asher can’t stop drooling over, and a huge, mysterious roommate Asher can’t help but pester.
It doesn’t matter though. Nothing will stop Asher when it comes to helping people find their true love.
He’s absolutely positive everything will work out in the end.
Because love is always like a fairy tale…right?

Sandra's review:

Please note: This is the first book in what will be a trilogy, so there's no HEA at the end of this book, but there's also not a massive cliffhanger.

Asher is a freshman in college, determined to find true love while there, and also very much determined to live up to his self-appointed title of Love Guru, seeing how he comes from a family of successful love match makers. He's also utterly adorable, sassy, and seemingly always happy.

In the hands of anyone else, he might have turned into a twink caricature, but Nash Summer is not anyone. When not writing books that make me cry (Arrows Through Archer, OMG) Nash writes quirky and lovable characters, whose quirks make them stand out in a sea of uniformity, and who bring more than just sass and quirkiness to the table. Of course, to some, Asher might seem OTT and maddening and bothersome, but I just adored this young man with his happy smile and his eternal optimism. He's in love with love, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Asher's roommate is a grumpy, grunty football player named Morgan, who is seemingly trying hard to live up to his father's legacy and who, I feel, has a big secret that might come out in the next book (or so I hope).

Asher is sort of enamored by another guy whom he engaged to play fake boyfriend to one of his new friends, and who I think might be the big, bad wolf of the title... but we shall see.

This is a brilliant start to this trilogy and I for one can hardly wait for the next book. Gimme it!!

** I received a free copy of this book from its author in exchange for an honest review. **

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