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ARC Review: Cold Light - Criminal Delights: Assassins by Michelle Frost

Cold Light - Criminal Delights: AssassinsFrom the blurb:
Being an assassin wasn’t something Lexington Campbell ever envisioned for himself, but after spending eight years doing just that, he’s prepared to take his place at the table of his father’s motorcycle club, The Iron Heretics.

Arden spends his nights dancing on stage at Spritz, one of St. Louis’s hottest night clubs, and waiting for Lex to pass back through town. After being orphaned young, he fears letting himself get too attached to the distant, bearded Lex, even after three years of inviting the man into his bed.

When Lex finds himself with a price on his head, he unknowingly pulls Arden into the darkness with him. When things aren’t what they seem, and enemies abound, will they find themselves still standing together in the cold light of day? 

Ky's rating:

"Cold Light" was the first book by Michelle Frost that I read so I didn't know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised.

The story started out really well and managed to catch my attention early on. Lex is the son of a MC president but for the last eight years he lives alone because he works as an assassin to pay off a club debt. His only real connections are his boss and Arden.

Arden is a stripper at a club that caters to other needs as well, if you know what I mean... He doesn't have a family and he was forced to live on the streets for a while. Once he found Spritz though and the owner offered him a job there and a place to stay he began to form some bonds and found a best friend in a fellow dancer.

Lex and Arden have known each other for about three years but they only meet occasionally when Lex is passing through town and has some down time. The rest of the time they don't communicate which is understandable considering Lex's line of work.

The story starts with Lex's eight years coming to an end and him meeting Arden after a big separation. He's thinking of making some changes in his life since he can go back to his club but he also tries to figure out a way to have Arden in his life in a more permanent way.

Things go downhill really fast though once two guys break into Arden's apartment and from then on out it's running and trying to figure out who is out to get them. The story became too complicated and unbelievable for my tastes though so I didn't like the second half of the book very much.

However, there were a lot of interesting side characters that I wouldn't mind reading more about in the future. I think Lex's dad is getting a story and I'm definitely down for that one. There's a hint at the end of the book that there will be more stories set in this universe so I hope Jebidiah and Kade will get one soon.

*An ARC of this book was kindly provided to me in exchange for an honest review. *

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