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Book Review: At First Sight #4 Why We Fight by TJ Klune

From The Blurb:
Do you believe in love at first sight? 
Corey Ellis sure doesn’t. Oh, everyone around him seems to have found their happy ending, but he’s far too busy to worry about such things. He’ll have plenty of time for romance after he survives his last summer before graduation. So what if he can’t get his former professor, Jeremy Olsen, out of his head? It’s just hero worship. And that’s the way it should stay. 
Except that this summer, bigender Corey—aka Kori—is interning at Phoenix House, a LGBTQI youth center that recently hired an interim director. And because life is extraordinarily unfair, the director just so happens to be a certain former professor, now current boss. 
Desperate to keep things professional as he and Jeremy grow closer, Corey makes a major mistake: he turns to his friends, Paul Auster and Sanford Stewart, for help. 
But Paul and Sandy have some ideas of their own. 
Set in the summer of 2016, Why We Fight is a celebration of queer life and being true to oneself… no matter the cost.

Karen's rating:

'Why We Fight' is the end of what has been a hilarious, sexy and simply fun filled journey with a collection of what has turned out to be the most interesting and unique group of people one could ever know. They are without a doubt strong, brave, loyal, loving, compassionate and fierce but above all else they are family.

While there was a more serious undertone to this story that was due in part to the MCs,  it also felt reflective of the times...2016 was the beginning of a time of political turmoil for the United States and while this is reflected in the story it doesn't overwhelm things and added a strong sense of realism to things.

As well as being Corey/Kori and Jeremy's story 'Why We Fight' is the final book in TJ Klune's 'At First Sight' series. It's a good-bye of sorts and I have to admit I was prepared for the tears because it's always sad saying good-bye to friends, what I wasn't prepared for was the it wasn't the same kind of humor as what we found in Sandy and Darrren's story or Paul and Vince's but still with all of these characters so preseent in the story I really shouldn't have been surprised by some of the hijinx that ensued even though it's not their story but Corey/Kori and Jeremy's there was still a very definite difference to the tone of the story that just seemed right.

I loved the snarky banter that went back and forth between Corey/Kori and Jeremy and how they teased each other...early morning jogs come to mind and Corey/Kori being such a klutz and dropping his phone charger in the office and I'm not even going to start on the eggs...specifically eggs that vibrate...I could not stop laughing! Knowing that Paul and Vince still need to hosed down from time to time was definitely good to know...ok, it was also amusing to say the least.

Having Sandy, Darren, Paul, Vince and the rest of the family that Corey/Kori has found for themself play such a strong role in this story was the icing on the cake for me but for as much as I enjoy this wonderful and wacky collection of people Corey/Kori has always had his own special place in my heart so to finally read their story was the cherry on top of the icing on my cake.

Along with a love story that was sweet, sexy and at times laugh out loud funny there is a message a very relevant and necessary message that I think Helena Handbasket said best...
Helena grinned wickedly. “But it got me thinking. What is the point of all of this? What are we doing? Why are we here? And it hit me: we are here because we matter. We’re here because we’re necessary. We’re here being our fabulous selves because we demand that our voices be heard. Someone very dear to me, to my family, once said that we are stronger together than we will ever be alone, and this is why we fight. We fight because there are people in the world who hate us, people in the world who want nothing more than to silence us. But I am here to tell you that will never happen. Because I am proud of who I am. And I am proud of who all of you are. Except for the protestors. Because still fuck you.”
It's been a long but never dull, tedious or boring journey from where things really started with 'Bear, Otter and the Kid' to this final part of the journey here in 'Why We Fight' and like so many others I'm so glad I made the trip from start to finish and yes, maybe more than once but I'm still looking forward to enjoying this last leg of the journey on audio...again and maybe again and maybe one more time for good measure.


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