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Author Of The Month - Victoria Sue - Week Two

Welcome to our second week of celebrations for the amazing

For this week, we will look at the His First series and the Rainbow Key series, plus five four little-known facts about the author. There's also a chance to win one of her books.

First up, His First Christmas


Running from an abusive alpha, terrified, and abandoned in the middle of a snowstorm, Bo Rawlings goes into premature labor. Desperate to try and save the life of his unborn child, he makes one last attempt to get to the omega clinic, but his old car has other ideas.

Gabe Johnson, exhausted from being on call as a veterinarian and depressed at the thought of another lonely Christmas, nearly gets run off the road by a driver who loses control of his car.

When he finds that the driver is actually a young omega about to give birth all his protective instincts rush in and as he battles frantically to save their lives, he realizes all he wants is to take the little family home and claim them for his own.

Bo has never had the Christmas he’s always wanted. Gabe gave up on the holidays a long time ago. But just as they both think that it’s their turn to experience the season of miracles, Bo’s old alpha finds them, and unless Gabe can manage the impossible, all their Christmas dreams will melt like snow.

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Secondly, His First Family 


Thrown out and thrown away.

Lorne Austen—on the very day his alpha’s youngest children were fifteen—was told to pack his bags and leave the only real home he had ever known. Heartbroken and alone he takes shelter from the snowstorm with other stranded travelers, miles away from the family he had always considered his.

Doctor Jonathan Owens has personal reasons for never wanting to mate an omega, but all his good intentions are tested to the limit when he meets Lorne. After spending the night together he is devastated to find Lorne has vanished without a trace.

Soon enough, Lorne discovers the impossible has happened and he is pregnant. But the law says unmated omegas cannot keep the babies they give birth to. Eventually, realizing something is badly wrong with his pregnancy, he goes to the clinic and comes face to face with Jonathan again.

All Lorne has wanted is a family he won’t lose. Jonathan has spent years making sure he never needed one. Faced with the real danger that the babies won’t even survive long enough to be born, can these two find love and the strength they need in each other or will their differences always pull them apart?


“How is it possible I’m even pregnant?” He’d been stunned to find out.
“We’ve done some early bloodwork.” He paused. “Were you ever given omega suppressants?”
Lorne nodded. “The alpha never wanted me to get pregnant. His wife had the children, but they were my responsibility straight after.” He said that with a touch of defiance.
“So they were used as a contraceptive?” Jonathan said flatly.
Lorne frowned. “No. He never—” Then he blushed realizing what he was admitting to.
“Are you telling me you never had sex with your alpha?” Lorne nodded but didn’t look at Jonathan. Another few seconds passed. “When did you stop taking them?”
Then he did look up. “About five weeks before we met. I didn’t bother ordering any more because it was pointless when I knew my mating contract would be finishing soon. I’d been instructed to just continue them after I arrived at the omega offices—”
Jonathan nodded. “My mom and dad gave me them to me from about fourteen.” He shrugged. “Alpha Carmichael said I had to continue for the full term of the contract, so I just included them in the grocery shopping every week.”
Jonathan shook his head. “I don’t understand why you would be made to take them if he didn’t intend them for contraception.”
But Lorne did. There had been a scandal with one of their friends. A female omega had gotten pregnant with a boy she had met at the local store even before she had been mated. They had been secretly meeting for months, and it was only when she couldn’t hide the pregnancy she had confessed. The alpha was backed into a corner. They were mated, so he had to raise the child. He knew the mistress had no intention of having it happen to them. Lorne nearly huffed. As if he would ever have had the chance.
“But we think, after taking them for so long, suddenly stopping caused a spike in your hormones, resulting in an immediate pregnancy…and something else.”
Lorne stopped breathing. He didn’t dare ask.
“An older mom having a multiple pregnancy is more common that you think.”
Lorne frowned. “What has that to do with me?”
“We think the same principle applies. Technically, you are classed as an older mom, dad,” he smiled. “And along with the hormone spike we think that caused it.”
Wait. Multiple. Multiple birth. “I’m having twins?” Lorne whispered in complete awe.
“I wish it was that simple,” Jonathan said gravely. “You’re having triplets. Two boys and one girl.”
It was a good thing Lorne was lying down, or he would have probably passed out a second time. “Triplets?” Lorne squeaked out.
Jonathan nodded. Jonathan’s eyes shone in excitement for a second then they dimmed, and Lorne understood. It didn’t matter how many babies he was having. He still wouldn’t be keeping any of them, and he slid his hand out from under Jonathan’s.
“So we have some decisions to make,” Jonathan said gently. Lorne closed his eyes not wanting to hear.
“I know I have to give them up. Unmated omegas—”
“Stop,” Jonathan took hold of his hand. “I have an attorney drawing up a mating contract as we speak.” He smiled. “The sister of a very good friend of mine actually.”
“A mating contract?” Lorne must be hearing things.
Jonathan paused. “I figured after fighting so hard to keep them you wouldn’t want to give them up?”
Lorne shook his head in a complete daze. “But—”
“I don’t want an omega?” Jonathan finished the sentence.
“I did say that, and it’s true I don’t want an unpaid servant, but taking responsibility for a family I helped to create is a whole other thing.”
Lorne watched as wonder curved Jonathan’s lips, hardly believing what he was hearing. Jonathan was offering him everything he had ever wanted. He was including him very generously in the package deal. He could just take the babies. Have his wife… “Are you married?”
Jonathan shook his head. “No, absolutely not.”
“You said a couple of things.” Would they live together?
Jonathan grew serious and very deliberately retook Lorne’s hand. Lorne’s heart started beating faster. “I’ve asked for a specialist to look at you. You realize this pregnancy is incredibly risky and you may need specialist care? I trained years ago with a professor of obstetrics, and we became friends. He’s flying up and will look at you tomorrow.”
Lorne sat up. He would need to get dressed, go home, and gather some clothes. “Whoa,” Jonathan said, putting a hand on Lorne’s shoulder. “What are you doing?”
“Okay, that wasn’t a question. What I meant to say was you are staying right here. At least until Professor Denholm has seen you tomorrow. You are allowed out of bed, accompanied, to go to the bathroom and that is it. You feel one twinge, see a speck of blood, you even stub your toe, and I want to know about it immediately.”
Lorne’s lips parted, ready to speak, but as he’d no idea what to say, he closed them again.
“Good decision,” Jonathan said in amusement. “I’m sending in a nurse called Trixie who’s going to make you a lot more comfortable while I do my rounds, and we’re moving you to a private room.”
“Why?” was all Lorne could think to say, and Jonathan smiled.
“Because you’re mine, and from this second on, you’re going to be spoiled.” Lorne inhaled sharply to stop the threat of tears. His hormones had been ridiculous. He’d cry at the drop of a hat.
“But you don’t know me,” he said in complete bewilderment.
“You came because you would rather risk having to say goodbye to your babies than cause them harm. I don’t need to know anything else right at this minute.” Very gently, Jonathan wiped the moisture out from under his eyelids and bent and brushed a soft kiss on his lips.

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From our second series today, Joshua's Rainbow


Rainbow Key - an idyllic island retreat off the west coast of Florida. Think wedding destination, white sandy beaches, lurve… except at the moment Joshua is struggling to pay the electricity bill, they’ve no paying customers, and even if they did they can’t afford the repairs from the devastating hurricane that struck three years ago – and to top it off they have to take in Daniel, a grumpy businessman who has been ordered by his doctor to take some time off before he has a heart attack from too much stress.

Funnily enough, Daniel owns a very expensive hotel chain that has been trying to buy the island for the past two years. Not that Joshua knows that yet, and boy are sparks gonna fly when he thinks he’s been set up.
Of course, sparks of a different kind are also soon flying between them.
Then there’s Matt who just got let out of prison, Charlie who ran away from home, and Ben, a famous model until a devastating house fire destroyed his face.

Welcome to Rainbow Key – held together by love, family, and sticky tape.


He looks tired. Josh stood for a second and took in their new guest. Even standing with his back to him, Josh could see the tall, big shoulders that seemed to be hunched in and noticed he was leaning on the window frame as he looked out. His shirt was tucked into a narrow waist. Too narrow. The pants were being held up by a belt that was cinched in so much he would imagine the expensive tailor that had made the obviously hand-made Italian suit—Armani, if he wasn’t much mistaken—would be weeping into his chianti. Daniel Morgan was something important in New York. A high flyer of sorts. Josh didn’t know in what exactly, but it hardly mattered to him. The money he could get from this would finally get a new compressor for the A/C. Angie had been keeping the thing going on sticky tape and optimism for months and if they were going to have a proper season next year they would need it.
If we are still open.
Matt had collected their guest and a small suitcase. Angie said he hadn’t said much, but then Matt, complete with his inked skin and piercings, had probably scared the guy to death. He’d caught a glimpse of their new guest as he’d walked up from the jetty with Matt. He’d worn a jacket on the crossing that was casually slung over the chair now. November—even in Florida—had been quite cool. His jet black hair was tinged with a few silver streaks.
“I have your coffee, sir,” Josh spoke before the man turned around and saw him gawking. As predicted, Mr. Morgan turned and eyed Josh, smiling politely.
“Thank you.”
Wow. Josh gave himself a mental shake. Deer in headlights much? The brief glimpse of a few minutes ago had in no way prepared him for the gray, almost silver eyes looking at him and the killer smile.
Josh hurried into the cozy room, to cover his seeming inability to think of anything intelligent to say. The phrase, How are you? Welcome to Rainbow Key suddenly seemed crass and immature. At least the newly finished d├ęcor looked good, and he was especially pleased with how the painting had turned out. Pale cream walls except the one with the beach mural on it. Charlie was talented, and the full wall showing the breathtaking sunrise beyond the jetty was awesome. They’d finished the room off with pale brown shutters and matching comforter. Some dark chocolate-colored throw cushions completed the look. He’d gone for soothing in this room but they’d already started on the family suite at the top of the stairs, and Charlie was excited at doing a children’s mural in there.
Josh took a breath, realizing he was staring. “The cookies are walnut and banana. Fresh this morning.”
Mr. Morgan looked down at them as if he wasn’t sure what Josh meant, and Josh suddenly felt like an ass. The man was probably used to staying at The Four Seasons, and here he was blathering on about home-made cookies. He’d baked like a mad man after getting the phone call yesterday from Alan Hunt. He was sending a patient, a businessman overloaded with stress and in need of some down time to relax. Alan had also insisted on paying for four weeks upfront himself, and not to tell Mr. Morgan. Actually, Alan had referred to him as Daniel, but obviously Josh couldn’t be that unprofessional.
Mr. Morgan came over to the comfy two-seater that Josh had found in an estate sale in Tampa and sank down gratefully. Well, he seemed to appreciate the softness, anyway. Josh’s keen eyes took in the slight tremble as he reached for the coffee cup. Josh hoped he didn’t notice it was decaf. Alan had been quite strict about his patient’s caffeine intake.
“I don’t seem to be able to get Wi-Fi.”
Josh pinked slightly and noticed the expensive laptop unpacked on the bed. That makes two of us. It had been a choice between paying the electricity bill and paying for broadband. The electricity obviously had won over. “My apologies, sir. I believe Dr. Hunt explained we were doing some remodeling? We won’t have any service until next week.” Josh crossed his fingers behind his back and pretended he didn’t see the frown that marred the gorgeous gold skin under the black hair.
Josh quickly put a brake on his thoughts immediately. Thoughts like that were what had got him into trouble, and there was no way he was putting himself there again. Even if he was ever ready there was no way some good-looking business man would be interested in the likes of him. “There’s a lovely walk to the beach, sir, if you’re in the mood; or if you wanted a nap I’d make sure you weren’t disturbed until lunchtime.” Josh nearly groaned aloud at that one. Now he sounded like May-belle.
But Mr. Morgan laughed shortly. “I must look worse than I thought.” He glanced up at Josh and smiled. “Mister?”
Josh tried not to stare, but fuck when the man smiled he went from attractive to drop dead please take me to bed. Josh knew he looked stupid, but he couldn’t help grinning back. “Please call me Josh.” Please undress me and let me lick you all over.
What the hell? Josh put a break on his errant thoughts. Maybe it was hormones. Maybe it was the company of his own hand. Maybe it was knowing he was safe in his daydreams because no man that looked that hot would ever be interested in Joshua.
And maybe, let’s face it, you would be too chicken even if the stars somehow realigned and he was interested. No, Joshua told himself sternly. Good-looking—make that stunning—rich business men weren’t interested in fat boys like him. His shoes were probably Gucci. Josh’s were K-Mart.

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Second in this series, Charlie's Rainbow


Eventually being diagnosed with reactive attachment disorder as a child, difficult didn’t even begin to describe the nightmare of Charlie’s life. Escaping the drug-induced limbo he existed in and running from his alcoholic mother and despotic grandfather, he finally finds some peace and a home on Rainbow Key.

Noah is also running, even if he doesn’t realize it, and the guilt he feels over his brother’s suicide chases him no matter where he goes. When he meets and falls for Charlie, he finally thinks he might have the chance to make a home and a future with the adorable man, except he doesn’t realize that the secret that Charlie is hiding is the one thing that he fears the most.
And not even a chance of mending their future can heal the scars of Charlie’s past.

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And third in the series, Ben's Rainbow


Benedict Keeler was one of America’s most popular models. Hot body, hot career, and super-hot boyfriend, until a devastating house fire destroyed his face and his dreams. After being told all his life that a pretty face is the measure of his worth, he can’t face another rejection and runs from his lover, eventually hiding out on Rainbow Key.

Zachary Jones, a highly sought after photographer—even if he would rather shoot the homeless in Manhattan than a fashion spread—is now facing the real possibility that a genetic disease will render him blind and his days behind a camera may be over.

Two devastated men, one haunted by his past and one convinced he has no future. Will they both hide from the world, or will they give love, and each other, a second chance?

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Five Four little-known facts about Victoria Sue

I'm allergic to a drug thats commonly given for nausea causing muscle spasms. The back of my head nearly touches my back - so yeah every horror story you can think of...

but speaking of horror stories...I just can't. Like not watch, not read. I hate them with a passion.

I'm adopted and twenty years ago I found and contacted my birth mum, and she basically told me to get lost. Still hurts.

We adopted a rescue dog six months ago. Bailey spent a first miserable six months of his life chained, beaten, and starved but now he's spoilt and loved and happens to have a starring role in my next Dreamspinner release--In Safe Keeping--in September. He saves someone's life (of course).

More about the author:

Victoria Sue fell in love with love stories as a child when she would hide away with her mom’s library books and dream of the dashing hero coming to rescue her from math homework. She never mastered math but never stopped loving her heroes and decided to give them the happy ever afters they fight so hard for.

She loves reading and writing about gorgeous boys loving each other the best—and creating a family for them to adore. Thrilled to hear from her readers, she can be found most days lurking on Facebook where she doesn’t need factor 1000 sun-cream to hide her freckles.


Thanks for celebrating this fabulous author with us. Come back next week for more of Victoria Sue's books, a personal story she's chosen to share, and another chance to win.

Until then, happy reading!


  1. I enjoyed the post and I have to agree I can't watch horror films and don't read horror stories either. It so wonderful that you adopted a dog and he's now having a great life.

  2. All the books look fantastic. Thank you for sharing. Love horror movies and I didn't use to but it's grown on me over the years. Sorry to hear about your birth mother but your amazing and it's her loss. Bailey sounds special and looking forward to seeing how he inspired your upcoming book from DSP.


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