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Arc Review : Montana Sky (Montana #6) by RJ Scott


When they spend time alone on a Montana mountainside will Tyler ever convince Martin that like sapphires, love is worth searching for?

Martin’s name was the very last on a kill list. The son of a murderer, he’s had no childhood; lost in a horrific holding pattern of death that turned his heart to stone. Thanks to the man who called him brave and spared his life, he no longer has to look over his shoulder, but he does have one question. Why did Justin let him live?

Tyler Colby has identified a major flaw in the seismic mapping system used to monitor earthquake activity. Sent to Crooked Tree by his employer, the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology, he is tasked with adding a new remote station to the network. The installation should be his entire focus, but the lure of sapphires and his attraction to a heartbroken young man called Martin is enough to make him want more.

Christelle's rating :

Not a standalone : this is part of the Montana series, set in the Crook Tree ranch, with a lot of the characters from this series present or mentioned and related to a past tragic event still impacting the characters.

When teenagers, Justin And Adam crossed the path of “psychos” and were left for dead. Move forward a decade : they are both back and living on the ranch again, dealing with their ordeal each on their own way. For Justin, revenge had not been an empty word, but still, he spared Martin’s life, Martin being the son of one of his attackers.

Martin didn’t have it easy and is exhausted fighting all his demons and his past. Broken and needing to talk with Justin, he shows up on the Crooked Tree ranch where he’s being convinced to stay a few days, meanwhile helping with the ranch’s customers, more precisely Tyler, a seismologist scheduling a camping trip in the ranch mountains.

Martin and Tyler couldn’t be more different and yet there’s a real spark between them, a spark that Tyler is set to ignite during the alone-time spent in the wilderness with his silent companion.

RJ Scott always delivers HEA and Martin sure deserved one and more : stopping carrying the sins of his father on his shoulders, getting rid of his induced self-loathing and having a shot at a better life. And Crooked Tree Ranch was the perfect place and Tyler the perfect support and lover for that. 

My big niggle with this instalment was how much the relationship between Martin and Tyler was underplayed. I felt like all the details and conversations about seismology overtook the romance, setting it into the backburner and making it look like a convenient happenstance.

Am I fond of this series and of the many characters : yes. Do I enjoy this friendship and family dynamics and found solace in this series : yes. Did I root for Martin and his journey towards a better life : yes. Did I miss to see and feel the blooming of Martin and Tyler as a couple : yes.

That said, I cross my fingers this is not the last we hear from RJ Scott and this great series.


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