Tuesday, May 7, 2019

ARC Review : Crossing the Touchline (Auckland Med #2) by Jay Hogan


What if you’ve worked your whole life for a dream, to play rugby for the most successful sports team on the planet, the New Zealand All Blacks?
What if that dream is so close you can smell it?
What if you meet someone?
What if you fall in love?
What if your dream will cost the man who’s stolen your heart?
And what if the dream changes?
Reuben Taylor has a choice to make.

Cameron Wano is that choice.

Christelle's rating :

Try scored for me, yeah !!!

I was not impressed by the prologue of this book which left me dubious about the enjoyment I could get. But you know what ? Chapter 1 and all the following ones washed all my doubts away !

This story is set in New Zealand, famous, even though not only, for his National Rugby Team. Reuben Taylor works hard as a rugby player to be noticed and selected by the All Blacks. Not an easy fate for him : he also has to deal with his shitty father, his drunken brother (and shitty father as well) and his 4 year old nephew whom he adores but who needs special attention. Not willing to add more pressure on his shoulders, he refuses to come out to anybody.

But that was before meeting with Cameron Wano. Cameron is out, sassy and not willing to involved in a relationship where he would be a dirty little secret (been there, done that). He’s grounded and caring but also sexy and fun and boisterous. And even though he feels the instant chemistry between him and Reuben, he’s also fully aware Reuben is not the “boyfriend” he’s looking for.

Right from chapter one (I’m still not enthusiastic with the prologue, LOL), I was enthralled by this Sport romance full of fun, of sass, of family dynamics, enough angst to make it not dull and with 2 MCs fully rounded, with their strengths and their flaws.

I greatly enjoyed watching the relationship being build, the pace set (no BAM factor at all as I was afraid from the prologue), the way they faced all the issues on their ways, and the hot chemistry between them.

Did I mention that it was written with a lot of humor ? A sense of humor that worked well for me, enough to not care about some moments that felt a tiny bit too sugary for my tastes.

Finally, the ending was so good, one that I hope to see achieved when it comes to the sport world, and one that I need in my reading world when it comes to romance.

Good writing, great characters, hot romance. As the blurb says : “Reuben Taylor has a choice to make. Cameron Wano is that choice”. And I really liked being a witness of that choice-making.


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