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ARC Review: The Doctor's Secret (Copper Point Medical, #1) by Heidi Cullinan

The Doctor's Secret (Copper Point Medical, #1)
The brilliant but brooding new doctor encounters Copper Point's sunny nurse-next-door... and nothing can stand in the way of this romance.

Dr. Hong-Wei Wu has come to Copper Point, Wisconsin, after the pressures of a high-powered residency burned him out of his career before he started. Ashamed of letting his family down after all they’ve done for him, he plans to live a quiet life as a simple surgeon in this tiny northern town. His plans, however, don’t include his outgoing, kind, and attractive surgical nurse, Simon Lane.

Simon wasn’t ready for the new surgeon to be a handsome charmer who keeps asking him for help getting settled and who woos him with amazing Taiwanese dishes. There’s no question—Dr. Wu is flirting with him, and Simon is flirting back. The problem is, St. Ann’s has a strict no-dating policy between staff, which means their romance is off the table… unless they bend the rules.

But a romance that keeps them—literally—in the closet can’t lead to happy ever after. Simon doesn’t want to stay a secret, and Hong-Wei doesn’t want to keep himself removed from life, not anymore. To secure their happiness, they’ll have to change the administration’s mind. But what other secrets will they uncover along the way, about Copper Point… and about each other?

Jewel's rating:

Doctor's Secret is sweet and romantic -- maybe a touch too sweet for my current personal tastes, but I was rooting for our MC's the whole way, anyway.

Hong-Wei's family moved to the US from Taiwan when he was 10 and his parents and grandparents worked so hard to make sure Hong Wei and his sister had the best opportunities. Hong Wei feels a tremendous amount of pressure to succeed, he was at the top of his class in medical school and the best in his residency program, but he feels like he has failed his family for not wanting to take a job at a prestigious hospital where he'd get money thrown at him, but also would feel "stuck". Instead, after finishing his residency, he decided to find a smaller hospital where he can hopefully focus more on patients than politics.

Simon Lane has lived in Copper Point his whole life. In fact, he can trace his family all they way back to the town's founding. Simon never really wanted to live anywhere else, so after nursing school and residency, he moved back to Copper Point to work at St. Ann. Simon loves the small town feel and even though he's always dreamed of travelling, in reality it's too daunting so he's content to stay the home town boy he always was.

Hong-Wei and Simon are not all about work, though. Hong-Wei is passionate about music, and an amazing violinist and Simon is obsessed with romantic Asian dramas and K-pop. And in each other they find the missing pieces of their lives.

Of course, right before hiring Dr. Wu, the hospital board decided to enact a "no dating" policy between staff, so when Hong-Wei and Simon find their attraction is mutual, things become sticky, causing them to play a game of cat and mouse with the hospital board, in an effort to not get caught while they work out how to get them to rescind the policy.

I enjoyed the story, but wasn't as gripped by it as I had hoped I would be. I can't speak to the accuracy of the medical parts of the story, but others have said it was well researched and I can easily believe that. I would have loved some relationship angst and more steam, instead of smooth and sweet, but all and all it was an enjoyable story and I'll continue with the series. I loved Simon's roommates and I find myself looking forward to their stories.


ARC of The Doctor's Secret was generously provided by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

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