Tuesday, April 9, 2019

ARC Review : The Cowboy and the City Slicker by Bonnie Dee


Can a fish out of water find a home on the range?

Alex Wheeler arrives in Arizona with a job to do—convince Matthew Parsons to sell his guest ranch to an Americana-themed resort chain. A landscape filled with nothing but cactus and cattle promises a dull week, until he meets the strong, silent cowboy who lassoes his interest. Alex begins to fall for Matthew’s quiet charm, gentlemanly ways, and hidden sweetness. As their friendship and attraction deepen from casual to intense, Alex delays revealing his agenda.

Matthew Parsons has one wish—to keep his family heritage intact despite financial hard times. He has convinced himself his life isn’t lonely, until a dynamic, animated, upbeat stranger erupts into his solitude and breaks down his barriers. Against all odds, a man he could actually grow to care for has come to the middle of nowhere like a gift just for him. Even knowing Alex must soon leave, Matthew can’t help falling a little bit in love.

When the truth comes out and harsh realities must be faced, their budding relationship is trampled. But a bruised bloom may be nurtured back to life even in the harsh desert.

Christelle's rating :

I’ve read a few books from Bonnie Dee and her writing style works well for me. The thing is: I read some of her historical MM Romances and only those ones, so I was curious about reading a contemporary MM romance from her…that and let’s be honest: I’m prone to the cowboy trope, LOL.

Alex, who can be stamped as a nice and cheerful guy, enjoys his job which is to travel all around the US, and assesses some potential vacation spots for a resort company. His new assignment: looking at a ranch in Arizona and, if it looks like a good investment, contact the owner for a sell of the property.

And contacting the owner, Matthews, he does: right from the start, he’s attracted to this quiet but reliable cowboy. As he learns to know him, it's getting harder and harder to admit his initial goal but also not being honest about it.

I was charmed : endearing characters, even better opposites attract each other, with Alex easily socializing but not used to have roots, and Matthews, the silent type but very caring, low angst and just the right amount of fluff and some steam to put a smile on my face. And of course, an HEA at the end.

The kind of cozy MM romance that makes me feel good when some tender escapism is needed.


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