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ARC Review: Copper Creek (Sawyer's Ferry #3) by Cate Ashwood

Copper Creek (Sawyer's Ferry #3)Blurb
My life sucks. 

After spending a year jobless and on the edge of becoming homeless, I’d officially reached a level of desperation that, even if I wasn’t completely broke, retail therapy couldn’t fix. 

While Sawyer’s Ferry, Alaska, is the last place on earth I’d ever want to visit, when my best friend, Holden, begs me to fly out and plan his wedding, I can’t say no. What I didn’t expect was to stumble into the administrative chaos at Copper Creek Brewing—or its too-hot-to-be-legal owner. 

Clearly the man needs my help, and I’m willing to go above and beyond.
Way beyond.

I am screwed. 

Six months after my assistant up and quit, I’m not any closer to finding a replacement, and things at the brewery are starting to fall apart. 

And then in walks Frankie. He’s not the typical guy you’d find in these parts, and he brings with him a world of confusion. Because as much as I need his help, I can’t seem to keep my eyes—or hands—off him. 

He’s supposed to be getting my life in order, but instead there’s a chance he could turn everything upside down.

Christelle's rating :

Right from the start, I’ve been a fan of this “Sawyer’s Ferry” series written by Cate Ashwood, an author that nicely works for me. It almost makes me wish to be living in this small Alaskan town full of very sexy and hot men (well, almost because me and cold weather…not really, LOL).

Technically, it’s a standalone, but not really as each new addition keeps featuring the previous characters : it’s so good to come back to this place, with his inhabitants and atmosphere and to enjoy the burgeoning of a new relationship while being comforted that my previous book-friends are still nicely matched.

In the first book of this series, I had a very good time with Frankie, an endearingly sassy character, the very efficient PA of Holden’s father in New York. He likes his clothes and nail polish, having a good time in the Big City but being jobless for more than a year is getting a toll on him and going to Alaska for a couple of months, if not dreamy, is a nice change, as planning the wedding of his friends is.

So here he arrives in this remote place where, hello, he can’t help but check out and teasingly ruffles the feathers of Barrett, the sexy and burly owner of the Beer factory.

A couple of months, and more, that make it clear that they fit very, very well together, despite being so different.

It was fun, it was hot, it was swooning - yes, I’m such a sucker for characters eagerly diving in, even though it’s new territory. Geographically for Frankie and sexually for Barrett. They care for each other and their HEA is proof of it.

I can say with certainty : at Sawyer’s Ferry, the ice melting is not due to global warming, and in a reading world, it is not a disaster, quite the contrary ! Keep with the burning sheets, dear author.


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