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ARC Review: Redeem by Christina Lee

Redeem (Under My Skin #4)
From the Blurb:
Successful financial analyst Michael Walsh leads a picture-perfect life that anyone would envy—unless they caught a glimpse beneath the surface. Haunted by failed relationships and self-doubt, Michael harbors a soul-deep loneliness that no number of casual hookups can fulfill. So why can’t he stop thinking about his New Year’s fling with a man whose quiet desperation matched his own?

Barista Stewart Jenkins has an abysmal track record with relationships, and no matter how hard he tries to keep things tightly under wraps, his life is spinning out of control. His hookup with the gorgeous Michael was only supposed to be sex—hot, dirty, uncomplicated—but that small taste leaves him yearning for more.

Every no-strings encounter that follows between Michael and Stewart peels away more layers, blurring the lines, until they’re left with a raw tenderness and acceptance they both crave. A relationship seems out of the question—they come from drastically different lives and are plagued by inexcusable sins. Being vulnerable is sure to reveal old wounds, and forgiveness seems out of reach, unless they can find a way around their fears on the road to redemption.

Ky's rating:

There couldn't have been a more fitting title for this story!

The MCs were portrayed as villains in previous books but here we get to know the why behind their behavior and the real them behind the walls they had built to protect themselves from the world.

Stewart is Elijah's ex from "Reclaim" and so far we knew him to be controlling, persistent and stubborn. He didn't take no for an answer and continued to seek out Elijah even after months of them supposedly breaking up.

In this book we see behind the facade and find out the reason why he wants to have control over everything happening in his life. His past with Elijah was what made him understand how wrong he was in his approach of their relationship and try to change that.

The other MC, Michael, is West's ex from "Reawaken". He is older than Stewart and bisexual but he only recently discovered or acknowledged his attraction to men and he struggled with it. West took the burnt of it and had to deal with the secrecy and the back and forth of Michael's behavior.

That time in his life and the outcome of it, where West distanced himself, found a proper parner and didn't want anything to do with him, made him rethink his decisions in life and what's important for him. Stewart was the reason he needed to start acting on what he had figured out after West left.

They were each other's saviors while their exes were what they needed in order to change their ways.

They author made me really care about these too characters that so far were supposed to be the bad guys. I liked that everyone managed to be civil at the end and at the same time no one crossed the line over to too much by suddenly being best friends with the exes that they hated so far.

I liked how Stewart and Michael started and how they slowly became friends. It was nice seeing these two lonely guys finding someone and finally being happy.

*An ARC of this book was kindly provided to me in exchange for an honest review. *

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