Monday, March 4, 2019

ARC Review: Jacked Cat Jive (Kai Gracen, #3) by Rhys Ford

Jacked Cat Jive (Kai Gracen #3)
Stalker Kai Gracen knew his human upbringing would eventually clash with his elfin heritage, but not so soon. Between Ryder, a pain-in-his-neck Sidhe Lord coaxing him to join San Diego’s Southern Rise Court, and picking up bounties for SoCalGov, he has more than enough to deal with. With his loyalties divided between the humans who raised him and the Sidhe Lord he’s befriended and sworn to protect, Kai finds himself standing at a crossroads.

When a friend begs Kai to rescue a small group of elfin refugees fleeing the Dusk Court, he’s pulled into a dangerous mission with Ryder through San Diego’s understreets and the wilderness beyond. Things go from bad to downright treacherous when Kerrick, Ryder’s cousin, insists on joining them, staking a claim on Southern Rise and Kai.

Burdened by his painful past, Kai must stand with Ryder against Kerrick while facing down the very Court he fears and loathes. Dying while on a run is expected for a Stalker, but Kai wonders if embracing his elfin blood also means losing his heart, soul, and humanity along the way.

Jewel's  rating:

I want more of this series. More more more more more!! With every single book, I adore Kai Gracen more and more. He's fiercely independent -- feral, even -- but his heart is so huge, I'm sure we haven't even seen the extent of it. On purpose, because you know he doesn't want that getting out.

In Jacked Cat Jive we see Kai starting to come to terms with emotions he doesn't want and we get a taste of the lengths he will go to for those he loves. He doesn't love many, but he loves with all he is. Ryder is kind of an open book when it comes to Kai, but Kai fights his feelings every step of the way. Spoiler alert: he doesn't really fool anyone.

I enjoy Ryder's presence more and more, as well. My favorite lordling is proving himself, not only to his people, but to Kai. Ryder seems to know just how to approach, Kai, so he doesn't scare off the skittish stalker. Ryder is sure of himself and his status, but he doesn't look down on those who depend on him. He's a good leader. He wants his people to be happy and safe and healthy and he's willing to go a great distance to see that be a reality -- even if it means putting himself in danger.

When his cousin, Kerrick, shows up in an attempt to take over Southern Rise Court, Ryder is willing to see where the chips fall. Kai is ... more skeptical of Kerrick's intentions. I can't say I blame him. Kerrick is...smarmy.

Action, adventure, love, and loss, Jacked Cat Jive has it all, and though not really a cliffhanger, the ending has me grabbing for more. PLEASE let the wait not be long.


ARC of Jacked Cat Jive was generously provided by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

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