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Book Review: Four Ever by Sloane Kennedy

Four Ever
Surrounded by a group of devoted four-footed and two-winged family members, Zak and Killian have built what should have been a dream life in their countryside farmhouse. But a cruel twist of fate and the re-emergence of old demons has frayed the edges of the men’s seven-year relationship until just one wrong move could end up severing their bond for good.

Seemingly content to walk on eggshells around one another, things come to a head when ER nurse Zak brings his work home with him… literally. 

After being forced to leave their posh Southern California lives, homeless stepbrothers Liam and Noah are slowly losing themselves to the streets they can’t seem to escape. When twenty-one-year-old Liam is beaten up while protecting his younger “brother,” the pair find themselves being welcomed into a home where being a stray is considered a good thing. But Liam and nineteen-year-old Noah have learned the hard way that nothing is given for free and there’s no such thing as the kindness of strangers. Survival means only counting on and trusting in each other. 

Will Zak and Killian’s offer of a no-strings-attached place to heal end up being more than any of the four men bargained for? Especially when feelings between Liam and Noah begin to crawl to the surface and the truth of what Zak and Killian’s relationship has turned into becomes harder to deny?

And what happens when lines begin to blur and needs start to change? Will Zak, Killian, Liam, and Noah end up going their separate ways?

Or will they learn that love doesn’t always come in twos? 

*This is a novel about a foursome relationship, not just a story of two separate couples in physical relationships with one another. Thus, there is no “cheating” in this story. This is a standalone novel.

Todd's rating:

Sweet baby Jesus, that was one highly-entertaining read!

I know, I know, you read the blurb and think hot, dirty porn, but that would be the furthest thing from the truth here.

As I'd expected, yes, there was some mild attraction, though not even immediately. But once the genuine caring for the two wayward boys got page time, the extremely slow-burn attraction did follow.

But that's the thing, it was nothing more than a mild attraction, kept very much in check by the relatively dire circumstances of Liam being badly beaten and Noah suffering from panic attacks from a past horrific event.

So no, This. Was. NOT. Whores. On. Ice.

I swear.

You have ex-cop Killian and nurse Zak, a couple in their early 30's and together for 7 years, with their relationship in ruin due to the fallout after a tragic event at work, but the deep love never faltered for either man.

You also have 19 y.o. Noah and 21 y.o. Liam, step-brothers and homeless for the last 6 months, after Liam took steps to save the guy he loved, only to be seriously injured while protecting Noah.

Just like with the strays that Zak and Killian were in the habit of taking in, it became apparent pretty quickly that, once Noah and Liam were safely under the older couple's roof, it was very likely that they'd never want to or be asked to leave. I loved that so hard.

Then as soon as a mini-horse named Nana and an injured toucan named Waldo started helping a mute Noah begin his process of healing, dudes and lady-dudes, I was DONE FOR emotionally.

Do not pass go, do not collect $200, take my goddamn money! Take it, take it, take it!!!

I was truly blown away by the level of feels that the author evoked here, without resorting to even a single ounce of fuckery or unneeded plot acrobatics, which I have to say, doesn't happen to this seasoned (*cough-semi-jaded-cough*) reader very often these days.

And in regards to steam, as I'd said, this story never felt dirty or exploitative, not for a single minute. However, once all four of the MC's got on the same page, with feelings firmly involved...

HOLY HELL. This story had some of the steamiest steam to have ever been steamed.

Even though I've seen Sloane Kennedy's books floating around the Goodreads ether for several years now, somehow, this was my first book by her, but will most definitely not be my last.

All 5 stars and this one will most likely make my Top 10 of 2019 list. If it doesn't, I'll have been one lucky asshole to have found 10 other books this year that were at least as good.

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